Last Wish System Chapter 2054

Last Wish System Chapter 2054

"This guy's name is Jiang Chen, and his name was also Jiang Chen££ could it be? No, impossible, this is absolutely impossible! The greatest Saint underneath the heavens passed away on the Saint Cliff a hundred years ago, and his body was completely destroyed, all that remains is his legend! It looks like I'm overthinking this. This young man is a genius who gives me a feeling of the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, that's why I find him so familiar."

Big Yellow's emotions were riled up.


At this moment, many Great Saint Masters had become very lively. The blood within their bodies was boiling with excitement at the mere mention of a battle skill. Many of them were anxious to just charge at Jian Chen in order to rob him of this battle skill.

"Enlightenment about the profoundness of cultivation? Damn you! You can't grasp any anything with your mere talent!"

When the third brother thought back to when he was chasing Jian Chen, he couldn't help but let out a sigh as he spoke, "Correct. Jian Chen's speed later on was extremely fast. He was somehow able to outpace me, with that speed, I would say even the third elder wouldn't be able to catch up." The third brother spoke.

"Jian Chen, what a lowly person you are for using a sneak attack! Everyone forward, take him!"

As the battle continued to persist, Tie Ta finally reached his limit. He cried out loud, and exclaimed, "Stop, stop! I can't fight anymore, I give up!"

"Jiang Chen, I've just decided, I won't look to avenge Mao Fang, and I've given up on getting revenge for the Qingyi Sect as well! I, Mao Sheng vow on my life, from now on, the Qingyi Sect won't look for any trouble with you! What do you think?"

In the Black Sect, the difference between novice disciples and outer circle disciples was huge. It was just like the difference between the outer circle disciples and inner circle disciples, their statuses just couldn't be compared.

After the first attack failed, Nangong Wenyen immediately unleashed his second attack. He started drawing something in front of him with both hands, then he unleashed golden energies which turned into a 30 meter tall golden mountain. It was a mountain formed entirely from energy, and it carried the weight of a real mountain. This was an attack that relied on raw strength, and it wasn't an attack that anybody could withstand.

In the eyes of the merchants and mercenaries, the city guards were not to be trifled with. Although these soldiers weren't stronger than the mercenaries, they were still representing the Blue Wind Kingdom's government as a military. In the case that there was conflict, the entire Blue Wind Kingdom would post a warrant or bounty for the one responsible if one did not have the proper backing.

Guan Yi Yun again cupped his fists, then he left Palace Black.

Jian Chen held out his Purple Card, "Honored elder, I truly wish to buy it."

Tap, tap, tap££

Staring quietly at Huang Luan's back, Jian Chen's lips couldn't help but curl into a smile. That was because he had suddenly thought about the first time he and Huang Luan had met.

"Kid, how dare you ask your father who is an honorable and classy being to spend a night on the street? Don't you feel guilty?"

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