Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 918

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 918

The nine asuras were like nine Dharma Idols, surrounding Bai Xiaochun and roaring into the heavens just like he was.

The Celestial had placed Du Lingfei and her group into his bag of holding, keeping them safe.

When he reappearedˇ­ it was to his shock that he found himself standingˇ­ in the main square of the damaged fan!

One move again!

The leader of the group was a middle-aged man who seemed calm and reserved. His eyes were focused on Qing Shui as he replied, "We are from the General Manor. You must be senior Qing. The old ancestor told us to bring a gift as a token of congratulation. Nice to meet you, my name is Ji Sha!"

The senior branch of the Yan Clan quickly convened a family meeting. Only the senior branch members would be in the meeting as the other five branches had nearly been annihilated!?

"No signs at all?" Zhou Hong replied angrily. "Then what's wrong with it? Don't tell me the two of you really are responsible!?!?" He wasn't being polite at all. Normally speaking if he had spoken like this, Sima Tao would have been very displeased, and would have immediately rebuked him. After all, he wasn't a mere counselor to the Nine Serenities King, he was a grand elder from the Sima Clan in Nine Serenities City.

The cultivators of the five legions who were camped in World City were there as a backup in case Great Wall City fell. If that happened, they would provide the bulk of the force which would counter attack.

He didn't really understood what happened but he knew that this was surely something good. The more poisonous it was the better, after all, if he used this Coldsteel Needle, it would be utilized as a sneak attack, the moment he used it, the opponent had to die.

Seeing that the crowd had calmed down left Bai Xiaochun feeling quite relieved. He had worried that things had gone overboard, and that it would result in misfortune. But now, he was the one the crowd expected to render judgement, something he found to be outrageously ironic.

What he was really thinking was that the best way for he and Gu Tianjun to pass the eighteenth level was either to have someone willingly sacrifice themselves, or somehow distract the sand giants. With the extra time that would give them, Gu Tianjun's astounding sword qi, combined with Sima Yunhua's long-range magical techniques, might be enough to succeed.

A boom rang out as blood sprayed from the man's mouth. His Nascent Soul had almost been crushed, and immediately tumbled out from inside of him. At the same time, his five yin organs and six yang organs were shattered, and he lapsed into unconsciousness.

Apparently, the huge toad had detected what was going on, and was doing everything it could to crush the immortal's cave into dust!

"Why are you crying." Qing Shui hesitated for a while before helping her wipe her tears, yet the more he wiped, the more tears came dripping down.

Although the vortex seemed unwilling, it began to fade away. The black-armored warrior's eyes began to turn dark, and with a sigh, it collapsed into pieces!

The fire lasted for about ten breaths of time, after which the stone golem appeared, striding forward. Rock and stone began to crumble off of it until Bai Xiaochun was revealed, injured, but already recovering thanks to his Undying Codex. It took only moments for all of his flesh and blood to be back to normal.

Qing Shui also did not think that the Small Revitalizing Pellet was considered a medicinal pill of King Grade, First level. What about the Great Revitalizing Pellet or the other Pellets that have even higher requirements?

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