Unbounded Ruler Chapter 1097

Unbounded Ruler Chapter 1097

"Apprentice apothecary, journeyman apothecary, master apothecary...." the young man said with a smile. "Junior Brother Bai, your future progress will all depend on what good fortune you encounter." By the time night fell, the young man had led him to the courtyard dwelling the sect had arranged as his residence.

Song Que was virtually struck mute. He felt like he might fall over from the shock, and even wondered if he was hallucinating....

AST 568 - Obtaining the treasured beast, The beautiful beach of Jade Sea

When they shouted their greeting, their words echoed about as loudly as thunder.

Bai Xiaochun wanted to put on an impressive show, but he also didn't want to commit to anything specific. Although his words were impressive-sounding, he hadn't actually said that he would accept the mission.

Their cry caused the entire city to shake. The spell formation shield distorted, and the Profound Stream Sect cultivators shook violently. Their cultivation bases couldn't take much more. This third attack was even more powerful than the others, and many of the pale-faced cultivators inside the formation were even beginning to wither up.

Upon hearing these words, Qing Shui involuntarily cast a glance at Yiye Jiange. It seems as though this celestial looking beauty was a maniac when it came to cultivation.

This line was very flirty but she felt extremely touched. He had been treating her well for all these years but seeing how more and more ladies were appearing next to him, each of them so outstanding, she suddenly realized one thing: he did not like her.

The patriarchs of the four divisions had long since discussed and come to an agreement regarding how it would be laid out and what it would look like. Not only did their plan fulfil the requirements of each of the four divisions, it put the sect in the perfect position to both defend and attack. After all, this new headquarters would need to stand for thousands upon thousands of years, and would be a source of glory and honor for the entire sect!

Although Qing Shui retreated two more steps, he was pleasantly surprised because he discovered the Taichi Fist was able to demonstrate a formidable power under the influence of the Back Connecting Fist Qi concentrating technique. He figured that it wasn't as simple as retreating two steps back had it not been for the might of his technique. He would definitely be pushed back many times further from the force.

Inside of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui cultivated the Ancient Strengthening Technique and continued his normal routine - refining the soulshake bell, practising his alchemy, smithing, etc. In addition to that, he added the Cloudmist Steps to his daily routine. Now that he had already understood the essence of the Cloudmist Steps, he was like a fish in water when executing it.

A boom rang out, and the man let out a miserable shriek. Blood sprayed everywhere as he was sent spinning backward. There was no tree for him to run into, so he landed about thirty meters away, his internal organs vibrating painfully. He couldn't even get back to his feet; he just lay there, seemingly struggling to hold on to life.

"Thank you!"

"When can I go see it?" he asked.

"Did you know that our Cang Lang Country has a Martial King grade cultivator now?"

She crushed the pill!

This was followed by an intensification of the humming noise. The Spiritual Link Divine Sword vibrated even more intensely, however, the box only vibrated gently yet did not seem to have the slightest movement.

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