Under The Veil of Night Chapter 434

Under The Veil of Night Chapter 434


Nodding, Jian Chen stared straight at Yun Li, "Yun Li, do you have anything to say for yourself?"

When staring at this handsome young man with a delicate face, the four people's fear had finally lessened.

"There are eight major forbidden areas in the Divine Continent, and each are located in different regions. The Divine Continent is divided into eight major regions according to these eight forbidden areas. The Profound Region is the weakest territory amongst all eight, but although it is the weakest, it's still ten times bigger than the Eastern Continent. In the Profound Region, there are a total of eighteen provinces, each province bigger than any of those in the Eastern Continent. A small place like the Qi Province can't be compared with those in this land. Also, within ever single province here, there are numerous powers of all sizes."

The old monk joyfully laughed out, unable to help but praise Jiang Chen. Even with his vast knowledge and experience, he had never seen someone so abnormally talented like Jiang Chen.

The two began to chat with each other for a while before finally getting down to the main problem.

When Jian Chen heard her words, his face instantly changed expressions. He desperately wanted this Heaven Tier Battle Skill, and since they were incredibly hard to obtain, just how could he give it away so easily?

Wang Zhang simply looked down on Zhang Yang.

Qing Styx explained

Upon this sight, Jian Chen had a look of disappointment flash briefly across his face before disappearing just as quickly. The two Saint Rulers' way of dealing with this situation had been quite different than what Jian Chen had expected. In his mind, he would never let such a matter like this be let off so easily. He had been heavily injured by the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger after all. If not for the fact that the Saint Ruler had been afraid of his title of an Imperial Protector, then Jian Chen might have not been able to leave the sect that day.

In addition, Jiang Chen had another important element for establishing a big sect. He possessed an energy vein in Redsun Town. However, Jiang Chen currently had no intentions of establishing his own sect.

However, the old man's complexion quickly became ugly. He stared at Nubis with great shock and killing intent rose up without any restraint. He said coldly, "You're looking to die!" As soon as he finished speaking, the old man appeared in front of Nubis with a great speed. His right hand formed a claw, swinging at Nubis's neck with lightning speed.

Jian Chen followed behind the servant expressionlessly, up through the castle. The gleam in his eyes flickered. No one knew what he was thinking.

Despite feeling confusion, they didn't dare ask due to Jian Chen's status and could only suppress their questions.

Jian Chen floated about 50 meters in the air, and emitted a long whistle toward the sky. The sound resonated without restraint through the air, crossing over a vast distance. At the same time, powerful Saint Force surged and gathered in his left hand. With a wave, a pure ball of light energy completely formed from Saint Force whizzed out of his hand and off toward the distant ground.

"The Jian Province's Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, the Martial Saint Dynasty's prince££ this££"

"Goddamn, it looks like I didn't waste any of my time by coming here! I never knew there was such a pretty girl in Silver Moon City! She is like an immortal from the heavens££ I believe only a girl like this can truly be my match!"

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