God of realms Chapter 872

God of realms Chapter 872

Hearing Tianmu Ling speak, Shi Xiangran's face grew even darker and darker. Before he could say anything, his face instantly returned to normal and then adopting an apologetic expression and cupped his hands together. "I apologize everyone, when I saw a hated enemy of mine, I had somehow made a silly mistake. This one is called Shi Xiangran; I've no intentions on being anyone's enemy, I hope no one pays too much attention to this." Turning to point at Jian Chen, he said, "Do you dare to see who's stronger between us two? Or could it be you only know how to hide behind a woman? If it's like this, how are you any different from a coward?" Shi Xiangran spoke with disdain to Jian Chen.

The rapidly-changing color caused Lin Bai and Gaethyr to suck in a breath of cold air. They could not help but cry out, "What precise control! Even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters don't have such great control!"

Because of an untimely match with fate, Dugu Feng had been eliminated from the tournament while the other two Radiant Saint Force attributed men advanced on. The three of them were true to their rumors and were extremely strong. One of them in particular was a Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master with a strong repertoire of battle skills.

What the fuck?! What was happening right now?! That was a Heavenly Core Demon Lord, so why did he kneel down immediately upon seeing a dog?! Just what was this dog?!

Jian Chen took the crystal from Cao Keqin and began to study it. It was a sphere-like crystal that sparkled in a way similar to how light would shine through glass. There was also a strange type of energy swirling within that Jian Chen had never seen before.

"Senior disciple Nan Bei is so handsome, and he is the number one genius in the Qi Province! He is my idol, if one day, I could reach his level, that would be great!"

"Correct. Our Carnage Mercenaries have joined with the Flame Mercenaries. It is without a doubt the truth. It is our belief that should we join with the Flame Mercenaries, we will establish ourselves within the Tian Yuan Continent. No longer will we be sequestered to this small city and forced to hide like a turtle in its shell." Zhan Tian spoke calmly.

The thing was, no one knew that Duo Kang and the others had already disbanded their mercenary groups.

"What! The uncle of the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom? Hahahaha!" The words of the king had caused the middle-aged man to burst into laughter before looking at the king as if he was an idiot, "My dear king of the Gesun Kingdom, you are the ruler of the kingdom, but even you still speak such childish lies? Think about what identity the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom has. Would his uncle be a lowly bodyguard for a lowly king in a lowly kingdom like the Gesun Kingdom?"

A Combat Weapon was extremely precious. Usually, due to lack of wealth, it was very difficult for Early Divine Core warriors to obtain a High-Ranked Combat Weapon. There were even some Mid Divine Core warriors who didn't possess High-Ranked Combat Weapons. After all, for the ordinary rogue cultivators, it was incredibly difficult to obtain pills or resources for their cultivation, and the price of a High-Ranked Combat Weapon was quite high. The most inferior type would cost them at least 100-200 Earth Restoration Pills.

"I hope that I can make it." The middle aged man was anxious, but he was already going at the fastest speed he could possibly go at. The magical beasts in the 2nd area weren't that strong, but the opponents Jian Chen and Tie Ta were facing were Class 1 Magical Beast Blue Wolves; their chances of success weren't looking well.


Ming Dong and Dugu Feng's strength had completely startled the entire group, but they were not too afraid of the two just yet. There were over a dozen of them after all, and in numbers, they evidently had the advantage. With numbers, they could stifle even strength.

Jiang Chen cupped his first towards Yi Qing Zi with a slight smile on his face. Others had no idea why Yi Qing Zi surrendered, but he did.

"Jiang Chen, you're extremely daring! Not only did you kill Shangguan Wei, the Shangguan Clan's Elder in Inferno Hell, you also killed a lot of people from the Shangguan Clan in the desert! No one underneath the heavens has ever dared do this to our clan! Today, you're going to hell even if you have ten lives!"

"Bastard! You're a disciple of the Asura Palace, but you're actually colluding with an outsider! Not only that, you are trying to reduce our morale! That guy is just a mere First Grade Combat King, how could he possible fight against the Asura Palace?!"

In midair, Jian Chen's rod and the green stick collided with each other, causing the green branch to stop moving. As it slowly stopped, Jian Chen saw that the iron point of the rod had pierced straight through the body of it.

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