Cerita Chapter 1699

Cerita Chapter 1699

These brothers were clearly happy to see each other.

"The treasure's aura is pretty weak, let me try again."

In an instant, the sound of the ingredients melting could be heard from the ocean of flames. The flames were burning at an incredibly high temperature, causing the temperature in the entire auction hall to increase.

"Heavens, I wonder how much force was in that punch. How could it crush the Heavenly Yellow Finger?"

"Is there something wrong with this dog's brain? His master wanted to save one Earth Restoration Pills for him, but not only did he refuse, he actually wants to pay double? What an idiot."

Jiang Chen bowed deeply toward the newly built grave, while all the people of the Jiang family and Yan family behind him bowed at the same time; their faces filled with sorrow.

Everyone were shocked, no one here had every experience such an abnormal scene before. Feeling the ground underneath their feet constantly trembling, many warriors started feeling insecure.


After that, Daoist Black simply glanced at some cultivation and combat skills. What he saw shocked him even more.

With his words, Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong once again became the center of attention.

After speaking, the upper echelons of the Changyang clan, the king of the Gesun Kingdom, and the five Imperial Advisors all walked into the hall. Jian Chen's mother, and his three aunts originally didn't have any right to participate in this discussion. However, now that a connection between Jian Chen and the Qinhuang Kingdom had been revealed, they summoned their courage to join the conversation.

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Learning that Jiang Chen was leaving, Nangong Yunfan felt a bit reluctant to let him. He did wish to cultivate an even better relationship with a genius like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly. Under the Dragon Transformation skill's circulation, the Magma's Heart started slowly melting. It turned into fiery red beams and entered Jiang Chen's body from the top of his head.

Not long afterwards, pea-sized raindrops fell madly from the sky. The world began to pour with rain, and the originally-bustling Wake City immediately became cold, with no one on the streets to be seen. There was only rain, and it washed the dirty streets created by the mercenaries.

Judging from what he saw, it looked like Jiang Chen had successfully inherited Firethorn Savage's innate ability from the golden egg.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes he had a feeling that today's battle at the Heavenhawk Island wouldn't be as simply as these people imagined.Chapter 494 - Six Pirate Lords Appear Together

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