Nobody Chapter 1102

Nobody Chapter 1102

"How disgraceful! Who was in charge of scouting for information? How does the Changyang clan have so many experts?" The five men fighting Chang Wuji had instantly taken note of what happened below. Three of them broke away from the fight to fly toward the five newcomers while the remaining two continued to fight Chang Wuji.

"F*ck. How unfortunate. To think that the first youth we see is actually an Earth Saint Master. How the heavens have forsaken us." A man sighed before throwing down his Space Belt at Jian Chen. "The tokens are in there, I'm afraid that you will think we're hiding something, so feel free to look for yourself."

Ordinarily, the pebbles flying straight for the elder would have been so weak that they would have disintegrated into dust. However, because of the azure and violet Sword Qi, the pebbles had been hardened beyond their normal durability. So when they crashed against the elder's sword, several explosions could be heard from the resulting strikes.

Looking at what had happened, Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh. He hadn't taken this matter to heart, but these disciples had become so restless that they had even come here to apologize to him. However, after giving it some thought, Jiang Chen finally understood why they behaved like this. His reputation was there, and he had a predetermined fight with Nan Bei Chao in one year. He was considered the Black Sect's representative. These men had offended him, so they would surely suffer torture from Jiang Chen's future.

However, Heavenly Yuan Pills were extremely precious. Even an ordinary Combat King wouldn't have too many of them. Only those Seventh Grade Combat Kings and above would use Heavenly Yuan Pills as base supply. Although Jiang Chen had robbed many people, he only had a limited amount of Heavenly Restoration Pills right now. That's why he was mostly consuming Earth Yuan Pills.

"I have no idea, I have never seen it before. I did try to search for it, but it was to no avail. But, I'm sure the treasure exists, and my guess is that it requires a great fate to be able to locate and obtain this treasure. My fate isn't great enough, and that's why I couldn't find it. But, if brother Jiang is fortunate enough, you can try to enter the center of Inferno City and give it a try, you might be able to find the treasure. With its restraining ability towards all demons and devils, we'll have a chance to kill the Combat Soul Evil Devils, and even the Earth Devil."

"You even dare to make a fool of yourself with mere Earth Tier Battle Skills!" A sliver of disdain appeared on Jian Chen's face. He slowly unfolded his hands from his chest and called out, "Radiant Saint Sword! Radiant Saint Shield!"

"Barbarian Earth Bull."

A ground-shaking loud explosion swept across and even shook the skies. Then, everyone could see three huge golden fingers suddenly appearing, piercing towards Li Wu Ling's demonic dragon.

Taking back his sword, Jian Chen immediately used the Illusionary Flash and left behind a mirror image for the Ruler Armament to attack while reappearing behind Zhar to stab at him with his azure and violet Sword Qi once more.

Although he was slightly depressed, Jiang Chen was still excited that Big Yellow had broken through to the Heavenly Core realm at this point of time. No one knew better than Jiang Chen about Big Yellow's combat strength. Since those Blood Devils were attacking once again, with the help of Big Yellow, killing all these Blood Devils would just become easier.

Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong with his ice-cold gaze as if he was looking at a dying man. However, no pity was apparent.

"These are symbols of the ancient era, don't tell me this kettle is from the ancient era?"

"Although I didn't kill you that day, I can still kill you today."

"Take good care of yourself, don't worry about here."


"Wakaka, this master dog knew you could do it!"

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