Living With a Temperamental Adonis 99 Proclamations of Love Chapter 1483

Living With a Temperamental Adonis 99 Proclamations of Love Chapter 1483

However, Qing Chui could not calm his heart down, not because the girl earlier was pretty, but because of what she said, had shaken the beliefs he had about the Feng Clan.

He heard an enraged roar echoing down from the sky.

This giant was none other than the Arch-Ancestor, the source of Bai Xiaochun's bloodline. And as he opened his eyes¡­ he slowly rose to his feet!

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He was scared, terrified of dying, certain that death was right on his heels, on the very brink of swallowing him up.

"Where's Hao'er!?" he blurted. Spinning, and eyes widening, he noticed that Bai Hao was floating down toward the Underworld River, seemingly in a trance!

Instantly, what appeared to be a dozen human-sized mirrors appeared in the area, from within which stepped a dozen shadowy figures. Shockingly, all of those figures looked exactly like Bai Xiaochun!

But doing something like that was incredibly difficult. All necromancers in the Wildlands knew that even earthly necromancers who tried to alter flame conjuring formulas would have to spend a huge amount of time and energy to do so, and even then might not succeed.

Bai Xiaochun realized that Bai Lin was reminding him not to get too greedy. Chuckling, he replied, "Of course...." while simultaneously trying to decide what medicinal plants he would ask for.

Normally, beast carriages would travel from one distance to another in a day's time. If the passenger has to go somewhere far, they would need to go to the nearby skydeck to find a flying mount. Otherwise, they would need to find a beast carriage that would be able to go to further destinations.

Mighty Elephant Stomp (Large Success Stage) would raise one's strength by 50% and the force of the stomp was five times of one's strength. This was only limited to one's base strength and did not include any other fortification.?

"I was afraid that you'd be worried. I am afraid that you'd be sad¡­¡­"

It could also be added to medicine. Another valuable part of it was the lotus seeds; it could cleanse the body, strengthen the bones and muscles, and even extend one's lifespan and cultivation. However, it also took a long time for the lotus seeds to develop, hence it was known by another name, the Ten-thousand-year Golden Lotus.

It was none other than the Blood Stream Sect's arch-patriarch, the most powerful cultivator in the Blood Stream Sect!

"What a load of crap¡­." Bai Xiaochun thought inwardly. Back when the three devas had been chasing him, he had plenty of secret weapons to call upon. He'd known that the Giant Ghost King would recover within days, and had thus been willing to take a big risk. The current situation was nothing like that.

Maybe it had noticed Qing Shui, but it nimbly flipped itself over. While Qing Shui had guessed as much, he was still surprised by the movements of this little thing. Turtles generally would not raise its four feet in the air. When they were on their back, they would be unable to flip themselves over, but this Golden Medicinal Turtle could flip itself back and forth as it pleases.

Chapter 136 Core! Ambiguous Feelings.

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