Flash System Chapter 2500

Flash System Chapter 2500

Whether it was Zhou Xinqi or Ghostfang, Song Que or Nine-Isles, all of them were completely taken aback. One evening when Bai Xiaochun was strutting about festooned with talismans, he happened to run into Gongsun Wan'er.

AST 754 - The strength of Southern Viewing Continent, the powerful Eastern Palace Clan

That something had to do with Di Chen!

A powerful tiger's roar rang out and he smashed against his opponent's sword, creating a crisp sound together with a low sound. It was like the sound of a watermelon being smashed.

Roughly eighty percent of the north¡­ no longer had any ice plains. Instead, it was covered with rich soil and¡­ a dense jungle.

"Even if they continued fighting after the exit opened, an entire hour has passed. After another hour, the exit will close, and then it will be very difficult for them to come out!"

"Brother, your last entry, how far did you get?" Qing Shui asked while laughing.

"Your Excellency the Patriarch of Heavenly Palace!"

"Who are those people¡­? Look at that incredible murderous aura!!"

The damaged fan also played into it. As for the Former Will of his Time Immemorial Codex, normally speaking, he would have had to wait until passing the hundredth level and becoming the true owner of the damaged fan before breaking through.

Qing Shui, "¡­¡­"

In the Demon Beast Sect...

The voice echoed about in a way that made it impossible to determine where exactly it came from. It almost seemed to surpass the flow of time itself. Those who heard it felt a connection to the voice, as though it contained a strange power that instantly calmed them down.

"It's a shame that we have to let him go like that. We don't even know what's in that box yet." Old Yang sighed as well.

He angrily shook the little turtle, causing knocking sounds to ring out in the immortal's cave. Before long, the turtle began to emit the fragrance which Bai Xiaochun found so familiar.


At that moment, he released a strong suppressing aura from his body. Qing Shui could tell from his aura that he was a Grade Ten Martial Saint who possessed about 6000 countries of strength.

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