The Cultivation System Chapter 2974

The Cultivation System Chapter 2974

"Reporting to the fourth young master, the third young master is here." The female servant looked at Jian Chen in admiration and bowed slightly.

The other man scolded. Recalling what they had experienced these days, he couldn't contain his pent up anger.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. To him, the Mid Divine Core demon souls would provide great help. The combination of two demon souls could at least form 150 new Dragon Marks, and that combined with the existing 450 Dragon Marks, he would have a total of 600 Dragon Marks.

"Are you the one who saved me?" He asked Jian Chen weakly.

On the second morning, the three leaders of the Carnage Mercenaries met up with Jian Chen at the inn they were staying as they had agreed upon the day before. And so they begun to discuss once more about business.

This city was considered famous in the Southern Continent, but compared to Nangong City, it was still far behind.

Furthermore, when it came to the disciples of the sect, Jian Chen could see that they were all pure in the sense of not wishing for anything. Each one of them had an air of a person who had rejected the secular world.

"Kaka, I told you this guy was going to make it!"

These teenage girls were in a mind-absented state; therefore, they could only remain silent. However, once they awakened and saw what was happening in front of them, they immediately hugged each other and trembled in fear.

With the danger within his body gone, Jian Chen didn't hesitate any longer and flew toward the commander. His Light Wind Sword became a silver glow of light as it flashed forward.

"What! You were stopped by the barrier, is that true?" The twenty-second elder gasped out in disbelief.

As soon as he finished speaking, the space in front of him suddenly froze. It tightly binded the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters, including the bandit boss and Li Gui, completely immobilizing them.

Jiang Chen said.

"Ding ding ding ding££"

"Your Majesty, what should we do now? Should we surrender, or should we fight? If it comes to fighting, we lack the same amount of Heaven Saint Masters. We simply cannot go against them, furthermore, the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom are far too strong. Just the six of them were able to utterly defeat ten Heaven Saint Masters from our own kingdom to the point of nearly losing their lives. Furthermore, that Changyang Xiangtian is involved in this group now. Despite his age, he possesses an absolutely mysterious power that is the bane of even Heaven Saint Masters. While we were still in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, he managed to defeat me in less than five moves." Georgien spoke anxiously. The very thought of Changyang Xiangtian made his face reveal a cowed expression. The azure and violet Sword Spirits controlled a terrifying power that could make even a Heaven Saint Master feel dread in their minds.

Hearing this, both elders had a happy smile on their faces, "Jian Chen, my friend, we must return home now, so we bid you goodbye. We will definitely make sure to report this to our patriarch and avoid having elder Yan Lie make matters worse."

Wang Yun shouted out in shock. Fan Kun's attack was too powerful. If it was some ordinary Mid Heavenly Core warrior, combined with the Jail of One and a palm attack, he would be dead by now.

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