Insane God Of Slaughter Chapter 1793

Insane God Of Slaughter Chapter 1793

"Transmission jade slips have limited range. At most, they might be able to cover two immortal domains! If the Vile-Emperor's going to make a move, thenĄ­ it must be in?that?direction!" His flashing eyes did not focus on the Vile-Emperor Dynasty. After his previous fight with the Vile-Emperor, he had attempted to locate Gongsun Wan'er during his search for the Greatsword of the North, but she hadn't responded to any of his messages.


"I'll get their attention. You two find a way to escape... Come on, go!"

"Who is it? It's barely been a month, and someone's already formed an earthstring capture crystal and begun Foundation Establishment?!"


Now, Qing Shui realized that as long as he controlled it well, the success rate of the Mysterious Fruit was basically very high. It could even reach up to above 50%. The only thing was that it took a very long time for one Mysterious Fruit to mature and even with the current Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it would took over two years.

"He's not concocting medicine, he's trying to kill us!!"

Unfortunately for him, all of his plans had failed. The Celestial began to descend into utter madness, and at the same time, constantly muttered, "Gravekeeper, you bastard, you're forcing me to do all of this!!"

The three girls had long since arrived at Qing Shui's side. Including the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Di Qing, all rhe women were beauties who could throw cities and states into chaos. Even Qing Shui couldn't help but stare blankly into space.

That was especially true of some of the Spirit Stream Sect disciples. When they got close to Bai Xiaochun, he made sure to take care of them, ensuring that their harvest was even greater than before.

"Why... why isn't he teleporting out?"

"No meaning to it. Even Tan Yang himself knows that he needs to be put through tribulations. Do you want him to live under your shadow all his life? How many years can you protect him?"

"CHOP THEM YOURSELF!" someone immediately yelled!

"Bai Hao's days are definitely numbered!"

Their bags of holding were packed with the spoils of war, and in addition, they had all grown very close to each other. Cultivators of both sects could often be seen laughing and chatting with each other, discussing which of the various poison spheres was the best. They even cooperated well with each other in battle.

He should be considered an elementary Martial Emperor now and when he was not holding any weapons, he could unleash a strength of close to 200 stars. At this stage, one's physical strength was secondary. What was most important was how much power one could release and what cultivation level of opponents one could defeat.

Powerful roaring could be heard as countless branches flew out onto the battlefield and began to wrap around the Sky River Court cultivators, even the Nascent Soul experts. Then the branches lurched back, dragging the cultivators into the Dire Skybanyan.

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