The Son of Soul Gear Chapter 170

The Son of Soul Gear Chapter 170

This short journey had taken roughly seven days before they arrived back at Lore City within the Gesun Kingdom. These seven days had not been much to Jian Chen, Ming Dong, or the other soldiers, but for Bi Lian and Bi Yuntian who were not used to traveling long distances, their faces had grown sagged and weary halfway through the journey.

Outside the Misty Mountain, there were six men wearing green robes. All of them were Heavenly Core warriors. Two of them were old outer circle Sect Elders, while the other four young men were inner circle disciples.

Daoist Black was startled as well. He didn't have any good feelings about this. The Martial Saint Dynasty was such a powerful existence, and although Jiang Chen was capable of fighting the Imperial Emperor, that didn't mean that the small Black Sect could take on the Martial Saint Dynasty. When faced with such a gigantic mammoth, who would simply jump in and fight it?

"Argh££ you destroyed my Qi Sea! Heavens, arghh££!"

Jiang Chen reminded everyone. Cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill had given him extraordinary senses, he could accurately sense the unusualness of this Island of Ice. But, great danger was always accompanied by great opportunities. In order to obtain an incredible treasure, they would have to be prepared for the danger awaiting.

However, a warm smile immediately emerged on the Crown Prince's face once again, "Since miss Yan doesn't want to go to the Crown Prince Palace, I will get someone to arrange a better place for you to cultivate in the Martial Palace. This place is too simple and crude."

A flash of killing intent went through Luo Jian's eyes as he held his cyan colored sword up. He brandished it in an imposing manner before slashing at Jian Chen. Since Luo Jian was not only a middle ranked Saint, but also had wind attributed Saint Force, his attacks were even faster than before. So much that whenever he swung his blade an after image would appear.

Yin Zhong Cheng started begging.

Looking at the numbers written on the Space Belts, even Jian Chen couldn't help but sigh at the extraordinary amount. The amount here had far exceeded what he had anticipated and had left him tongue-tied.

Even Jian Chen had been forced to fly backward before stabilizing himself. The area around him began to distort from the energy, making it hard for him to differentiate what was happening.

"Chief, senior elder! Young lady and Brother Jiang Chen are back!"

"Stop him!"

Jian Chen's slaughter of the two Heaven Saint Masters had been seen in full detail by each of the soldiers here, scaring them to the point of utter panic. Even as elite trained soldiers, they had long since been intimidated to the point of wanting to run away as far as possible.

"Look, what is that?"

Without hesitation, the mercenary immediately replied, "The Tianxiong Clan used the Mercenary Union to place a ten thousand purple coin bounty on you. At the same time, they publicized some of your traits. That's why we immediately recognized you as the person that the Tianxiong clan had placed a high bounty of based on your fight with the Tortoise Beast."

Han Yan furrowed his brows.

Within the hollowed-out belly of the mountain was the Cave of the Saint Ruler. It was quite dim and the air was damp with only several dozen night pearls serving as faint light sources within the dark area.

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