Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 2601

Top Furious Doctor Soldier Chapter 2601

Five beams of blood-colored light shot up, staining the entire sky the color of blood, and creating an enormous vortex. The cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect were shaken, and could feel their blood qi seething as they unleashed the power of their cultivation bases.

These were all effects that the acupoints themselves were capable of supplementing, which was also a surprise to Qing Shui afterwards. It wasn't that he didn't expect it, he simply had never thought of it until he received the tremendous benefits from clearing the acupuncture points for the first time.?

With that, Bai Xiaochun passed him and sped up the staircase.


At night, Qing Shui went to Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to gaze at the pond. He observed that the number of black fish increased a lot, and continued to increase. The biggest one was just a little longer than a foot, and probably would not change much in size, but they seemed to be getting more vigorous and nimble.

Only when the sky turned dark did Qing Shui stop. He smiled. Huoyun Liu-Li's life was now safe, but it was hard to tell if she would be able to wake up.

"Elder brother, why are you still talking to him? Kill him!"

In fact, when Qing Shui forced those words out, he felt a sense of despair in his heart. Qing Shui felt extremely disgusted with his own state of heart.

Instead of trying to sell the pills to one particular shop or another, he went to one of the busiest public squares in the east district of the city, and after spending a bit of time, found a suitable location to set up a vendor's stand. After placing three pill bottles onto the stand, each of which containing a single pill, he sent some power from his cultivation base into a jade slip, causing it to send bright, multicolored light shining up into the air above him. Immediately, four brightly-glowing characters could be seen....

In just a moment, Qing Shui felt a stream of cooling energy rising, dispersing throughout his entire body. It was an amazing feeling as if ten thousand of ants were crawling all over him, but it was bearable.

But then the teleportation began, and as for whether or not he made out it alive, nobody knew.

"Little girl, ok, uncle has things to do. Leave and go play now." Qing Shui extended his arm to rub her head and said with as much "benevolence" as he could muster.

"Miss Ye, I have already said that I am going to participate alone. Thank you for your kindness though." Qing Shui said with a smile. He really never considered letting someone else to take the stage.

Master Cloud Lightning's relentless pursuit had pushed Bai Xiaochun into a state of madness, and he was just preparing to go all out by using his Godkiller technique.

The street had the greatest number fabric stores. clothes stores and such ?related businesses in the whole of Yan City.

"You coarse old fellow. Stop with your words if you have the guts to come and fight me." Tu Renxiong angrily shouted at Hai Tian.

Within this 15 minutes, it became incredibly silent!

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