Ascension: Rise of Legends Chapter 686

Ascension: Rise of Legends Chapter 686

His killing intent towards Jiang Chen was getting larger. Li Wu Ling felt that Jiang Chen was a frightening man, he was just a 15-16 year old young Mortal Core warrior, but he wasn't even nervous when standing face to face with him. On his face, there was only a calm and confident expression.

In Jiang Chen's eyes, this Martial Saint Dynasty was indeed luxurious, but it seemed to be lacking some strong foundations. All the buildings here were indeed superb, but compared to the real superpowers in the Divine Continent, the difference was very obvious. Their deep and strong foundations were not something the Martial Saint Dynasty could ever compare with. Some sects with ancient inheritance would have Saint Warriors residing there, and just their auras alone were more than enough to make the sect energetic.

Since the cub had no heavenly resources to digest, it did not fall into a deep sleep this night. Instead, it rolled around with a bored expression on the bed. Its sharp claws tore the blankets to shreds in its attempt to alleviate its boredom.

"They are the golden guards of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and every single one of them is elite. They have to go through a life or death assessment before they can be accepted as guards. Many of the Martial Palace's geniuses become golden guards after leaving the Martial Palace."

The guards had not bothered to even stop the youth. They spend entire days looking after men and magical beasts of all shapes and sizes. Thus, they had gained a discerning eye, and from what they could see, this youth was extremely strong; he was at the very least a Heaven Saint Master.

"Fuck, there are so many people here! One Earth Restoration Pill per person, doesn't that mean the Manor Master is going to be come filthy rich?"

Walking into the compound, Jian Chen continued to look around himself. In his heart, he couldn't help but compare it to his Changyang clan. Noticing that the clan guards were quite strict like his clan, it was still quite different from his Changyang clan in general.

Jiang Chen sat opposite of Yan Chen Yu.He placed two finger on Yan Chen Yu' s arm.Her arm was very cold, but the skin was silkily soft and tender.Jiang Chen, however, wouldn' t allow his mind to wander a second time.

Hiding outside the compound, Jiang Zhen Hai was shocked by Jiang Chen's transformation, but what followed his shock was a huge amount of joy.

Facing Wu Yan's attack, Jiang Chen was still sitting in the rattan chair without moving. He stretched his hand forward and unleashed the True Dragon Palm, and in an instant, a gigantic blood red dragon claw appeared and grabbed Wu Yan, then it threw him away.

Ziying's reply caused Jian Chen to relax and immediately revealed a smile on his face. After being thrown side to side for so long, he had finally arrived at his final destination.

Jiang Chen wasn't scared that any powerful warriors would kill him in an instant. Humans were after all greedy by nature. Him continuously leveling up had definitely attracted the attention of many, and he believed that many people would be interested in the £¦legacy' he had found yesterday, and that didn't exclude those 13 Tycoons. At that point of time, as long as they wanted to know about his secret, they would keep him alive, and the Freezing Hell Jail was the perfect place to place him.Chapter 517 - Freezing Hell Jail

Big Yellow barked out loud without any concern for his own image. His meter long tongue again exited his mouth and swept over the table like a tornado.

"Ai!" Yun Li cried out as he closed his eyes sadly.

Jiang Chen was laughing with satisfaction. Both man and dog were rolling around with excitement. On the other side however, the intense atmosphere was still covering the entire Green Sanctuary Sect.

Xuan Ye recalled Jiang Chen's words just now, and immediately asked him with a surprised expression.

Bathing in the glow of the milky white light, Jian Chen's figure became so indistinct within the glow that it was hard to see him. Even the deep cut on his back was quickly healing itself under the energy of the Light Saint Force.

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