Another World : Peace Creator Magician Chapter 431

Another World : Peace Creator Magician Chapter 431

Changyang Hu fiercely nodded, and excitedly replied, "That's right, fourth brother. Moreover, your partner is the emperor's third princess ¨•¨• Princess Ge Lan. I've heard that this arranged marriage had even been the emperor's own suggestion."

"What does everyone think about this? With Brother Jiu's status and strength, I'm sure he fully deserves this position."

"What's going on? Such an ice-cold aura, it seems like it's coming from Sect Elder Guo Shan's mountain. Who can tell me what exactly is going on?"

The three men immediately flew past the two, and the very moment they did, they suddenly stopped right in front of them.

"Zhou££The pill shop is done for, right?"

These were the best words to describe the Martial Saint Dynasty. Just standing outside, one could easily feel its supreme atmosphere, causing one to be filled with admiration.

Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Zhenhai and cupped his fist. Jiang Chen's incredible progress had given him a huge surprise, and the result of today's war was something he had never thought possible before. Jiang Chen was constantly progressing. From when he killed the Third Emperor and the others, until he killed the Old Emperor today. It was just a matter of days; progressing like this could only be described as heaven defying.

Jiang Chen said with a deep voice. He had never met Jiang Wei before, and there was nothing between them. There was no reason for him to kill Jiang Chen, therefore, the most obvious answer was that there was someone even stronger who wanted to kill him.

Lord Yun Li had shocked everyone with his words, "My lord, what are you saying? The Class 5 Magical Beast has been dealt with? Could it be there are some Earth Saint Masters in Wake City right now?"

His hard head caused many people to feel speechless and helpless.

Because of that, many Combat Soul warriors were now heading towards the Black Sect with the intentions of joining them in their fight against the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen also wanted to use this Heavenly Tribulation to increase his overall strength. All the Demon Kings locked up in here would become his tonics.

"Indeed, brother Jiang is a man full of mysteries. I hope master can keep this secret for brother Jiang."

"Tell me your name, and your position in the Asura Palace."

"Brother Yan, you have the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, and just like Little Yu, it's an innate Divine Body constitution. A constitution like this will only grow stronger and stronger with time, and you actually have limitless potential. Following the continuous transformation of your bloodline, it will be incredibly easy for you to advance on your path of cultivation, so you don't have to worry. It is very possible for you to break through to the Late Combat Soul realm, or even the First Grade Combat King realm in a very short amount of time."

"Pah! If you dare touch even a single hair of my great-granddaughter's head, don't even think about returning home." Jun Mohao took a sudden step forward. A mountain-like pressure began to emanate from his body with such power that any Saint Ruler beneath the Fifth Heavenly Layer felt as if an actual mountain was pressing onto them.

"Just kill them, they're so disgusting."

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