Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 1602

Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 1602

Back in the Heavenspan Realm, he would have simply fled in the face of this level of danger. But now, he was the most powerful expert in Mistysea Prefecture. How could he possibly run away?

It was a young man in a long white robe, with flowing black hair. Shockingly, he had two pupils in each eye, and his mouth was twisted in a bizarre smile. Then, he stuck his tongue out and licked his lips.

Back in the Spirit Stream Sect, Xu Baocai had always been adept at rooting out information. He knew who all the top beauties in the sect were, and how they were ranked. Bai Xiaochun also remembered how, whenever Xu Baocai got some new information, he would make a record of it in his little notebook.

She had never expected that something like this would happen to her.

The resulting boom caused the entire eighteenth level to shake violently.

"Does the Black Dragon Horse only appear in Greencloud City?" They asked Canghai Mingyue after boarding the wagon.

But now everything had changed. The Dire Skybanyan roared as its enormous frame rose up over the Heavenspan River. Countless roots were connected to either side of the river bank, making it look almost like a giant.

After studying it for a bit, he carefully closed the lid of the jade box and shook his head.

A Body Securing Talisman was able to lock the opponents in one place, the same thing could also be done with the Demon Binding Ropes.

Frigidsect, Crimsonsoul and Master Godwind immediately clasped hands in formal greeting and said, "Greetings, Senior Li!"

However, as of yet, he had received no word from the little turtle. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he finally cleared his throat and said, "Clan Chief Cai, back in Giant Ghost City, you chased me for a full day trying to kill meˇ­. It got me so terrified that I couldn't focus on my cultivation."

If he had achieved all of this by normal cultivation, there would have been no need to fuse them. That process would have occurred naturally along the way. But nowˇ­ a proper fusion was vitally important!

"Master, one day, I'll accompany you to Lion King's Ridge to seek justice to be served. Before the lass turns 30 years old, I'll find a solution to her Seven Apertures Mystical Heartˇ­"

Qing Shui didn't know if he was considered a Beast Tamer himself, but from other people's perspective, not only was he more than enough to be called a Beast Tamer, he was even a powerful one.

"Still a distance away from enlightenment!"

After 90 cycles, Qing Shui almost collapse, but the effects were tremendous. It was time for the All Aspect Nourishment Soup he had prepared earlier to be put to use.


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