Still, Wait For Me Chapter 348

Still, Wait For Me Chapter 348

Nangong Wenyang dared not hide anything, and told them everything he knew.

Kai Er's smile didn't quite reach his eyes as he spoke, "Lord Xia, I will go report to captain Jian Chen, but whether or not he decides to see you is not something I can guarantee."

Lee Chang Ming angrily jumped up into the air. His black hair was flying backwards and his energy was like a tornado. Powerful, large amounts of air surrounded both his palms.

"Dimensional Shift? Buddy, where did you get this advanced movement skill?"

Caraga and Zhar looked at the armored Ka Zhafei with a look of surprise before Zhar mocked him, "What a nuisance, he reaps what he sows. Now that he took out his Radiant Saint Armor, he has truly lost all face."

Violent killing intents could be sensed everywhere. The place had become a horrifying battlefield. The once green scenery with blue rivers had become a land of hell. Endless slaughtering was carried out, and the death toll kept increasing.

At this moment, the Zhou clan leader Zhou Butong's face was exceptionally grim. Staring at Jian Chen with a gaze that had lost the original glare of disdain, he no longer thought Jian Chen was just a youth. Now, Zhou Butong thought him to be an opponent of an equal level and didn't dare to belittle him any longer.

Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing the name of Kendall, Jian Chen immediately froze up as he looked at the shop owner in alarm. "What did you say? Kendall, did you just say Kendall?"Chapter 425: Saving a Life

"Impossible, this can't be happening, you've actually broken through to the Divine Core realm! But even if you really are a Divine Core warrior, there is now way you can be so strong! I am a Late Divine Core warrior, why am I not your match?"

The entire Green Sanctuary Sect was shaking. All the Divine Core warriors were continuously striking with their combat weapons as they fought the Firethorn Savage in a tough battle. It seemed like the war was not about to end any time soon.

Those who sensed the shockwaves were feeling extremely excited, and they were eager to witness the results of this shocking battle.

"Let's see how those Qingyi Disciples plan to deal with this. I'm sure none of them are a match for this young man, but they will definitely not let go off this matter easily. I'm just curious, will this young man really kill all these disciples?"

The presence of ten or so Heaven Saint Masters defending the troops was extremely overwhelming. Their power melted together to form one indistinguishable force of power. The figure in blue that was coming at them came to a grinding halt.

Guan Yi Yun bowed deeply towards Daoist Black, but Jiang Chen only nodded his head.

During those two hours, Jian Chen had casually treated his wounds and already swapped out the bloody clothes from his fight with the middle aged man with a new set. Before they had set out on the trip, Jian Chen had prepared a few dozen sets of clothes, so he wasn't worried about running out.

"N-no! That can't be! The one who struck first was clearly Jian Chen! Why was he the one to escape punishment instead of patriarch Shi, who struck only afterwards? This is impossible!" The Saint Ruler cried out in disbelief. The fact that the barrier of Mercenary City had ignored punishment for Jian Chen had given him no small amount of fear. As of now, the Saint Ruler was completely besides himself.

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