A Webnovel Poem Anthology Chapter 1969

A Webnovel Poem Anthology Chapter 1969

Shan Ying cried out in shock. Only now did he discover that there was indeed a layer of faded light hovering above the Dancing Sun City's sky. Noticing this situation, Shan Ying's spirit immediately sunk to the bottom of his heart. It looked like everything was going according to the Demon King Palace's plan. Their primary target was Wu Ningzhu, and with the complete isolation of the city, there was no way they could inform anyone about what was going on here, and all humans in this place would be completely massacred by the Demon King Palace.

Just barely after Jian Chen had stepped out from the passageway, he gave a small chuckle, "Will wonders never cease? The auction has only just finished, yet there is already another spectacle to watch. What an exciting day this has been."

But Jian Chen was powerless to respond. Laying back on the bed, he thought about the pain he had just experienced with some terror. This pain was something that he couldn't possibly endure again.

"Your Majesty! This servant's only mission in life is to protect your wellbeing! We three do not fear death!" The three soldiers immediately protested, kneeling in front of him and Jian Chen without concern for their life.

"Hahahaha££££ funny, funny, this is so funny££££ cough cough."

After that, an explosive sound could be heard. Everyone could see the roof of a house within the mansion grounds exploding, an invisible pressure saturating the atmosphere.

Xiao Wei said with a smile on her face.

"Look, it's senior disciple Song Liangdong, a powerful Late Combat Soul warrior, and superior genius of the inner circle! The other three are also Mid Combat Soul warriors! That Zhang Yang is finished this time!"

"I hope so."

The Silver Striped Golden Snake's most precious parts were its blood and gall. Its other internal organs and its flesh were also worth considerable amounts, but they weren't very useful in Jian Chen's eyes. Afterwards, Jian Chen stored the snake's carcass back into the Space Ring, intending to proceed with the next steps later.


"Haha, so what if I am insulting you? I, Jiang Chen will do whatever I want to do! All of you formed an alliance and intruded my stronghold, determined to kill me! And yet, you won't allow daddy to insult you all? Let me tell you this, if you guys can't accept this, don't ever think about leaving this place alive. As long as I am happy, I won't even frown if I slaughter all living beings in Inferno Hell, let alone you few hundred people.

"Such a tremendous pressure! What's going to happen? Is this heavens' anger?"

The palm hit Guo Shan's chest and almost shattered every single internal organ in Guo Shan's body. As he was putting all his focus on keeping the formation running, Guo Shan had never thought that someone would suddenly attack him; this caused him to face the attack without any defense up. A mouthful of blood burst out from Guo Shan's mouth, then he immediately fell down from the skies.

On the other side, Big Yellow was walking around with pride and whistling towards those who had placed their bets. All of them had darkened faces now, wishing they could hang Big Yellow and skin him.

Lord dog? Zhang Zhen was startled by Big Yellow's words. Although he was grateful towards Big Yellow, asking him to address a dog as lord, that was really tough for him.

Jian Chen stared silently in the direction where the four red-clothed men had disappeared for a long time. His eyes constantly flickered, displaying uncertainty.

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