Legend of the Strongest Beast Tamer Chapter 313

Legend of the Strongest Beast Tamer Chapter 313

Before Huang Zheng could finish his words, Jiang Chen disappeared from where he was standing. He had flown away towards the direction of Guo Shan's mountain with extreme speed. They could even see flames bursting out from Jiang Chen's body, it was the flames of fury.

"Older brother, what is this Blood Devil? Does a devil race truly exist in the Qi Province?"

With the man's speed growing faster, Jian Chen was using up more and more energy. If he was in perfect condition, then not only would Jian Chen have an easier time dodging the man, but he would have been able to fight back as well. But now that he was injured, he could only dodge without attacking, and since the man was quickly increasing his movement speed, Jian Chen's every dodge was getting more and more dangerous.

"Everyone should calm down. If that mysterious youth is truly this strong, then he must be an Earth Saint Master at the very least. In that case, we cannot afford to act rashly. Tomorrow, third uncle will be coming to visit, wait for him to come and we shall see just how strong this youth is. Then we'll see how justice is served." The middle-aged man spoke calmly.

After Commander Duo Li left, Jian Chen too left the Mercenary Union with the group behind him. Since the Mercenary Union often had many people entering the building at once, it wasn't strange to see twenty or thirty men at the same time. So when Jian Chen left with his group of forty, it hadn't attracted any attention.

Using his divine sense, Jiang Chen told Tyrant what happened to Zhuang Fan. After learning what happened to him, Tyrant furiously said, "Fuck! That Xiao Nanfeng is worse than a beast! This poor monk really wishes to set his soul free from purgatory!"

The trio continued their journey. After walking for two or three miles, Big Yellow's ears suddenly moved. He sniffed with his nose before he turned towards his left.

For those people, Jian Chen had killed half of them and let the other half go. For those who had tried to kill Jian Chen and Ming Dong, Jian Chen had mercilessly killed them. For those who had tried to just take the tokens, Jian Chen allowed them to leave with their lives still intact. Because of Jian Chen's kindness, he hadn't embarrassed those he spared by just taking the token from them. As a result, the amount of tokens Jian Chen had went from two to over twenty. This was quite the decent gain.

Hearing that, the mercenaries began to laugh out loud as they looked at each other before one of the mercenaries cried out, "My brothers, surround him!"

"You have no idea what you have brought onto yourself by saying those words."

Within the Silver Moon City, Big Yellow had a huge smile on his face, "Hehe, Xiao Yu has learnt to be cruel now; you killed someone instantly!"

The Heavenly Saint Sword was extremely frightening, and it had become incredibly powerful after being further refined by Jiang Chen. At its current level, no King Weapon could compare with it. Even if it had to face ordinary Emperor Weapons, it would still be able to match up to their power.

Jiang Chen let out a loud laugh, he was portraying a peerless domineering aura from all over his body. When the greatest Saint I the world wanted to kill someone, he wouldn't need any reason to do it, and he would never show any mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

A super high pitched scream reverberated out in the valley. With Chen Shuang as he was now, it was obvious that he was no match for Big Yellow. Big Yellow's bite was filled with hatred, and his teeth were razor sharp. After the sound of flesh being ripped apart resonated out, half of Chen Shuang's butt was torn off.

Seeing this monk, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. This little monk must be here for the treasure.

On the way, Kendall began to explain a few things about the Flame Mercenaries, allowing Jian Chen to gain a better understanding.

Qian Yun had seen Jian Chen's strength for himself when he was at the Pingyang Kingdom's stronghold, so he didn't dare belittle Jian Chen. Saint Force began to rush out of his body to serve as a protective shield to protect himself against the stones.

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