Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2852

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2852

Tyrant heartily laughed out. It looked like he was a guy who craved to see the world plunged into chaos. No matter where he went; he wouldn't settle for peace. In fact, from how he became the strongest Pirate Lord, one could easily tell what kind of person Tyrant was.

However, Jian Chen had sworn to eliminate the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. For the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to interfere and protect the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, Jian Chen felt quite displeased.

This was the stronghold of the Qinghuang Kingdom. As he drew closer, the originally quiet stronghold began to buzz with activity. Floating a thousand meters high in the air, he could see the ant-like people down below flowing in and out of the stronghold, trading their wares.

Big Yellow started laughing. He was no idiot, he could easily tell how important this opportunity was for Yan Chenyu.

When the lord arrived, he was received by a high ranking elder of the Changyang clan.

A female disciple said. From the way she talked, one could easily tell how must respect and admiration she had toward this senior disciple Mao.

Seeing the number on the tag, he inwardly understood clearly that his opponent would be number 136 on the third stage, because this time's competition matched opponents based on finding the two numbers that would give a sum of 200.

"Yea, we'll be in Lore City soon enough. Wipe off the oil on your mouth, this is a large city, so we have to be mindful of our appearances." The middle-aged man couldn't help but complain about the other man's current appearance.

"I think you've seen it, the war underneath us has come to an end. The Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect have been defeated. Because of you, countless men have died."

"Mother, would you happen to know the name of the patriarch then?" Jian Chen urged.

Just when the fat old man was feeling bored, three figures flew in from afar. When the fat old man looked into the direction, his eyes instantly lit up, as he saw young man in white clothes and a dog following him.

This situation troubled Jiang Chen's mind. With Ancestor Greenlotus's status, his descendants should be enjoying good treatment in the Western Region. How could the Great Leiyin Temple make them stay on such a lousy mountain? Even if taking Ancestor Greenlotus out of the equation, Great Master Ran Feng himself was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, and a man with such strength should have a supreme position in the Great Leiyin Temple.

No longer even pretending to bother with the six heads, Zhan Tian turned to the elder by the side, "Lord Griff, if I may ask about your thoughts on our proposal. If you join our Flame Mercenaries, then the rewards you will receive will be far beyond what you could possibly gather within a single lifetime. It is a path that has no end in potential!"

"Young miss, that man is quite complicated. Right now the clan is under a great deal of pressure, at this critical moment, it is best to avoid to make new enemies just in case they bring a new source of trouble to the clan." Uncle Feng said helplessly.

"A few days ago several individuals from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom laid ruin to the imperial palace. I believe that his Majesty is leading the army to deal with them!"

It wasn't only them, even Han Yan and Nangong Wentian felt cold sweat running down their bodies. Both of them were considered peerless geniuses, but not once in their lives had they seen such a terrifying way of levelling up.

"That's right."

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