ultimate technology system Chapter 108

ultimate technology system Chapter 108

"Nan Bei Chao, don't think that you are above law and order!"

"Brother Yilong, this looks like an ordinary broken bronze plate, I don't think it's a big deal."

Many people became speechless. This dog was just an amazing creature. His ability to draw out hatred was superb! Just a sentence from him could piss someone off.

Jiang Chen didn't have any mercy. He impaled Liang Dong's neck with the sword. The pitiful cries were silenced immediately. Jiang Chen had already decided that he would kill him from the moment he met him, destroying his eyes before killing him as punishment for looking at Yan Chen Yu profanely.

Ye Ming and the king both looked at each other for a moment before the king spoke, "Alright, since that is what my son-in-law wishes for, then this king dares not disagree."

But both Nangong Wentian and Nangong Yunfan knew that when cultivating the Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill, Nangong Wentian's future achievements would be extremely amazing. It was a skill that could make him super strong in an advanced stage, and judging from the current situation, Nangong Yunfan could only hope that Nangong Wentian could break through during these couple of days.

Even the men from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were killed, let alone the remaining Combat Soul warriors. When facing Jiang Chen, these mighty warriors simply had no ability to fight back.

"Here's 30 plates, on top of them there is a number from 1 to 15. You will choose one randomly. Participants who gets the same number will be fighting against each other on the stage." Nan Bei Chao explained. This was the same rules as the previous competition, many people were already aware of it.

Just as the Saint Weapons collided with each other, the mercenary's face began to change as his eyes widened in shock. The seemingly slender and thin sword contained such a disproportionate amount of Saint Force, causing his giant sword to tremble and his arms to go numb.

"What's going on? Why is the Heavenhawk Island suddenly shaking so violently?"

"Haha, it seems brother Jian Chen desires this Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Then your elder sister won't embarrass you. This request is rather simple, as long as you give your elder sister a lip to lip kiss, then that will be it. How about it? Is it not simple?" Tianmu Ling's lips were still several centimeters away from Jian Chen's, and each word spoken had made her breath press against Jian Chen for an itchy effect.


The Crown Prince smiled, portraying utmost confidence.


Jian Chen's face had changed slightly as he suddenly went rigid. Immediately looking around himself, he didn't see anyone around him. So he stared in disbelief at the caravan that had just passed by. He had just heard this elder's voice from inside the caravan.

At this moment, the formidable Martial Saint Dynasty group was struck with panic, and every one of them were greatly terrified; their minds in disorder. Not only those Divine Core and Combat Soul warriors, even the eight Late Combat Soul warriors were fleeing in all directions; completely throwing away their previously mighty images.

"Please come here!"

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