Mutant evolution System Chapter 447

Mutant evolution System Chapter 447

Yan Chong asked with a puzzled expression.

"Yes!" The guards responded in unison before going back to their patrol.

With the entire auction having gone silent and Yulian seeing no more takers, she finally said, "The Spirithawk Mercenaries have bid three hundred fifty thousand purple coins. Are there any other takers? Three hundred fifty thousand purple coins going once."

Jian Chen's movements shocked the other Yangji Sect men who all looked on in fear.

With a bit of hesitation, he walked towards the table where the suntanned student was eating, and sat down with his tray. Turning his head to greet him, Jian Chen smiled, "I am Changyang Xiang Tian. What name do you go by?"



After the king was led out, a single sword of fire materialized in Jian Chen's hand. With a bright gleaming arc of fire, the sword smashed apart the dragon throne in the palace.

"Ai!" At that moment, the village elder let out a strange sound before looking closely at Jian Chen's face before asking curiously, "Little brother Jian Chen, why is it that your face is white? I remember a few days ago, your face was red."

"Don't waste your time talking to him, let's just kill him. Since this monk is here, Jiang Chen must be hiding somewhere close-by as well."

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Lee Shan Yue roared loudly. His anger rose yet again, and he became like a lion that was going to explode with extreme anger, "Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! You have killed all three of my sons! It's your fault I'm going to die without any sons! I'm going to rip you into a million pieces! A million pieces!"

"Ridiculous! He is just a disciple from the Black Sect, how dare he ask our Chief to pay him a visit? Don't you think he is too arrogant?"

After all, within the Asura Palace, Xiao Nanfeng was a man who held the prime position. Basically, he was the man who had the final say in most petty matters within the Asura Palace. Thus, even the elders had to flatter Xiao Nanfeng.

The elder floating in the air began to gasp for breath with a pale face as he sighed, "Even after using such an explosive wildfire and using up almost all my energy, you weren't killed. But even that, you are still heavily damaged, I doubt that even you will get far now."

Ten meters above the ferry, a dozen or so people of different ages had already appeared at a certain time. They seemed to be a part of the world, without using any energy to float in the sky. They seemed more like ordinary people than anything else.

"Situ Qing, you swear that Bi Hai is here? I hope that you won't be risking the lives of all your disciples on a small joke." Jian Chen warned.

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