My MCV and The Apoclypse Chapter 951

My MCV and The Apoclypse Chapter 951

"Hmph! I handed the Martial Saint Dynasty to you, but what have you done? You're a First Grade Combat King warrior, but you still can't protect your own brothers?"

"His Majesty the king has arrived!"

"Hehe, don't be afraid, I won't ask you to marry me right now."

The Black Sect!

"Who are you and for what reason are you causing trouble at my Hua Yun Sect." Cheng Fei spoke, his eyes gleaming dangerously.

Jian Chen took the wooden axe in front of him and started to inspect it. The axe was very crudely made, only the shape of the axe was there, while the blade of it was almost non existent. Even if he were to try to chop at a person, it would not cause significant harm. At the very most, the axe would only leave behind a sore bruise.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, hurry up and apologize to my lord. Otherwise, don't think you can stay at Kargath Academy for much long." Chen Feng did not miss the chance to suck up to Luo Jian, and yelled back at Jian Chen in an indignant tone.

"On what grounds can they disagree with his condition? Jiang Chen has four bronze plates with him, almost half of all the required bronze plates; that gives him the right to name his condition! Haha, daddy now has a chance to walk in front of a prince, this really excites me!"

Although Lin Anying was quite fast, but in Jiang Chen's eyes, it was like he was moving in slow motion. Jiang Chen casually struck back. Nobody could see how he did it, but the longsword in Lin Anying's hand had mysteriously fallen into his hand. Without looking at Lin Anying, Jiang Chen swung the longsword and sliced off his head, causing blood to spout from his neck like a fountain. It was a truly magnificent scene!

"What? Xiang'er and Ke Er fought, and Xiang'er was the victor?" With each passing second, Changyang Ba's eyes widened more and more.

"Jian Chen, enter!" An elderly voice called out from within.

Ziying piped up next, "Yes, master, there is no need for you to look for the other two volumes at the moment. One is enough for now. Wait until you have more strength, then the other two volumes will be attainable. Furthermore, Chaotic Force is far too tyrannic; master, if you wish to cultivate Chaotic Force in the future, then you must have a Chaotic Body refined as well. Only a Chaotic Body will be able to withstand the Chaotic Force. Otherwise, if master were to try and use the Chaotic Force, it would cause a tremendous amount of damage."

Seeing the avaricious glint in everyone's eyes, Jian Chen gave a disdainful sneer as he wrapped his hands in front of his chest. "My battle skill is a High Earth Tier Battle Skill."

"Elder Gao!" The elder patriarch cried out in grief and anger.

Jiang Chen shouted at those disciples who were carrying long pikes in their hands. Then, these men immediately felt a rise in their spirits. They raised the pikes in their hands high up into the air, then they began beating Guo Lei and his gang. To them, this was the first time they had ever participated in such an exciting incident.

A huge stone tablet stood thirty meters tall halfway up the hill, and one word was forcefully written on it, £¦Greenlotus'. The name of this hill was Greenlotus Mountain. Anyone in the Western Region who knew of Ancestor Greenlotus would know why this hill was given this name.

Xiao Tian's Heaven Tier Battle Skill was of no low rank, and combined with his Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master strength, the total power was at a terrifyingly high volume. The berserk energy could be seen exceeding several kilometers as hundreds of soldiers from the Blue Wind Kingdom were destroyed by the energy without any chance of survival.

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