I Returns! Chapter 1700

I Returns! Chapter 1700

Tian Yishan seemed worried. He and Guan Yiyun were both from the Black Sect, and after spending some time together, they had built up a good relationship. Tian Yishan was a man who cherished friendship, that's why he worried so much about Guan Yiyun's safety after he had been captured by their enemies.

Besides that, the dimensional typhoon within the dimensional turbulences was the deadliest existence. It was just a dreadful monster that would cause anything that gets dragged into it to perish.

And this was all because of the frightening sarira. It had improved Tyrant's physique by a lot. Furthermore, the sarira was residing within his body, and it was constantly merging with the monk, meaning that Tyrant's cultivation base was in a state where it was constantly being improved. He could enter the Fifth Grade Combat King realm at any time, or perhaps even go higher.

Qin Wuming laughed, "Although tungsten alloy is quite pricey, it isn't considered much by our Qinhuang Kingdom. The five elite divisions of our Qinhuang Kingdom don't use tungsten alloy, but the difference isn't too great. Furthermore, we would need ten million of these suits in order to give to everyone. Aside from that, our Qinhuang Kingdom has armor that is a level higher than tungsten alloy, so we have little use for them."

Although the group was short Yun Zheng and Senior An, it did not impact them much. Jian Chen had wanted the Flame Mercenaries to leave Wake City for the Magical Beast Mountain Range, so he had the two protect them in secret. Otherwise, he would never feel at ease.

On the other side, Jiang Chen didn't mention anything about what he had faced in the Eastern Continent. His only desire was for his father to live a peaceful life, he didn't want to let him feel any pressure.

"Late Divine Core realm! You££ you've broken through!"

Big Yellow nodded his head. If this was said by some other person, Big Yellow would definitely look at him as if he was an idiot, he would then turn around and leave. But since it was told by Jiang Chen, Big Yellow did partly believe in him, because no 16 year old should know so much.


Seeing the group, he hesitated for a small moment before taking the man into his arms. "He's still alive, but he's almost on his last breath. It'd be for the best if we return now."

As everyone called Jian Chen's strength into question, he only laughed without explaining himself. Walking forward, his body suddenly flew like a bullet toward the warbeast a hundred meters away.

"Is that all?" An elder asked Jian Chen.



The man continued to speak, "That's not all. People say that this Earth Saint Master was a wind attributed Saint Force user with an impeccably fast speed. Even after contending with the Heaven Saint Master for half the day, the two Heaven Saint Masters did not manage to chase him down and kill him."

While the Heaven Stolen Fortune was quite terrifying, the amount of energy used was immense. Increasing one's strength would use an equivalent amount of energy. While a person's strength could suddenly skyrocket, the amount of energy lost would skyrocket as well.

"Sigh££ I wonder when elder brother Jiang will return?"

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