Incubus Chapter 821

Incubus Chapter 821

With that, the captain grabbed his arm to drag him away.

Still surprised, Duke Deathcrier sighed, contemplating what must have gone on inside of the Necromancer Kettle. Clearly, Bai Hao had been bullied to no end, and thus, it was with the shake of a head that he turned and left along with him.


Xiang Bao long understood that Qing Shui did not like her. He liked Shi Clan's Shi Qingzhuang, Mingyue Gelou who was at Qing Clan, at that lady who was like a goddess.

In the following days, Bai Xiaochun continued the practice. Sometimes he would fish, and sometimes he would capture other sea beasts that could even be used as ingredients for medicinal pills. He would also spend time practicing cultivation, and consulting with that one particular elder who knew so much about the other three river branches.

The Red Jiao had stopped its track completely after being bounded by the Demon Binding rope, but only for a few moments.

Supreme elders!

For the first time, he regretted his earlier conceit, and realized that he should never have been so impulsive as to provoke the terrifying Bai Xiaochun, all because of a simple magical item.

There were some things in the world that, at least in small measure, could produce spiritual energy similar to that found in the Heavenspan River basin. This spiritjade statue was just such an item.

The Lightning Ancestor hesitated, not very pleased with how Bai Xiaochun was looking at him.

"Such energy.... This was neither Nine-Isles nor Fang Lin. Not Ghostfang either. In that case, it must have been... Bai Xiaochun!"

"Haha, you can call me Martial Uncle! It works no matter how we look at it!"

There were many things which Qing Shui had to do. Every day Qing Shui would set up the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation once but he would fail every single time. He was now used to it. It was as if it would be abnormal if he were to succeed.


Qing Shui bitterly smiled as he shook his head, "I'm not sure myself, on the surface I'm only at the 3rd Grade of Martial Warrior Realm. However, even if I have to fight against a peak Houtian expert, I don't think I would have any trouble against them."

Qing Shui was extremely pleased, noting that she was an intelligent woman. Sometimes taking a step back may not mean that one would lose more, at times, one can even gain more.

Qing Shui was still in disbelief that he heart had actually recovered. Not only was it completely healed, the 199th Cycle of Circulate Qi had also finally reached its great perfection stage.?

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