Reincarnation System Chapter 672

Reincarnation System Chapter 672

"Manager Liu, the reason why I came here is to exchange for some Heavenly Yuan Pills. Can we discuss this?"

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the two men opened their eyes until they were wide open. It suddenly felt like their brains had stopped working.

"What? Cut off one of our arms?"

Jiang Chen shook his head. This was the border of the Eastern Continent in addition to being the border of the Saint Continent. The natural energy here was weak. In comparison, the natural energy in the Heavenly Continent was at least a few hundred times richer.

The Firethorn Savage kept roaring. His body seemed impervious to sword and spear. He unleashed a layer of golden light which covered his body, then he rammed towards Qing Styx.

Mu Rong Zhan was a clever man, he understood that what Lee Chang Hong said was correct.He was too angry just now, and he had almost caused the entire Mu Rong family to plunge into a situation of no return.

Big Yellow followed and entered the passage behind Jiang Chen.

"They went deeper into Misty Mountain not long ago."

But using Tai Ji Jian was only a temporary defensive method, and not an offensive one. He could only block attacks without being able to capitalize on an opportunity to attack. If it weren't for the fact that his opponent was pressuring him with his attacks, then Jian Chen would definitely not use the Tai Ji Jian.

Loud gasps of shock could be heard everywhere as they stared at Dugu Feng in a new light. To be an Earth Saint Master in Fengyang City was to be one of the best. Respect was to be expected, and all other powers within the city would have to make way for one. Only a trifling four Earth Saint Masters lived in Fengyang City, and each one of them were leaders of a major power.

"What a talkative old man, hurry up and start the auction!"

Movement could be seen coming from everywhere as an Earth Saint Master began to spread out his Saint Force all over the palace. Several armored soldiers immediately flew forward in a hurried manner to form a protective line.

"Fine, I'll let you bring back your Ruler Armament to your clan, remember your promise." Jian Chen spoke instantly. To him, a Ruler Armament was truly strong, but in the end, it was still just a weapon. Dugu Feng was a living person with room for growth. Furthermore, no one knew for certain whether or not Dugu Feng would become a Saint Ruler.

Big Yellow's eyes instantly lit up. This dog was a top talent when it came to sensing treasures, but he had been unable to sense anything before this. This only meant that the treasure had hidden itself very deep. No wonder Zhuang Fan had never discovered it although he had occupied the Heavenhawk Island for years.

"Fuck You Zhang Yang, have you just eaten some gunpowder?! Daddy here was talking to you nicely, so you better not be a fool and reject my good intentions! Who do you think you are?!"

Placing another mouthful of food into his mouth, elder Xiu said, "Little Fatty, if you want to leave, then your grandfather won't stop you, but you must have the strength of an Earth Saint Master before you can go!"

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