ReBorn in the World of Cultivators Chapter 478

ReBorn in the World of Cultivators Chapter 478


"Master, quick quick, quickly obtain the Primordial Godsilk. You mustn't let it end up in other people's hands. It's an exceptional treasure of the world." Qing Suo's pleasant, lark-like voice also sounded in Jian Chen's head. The voice was filled with urgency, along with endless joy and excitement.

After asking around for a bit, Jiang Chen finally understood what this was all about.The Mercenary Square was a place for mercenaries to seek jobs and trade items.

"Master, there's still an illusion array guarding it." Ziying spoke to Jian Chen.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Nangong Yunzheng said we can only invite an outsider to help us. In my opinion, we can let Elder Tu participate in this match. Although Elder Tu is a respectable Elder of our family, his surname isn't Nangong, so I'm sure we won't be breaking any rules."

After calming himself, Jian Chen continued to ask, "Ziying, Qingsuo, just how many materials are needed to reforge the Azure and Violet Twin Swords?"

Daoist Black laughed out to his heart's content. The situation was completely reversed now.

Hearing the knocking, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. Usually, no one would come disturb him while he was accompanying Yan Chenyu. It seemed like something had happened.

"What's happening? Is something big going to happen?"

"Here's the written challenge, take a look yourself."

"This is a cave with no owner, but since I was the first to enter, then naturally I would be the owner of the cave!" The girl said confidently. Arguing was a specialty that she was good at.

Looking at Tie Ta, Cheng Mingxiang's eyebrows knitted together as he looked the paling Luo Jian. "I'll stall Tie Ta, you go teach Changyang Xiang Tian a lesson." Without a pause, he charged at Tie Ta and the two started to fight once more.

Tian Yishan was puzzled as well.

Back to Inferno Hell. After having killed the Earth Devil, Jiang Chen and the group began travelling back to Inferno City. At this moment, many people had returned to Inferno City. Aside from those warriors who didn't want to leave this place, most of the people were waiting for the doorway to the outside world to open up.

"That's right, the real motive is the enormous wealth you possess. Jiang Chen, don't waste all your struggle so far, you are no match for me with your cultivation base, hurry up and hand over all your belongings, then I'll spare your life."

Jiang Chen touched the biggest dot. Then, in an instant, a spatial tunnel was revealed to them. The group felt a powerful suction force, and were pulled into the spatial tunnel.

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