The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 1469

The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 1469

"The Sect of Dragon and Tiger is actually willing to make an enemy out of us, for such a small and insignificant prince. It appears that they are so reliant on their backings that they no longer fear the Qinhuang Kingdom. Other than that, the second prince has some sort of particular status that is beyond our estimations of him being a simple prince." Cao Keqin speculated.

The duo leapt forwards and start flying in a straight line away from the abyss. In front of them, there was a grayish desolated area with rocks scarred all over the place. There were also some thick woods, and some strange plants growing within.

Once Elder Wu's body was properly buried, Jian Chen tidied up the battlefield and hide all of the damage that his fight had caused before finally leaving the area.

"Ruthless! Extremely ruthless!"

Using his Spatial Shift skill, Jiang Chen turned into a trail of light and reappeared in front of Lord Zhanlang.

Seeing this, Daoist Black's expression turned cold, then he followed Jiang Chen. Many of the injured elders and Heavenly Core disciples followed Daoist Black.

The amount of chatter at the table was growing as it quickly attracted the attention of the nearby diners. Immediately a few other men walked on over to the table and greeted them respectfully, "Fellow brothers, you've just said that the Heavenly Auction House is auctioning off a Class 5 Magical Beast. Is this piece of information verified?"

Hearing these words, the remaining mercenaries all started a bit before immediately running away from the area in all directions.

More importantly, Xuan Ye punched out with incredible speed, and he arrived in front of the Evil Devil in just the blink of an eye.

Lee Shan Yue's face immediately lost its color.


Changyang Hu stared at the people surrounding him and growled. "I don't know, but even if I did know, I wouldn't tell any of you." Although he had confidence in Jian Chen's strength, every single person here was at the Saint level, and he didn't want his younger brother to fight alone against this group.

"What secret is it? Tell me now. I, Tie Ta, will definitely become as strong as you. Even the head of the Xiao family was bent into submission by you. If I can become just as strong as you, then I could let the village live a generation filled with peace." Tie Ta spoke with excitement.

"When compared to the two of you, I'm still super gentle!"

Fan Kun glared at Han Yan with an arrogant expression. With his grandfather being the acting Sect Chief now, he could go on a rampage in the Black Sect, and nobody could do anything to him.

Great Master Ran Feng said. His eyes were full of approval as he looked at Jiang Chen. In order to save a demon, Jiang Chen didn't give it a second thought, and straightaway gave away his own blood. This showed that Jiang Chen was a man of true nature; a man who cherished his friendship. It was really nice that his disciple was able to befriend a genius like this.

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