Dark Nano Chapter 2258

Dark Nano Chapter 2258

These four men were all emitting powerful auras, and they all wore arrogant expressions. They were clearly men who had no respect for anyone. Of course, being able to reach the Combat King realm at such a young age, they deserved to feel a bit proud of themselves.

Jian Chen was stunned, but he wasn't giving up just yet. With a flash of azure and violet in his eyes, Sword Qi began to gather in his right hand before forming a meter long sword. This was the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits.

"There is a second part of this skill, and once you have mastered the first part, I will teach you the rest of it according to your situation. I also have a big secret to tell you all, promise me you will keep this secret to yourselves, as it is related to something really huge."

Jiang Chen took a step forward and slapped Yang Yong's skull with a powerful strike.His skull exploded, sending blood and pieces of his brain all over the place.

After the three men had discussed what to do, the two elders from the Jiede clan quickly left the area. They had to make sure this information would get back to the clan quickly. After they left, the third elder took the three crippled brothers and the two corpses before leaving as well.

"Puppy dog, you're so cute when you're angry!"

A lustful smile appeared on Fan Kun's face.

The eastern stronghold had been attacked by the Blue Wind Kingdom. Chasing after the stragglers of the Gesun Kingdom, the Blue Wind Kingdom had encroached deeply within the Gesun Kingdom's territory.

The events that had transpired for the past few days had been known to everyone in Wake City. The Tianxiong clan had been the main ruling power for over 10 years, so Tianxiong Lie's reputation could even be said to be very clear. The permanent residential mercenaries and merchants all knew who Tianxiong Lie was and how strong he was.

They didn't know what level of strength Jian Chen was now, but if Jian Chen was capable of being able to give out a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, then his strength definitely couldn't be belittled. Seated at such a high level of power, a small city ruler like Yun Li was in a completely different field of influence than Jian Chen.


"Little bastard, come here!"

"Then will he be able to? If he does make that breakthrough, then we'll££"

"Monk, this Devil King is really amazing, it has formed its own Natal Devil Weapon. Looks like the real fight is beginning now."

Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were startled at the same time. Using a formation to seal the dimensional crack, they had never heard of this method before. But, would it really work?

Shangguan Sheng turned to Daoist Black and asked.

Jiang Chen was his only hope.The once useless fool had turned into an intelligent person, and that made him was happier than anyone.If Jiang Chen said he would do it, then he will do it, there was no one who could stop him.

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