An Unexpected Destiny Chapter 2233

An Unexpected Destiny Chapter 2233

"No, no, no. I can't start thinking like that. It wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth it at all! I can't use the deva soul to try to comfort myself." He even smacked himself a few times to try to get some sense into his head.

"If they want to cry, let them cry! What's wrong with crying? I love them whether they cry or not." Zhou Zimo didn't know what to say to that. Having placated her, Bai Xiaochun rushed out excitedly with his children in his arms to find Li Qinghou, the Grand Heavenmaster, and everyone else who was waiting outside of the palace.

"Qing Shui is the best!"

Meanwhile, the disciples who were on the three affected rainbows stared around in shock. Some reacted quickly enough to speed away in the face of the black smoke, but others were inundated.

"She was forced to death by someone else. It was a suicide. Her fiance drove her to it, but they were all dead. Xi Yue's big brother, Xi Ri took care of them all."

"You seemed to be really biased against him?" The three of them continued walking along the street, Qing Shui was just asking out of curiosity.

She had never even heard of anyone who could do such a thing, not even the venerable clan elders.

"Something big like this, an entire cultivator clan rebelling, will definitely provoke a huge reaction from the sect!"

Bai Xiaochun shook his head, then turned to look in the direction of Celestial Aged Spirit's residence. Gradually, the fire in his eyes turned into an extremely grim expression.

"It's a good thing I'm skinny again, otherwise I would be in quite a pickle." As he sighed and settled down under the wok, the spirit automaton stood on the tree, watching. When he saw what was happening, his initial reaction was that of shock, but then he started howling with laughter.

The gleaming pitch-black Frosted Iron Ball exuded an eerie black color as it shot out toward Zuoshi Hu who was standing in the middle. Its speed was quick as lightning.

Lotus Mirror of the Sacred Land!

Bai Xiaochun slept until afternoon. Upon waking up, he decided that he didn't dare perform any more strange pill experiments. Leaving the sect, he went far out into the wilderness, where he found a safe place to release all of the animals from his bag of holding.

In front of them was a golden-colored, metallic demonic boar. Looks wise, it was somewhat similar to the wild boars, but it did not have the tusks, and the ferocious glint of the wild boars in its eyes. It even looked somewhat stupid.

That strong atmosphere caused Qing Shui's expression to change!

Perhaps the mere belief that success was possible would help one to climb the steps of success, and breed that most mysterious power of will.

This was the power that a treasure should have. It was now all good. By the time he arrived at the Eastern Victory Divine Continent, the prowess of the Spirit Gathering Lamp would definitely be very great. More importantly, his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal could be treated as a magic treasure box while others could only hold it in their hands if they were to used it.

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