Martial Spirit World Chapter 1304

Martial Spirit World Chapter 1304

Looking down to see the city, Jian Chen asked, "Chang Bai, you should just drop me off here."

"Senior disciple Jiang, these are the living quarters for our outer circle disciples. They are normally in the form of courtyards, and the buildings are connected to the underground energy vein. Normally, six people will stay in one living quarter within a courtyard. Late Mortal Core disciples can own an entire courtyard for themselves, and those who break through to the Heavenly Core realm will enter the inner circle."

The sky above the Black Sect was violently shaking. If not for the fact that the formation held off most of the energy, this attack alone would have already shattered a mountain.

"A tremendous deposit of tungsten alloy like this is extremely rare on the continent. Should this make its way out, there will definitely be turmoil all over the place. Even a few of the isolated families or the Eight Great Powers would mobilize with such an event. With our strength alone, it would be difficult to maintain this." Huang Luan remarked grimly.

Within the room, a white robed woman around the age of thirty could be seen pacing the room restlessly. Despite the restless air around her, she still had an uncommon air that added to her personality and made her look very beautiful still.

Suddenly a loud bang could be heard from the entrance. The front door to the Mayor's mansion had been broken into pieces, and a voice thundered, "All the men from the Jiang family, come out now and face your deaths."

This woman was exceedingly pretty with delicate features. Although she was not so beautiful to bring a country to its knees, she was still quite the beauty that could rarely be seen. By the woman's side was another rather handsome looking youth that looked to be around twenty-two to twenty-three years old.

"Alright!" Tie Ta said as he placed his share into his own space belt.

"Everyone quickly kill him! We must not let him cast that arte!" An assassin cried out, before rushing at Jian Chen first, no longer paying any attention to Jian Chen's strength.

"Brother Jiang, I think that with all these herbs, we should be able to heal sister-in-law, right?"

"I didn't think that the brothers in the eighth booth would be that strong. I made a mistake in judgement it seems." The captain of the Spirithawk Mercenaries sighed. No one could have possibly imagined that the youths that he had been chatting with earlier would be so strong; it was unbelievable to the utmost degree.

Jian Chen slowly crouched down and took the cub into his chest. At the same time, each and every member of the Zhou Mercenaries glared at Jian Chen with a cold look, emitting murderous intent.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up upon hearing this. He was a man who embraced challenges, and there weren't any places in this world he did not dare venture into.

Wu Jiu worriedly said. As the Ninth Emperor, as well as the Palace Chief of the Martial Palace, he knew better than anyone here how frightening the Martial Saint Dynasty's force was.

Jiang Chen smiled and clinked his glass with Tan Lang's. This Tan Lang had given Jiang Chen a good first impression, and he wasn't portraying any airs of superiority. As a genius of the Asura Palace, he was able to bow toward Jiang Chen in front of so many people. Just this alone was something that many people were unable to do, although it was a bit easier considering the fact that Jiang Chen had saved his life. The reason for this was that all geniuses cherished their face the most.

"Tomorrow morning, bring Tie Ta to me. If he is willing, I will take him in as a personal disciple." The headmaster replied after thinking about it for a while.

After dodging the attack, with speed great as lightning, the black crow initiated a counter-attack towards Big Yellow. It was using its long and sharp beak to peck towards Big Yellow.

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