Isekai, meet Machine and Magic Chapter 807

Isekai, meet Machine and Magic Chapter 807

"Big Yellow, be careful!"

"Ah, I heard about that too. People say that even among the Gesun Kingdom, he was a Heaven Saint Master that was extremely low profiled. Not being counted in the top ten experts and with even fewer people knowing his existence, it is only know that people have started to notice him. I think his name is££Chang Wuji?"

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This trip to the Island of Ice had given him an enormous amount of benefits, it was something he had never dreamed about. Since his cultivation was taken care of, it was time for him to focus on the Heavenly Saint Sword.

"Jiang Chen, no one has ever dared reject me, never! You're looking for trouble!"

Everyone were shocked by what they saw, and they immediately yelled out in joy. This place was the real center of the Island of Ice, all the valuable treasures were hidden here, and if they were lucky enough to find something that could greatly improve their cultivations, once they left the Island of Ice, their statuses and positions would greatly improve as well.

"Amazing, I finally get the chance to see him! But, why has he come to the Martial Palace? Is he going to become a disciple here? Impossible! Currently, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are both looking for him everywhere, and Wu Cong also hates him to the core, there is no way the Martial Palace is going to take him, because it would be a huge problem!"

If anyone told him that a Combat Soul warrior was unable to escape from a Divine Core warrior, he would think it was just bullshit.

Utilizing the Spatial Force, Huang Tianba and Nubis both immediately blended in with the world itself and borrowed its power to speed forward. In the blink of an eye, they flew far away from Jian Chen towards Situ Qing.

"Why? Don't tell me that only you, Ye Xiao is allowed to come here?"

Xu Yun was laughing out heartily upon hearing what Jiang Chen said. In his mind, Jiang Chen was no match for him. With a sway of his body, massive waves of energy flowed out from his body. Wave after wave of energy was shining brightly underneath the sunlight. The energy waves threw itself at Jiang Chen like a tidal wave.

The ten other students looked at Jian Chen with fear, this type of development was something they were not expecting to see. Who would had known that he was this merciless and severed someone's arm without hesitation? This cruel display had brought them no small amount of anxiety and fear. But there was a small shimmer of hope, they had fortunately not fought against Changyang Hu. If it were not for that small fact, then they had no doubt that they would be joining Luo Jian, Cheng Mingxiang, and Ka Di Yun amongst the ranks of losing an arm.

"I think that Evil Devil knows something about this place, it might think that we will certainly be killed in this place. Thus, it didn't chase us in here."

"After my intense fight with Yang Shuo, I've learned something new, and need to enter secluded cultivation. I'll let you handle everything in this stronghold. I don't believe there will be any ignorant guys who will come attack us now."

Big Yellow was jumping up and down in the courtyard. He was unable to calm down. This young man was full of mysteries; he was like a bottomless hole that no one could look through. He was able to absorb Big Yellow's blood earlier in Origin Mountain, and that had puzzled Big Yellow. Now, he absorbed the bloodline of the Blood Winged Hawk, and he could even take out a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill. Just who was he?

The friend in question was Huang Luan.Chapter 591: Battle of Two Women

"Brother Jiu, here is your halberd. Thank you for helping me."

"Mother, aunties, you all were here as well it seems." Calling out to them all in greeting, Jian Chen approached them with a smile on his face.

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