"Jiang Chen, you££. How despicable you are!"

"The captain only needs to ask for He Yun, and He Yun would come running as swiftly as possible! How could I dare have the captain come see me?" Overwhelmed by Jian Chen's kindness, he hurried to form a reply. Sitting down in the seat opposite of Jian Chen, He Yun grew nervous. He was in the presence of a Saint Ruler, and even if that Saint Ruler was many years his junior, He Yun was still extremely flustered.

The following days had been calm in comparison to the news from above with the tungsten alloy being extracted methodically. Every day, an abundant amount of the ore would be collected, and the key figures in the operation such as Jian Chen had been all the happier to see it.

The youth gave a bitter smile as he laughed, "My lord, it is not that my strength is getting worse, but that your strength is growing faster than mine. I am no longer a suitable opponent for you."

Jiang Chen said.

"Humph! We have so many witnesses here, there is no way you can deny it! If I lost, I would give my head to you without saying anything, but you? Both of you are elders from big superpowers! So disappointing! But, regardless of matters, we had a deal, and you have to accept your loss."

Half a day later, Jian Chen returned to Walaurent City to where the Tianqin clan was. Walking through the clan compound gates, he saw Qin Xiao and Ming Dong rush toward him, both of them had already received prior notice of his return.

Riding on top of the magical beast, Jian Chen traveled slowly through the major streets of the city to buy all sorts of delicacies from the street stalls. These were all gifts for the natives of Longevity Valley--little fatty most especially. He had never once traveled outside the valley and knew nothing about the outside world. This by extension meant that he had never once experienced the delicacies of the continent.

Jian Chen's body disappeared in a blur of white as he instantly dodged to the side to avoid a blow before retaliating with his own sword that flew at the nine instantly.

At this moment, several burly looking men came walking into the inn. With a loud voice, one of them spoke, "Proprietress, it's time. Hurry up and hand over what you owe."

Jian Chen looked at that man and asked, "Now that I am here, what will you do now?"

Shangguan Hui's expression flickered.

Yu Zihan said. When he thought about the battle between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao, even if he was just a bystander, his blood couldn't help but start boiling.

"The second££ the second prince££ he left the palace two days ago. This servant heard from the king that the second prince may have been sent to the Sunset Kingdom." The eunuch trembled with fear as he replied to Jian Chen.

"Actually, it's very simple. After what happened last night, Redsun Town will become the Blood Devils' primary target. I'll just stay here and wait for them to attack, and I'll make sure not one survives. As long as they continue to suffer defeat here, I believe all Blood Devils will gather around Redsun Town. For us, it will be much easier to fight like this, rather than searching for them everywhere."

Jian Chen's excitement began to decrease back to a normal level before smiling, "This was no effort at all, so the captain needs not be so polite. Besides, we are sharing the road; if one of us comes across a problem, then it is natural that I provide assistance."

Even at Ming Dong's words, Dugu Feng didn't blink and looked at Jian Chen, "If you allow me to bring the Ruler Armament back to my clan, then you will be my king, and I will act out your orders no matter what the task is without complaint. If you wish for my Ruler Armament, then I will be dead either way without any form of protection.What is your answer?"


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