The Arrival Chapter 1747

The Arrival Chapter 1747

There were a few fortunate old man with strong abilities who evaded. That tall and sturdy middle-aged man managed to move out of the way as well. However, they all turned pale, and one of the old men was even vomiting out blood. Although he evaded the attack, the shockwaves still injured him.

After all, he was a Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment cultivator, someone highly valued by the sect.


Bai Xiaochun had other questions he wanted to ask, but before he could, his expression flickered, and he looked up to see a red beam of light flying in his direction.

In the first volume of the Undying Codex, one cultivated the power of the skin, which was called the Undying Skin. The second volume focused on fleshly body power, and was called the Undying Heavenly King!

"The little lass which brought humiliation to Lan Yan`er is currently in Hundred Miles City. Not only that, her brother Qing Hu, the one who wanted to woo Miss Lan is also there. They are both currently in the city now."

He could sense that his ninth Tideflow had ended, and that a ninth spiritual sea existed in his dantian region.

With Qing Shui's strength at the moment, he already couldn't do anything about the blood that rushed into her head, let alone the memories she lost.?

"Xinghai countries is not among those weak countries, thus the Xianhai country is a very strong country."

The members of the Di Clan inside this living room were all of Di Xuan's bloodline. Di Xuan was considered to had the least thriving household among the six brothers, but his household was the most outstanding in the Di Clan.

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It was a pressure that filled him with intense desire, something that seemed connected to his nine spiritual seas.

Outside of the ancestral land, the souls of the clan chief and Madam Cai were shaking just as hard, and it was with complete despair that they watched Bai Xiaochun speeding toward Bai Qi.

"It seems that Demon Gate has the intention of coming after you. Rumor has it that you've killed quite a number of people from Marionette Sect and considering that Marionette Sect is a subsidiary of Demon Gate, killing people from Marionette Sect is the equivalent as having slapped Demon Gate in the face. This is why they're bent on looking for you," seeing that Qing Shui was very calm, he finished his words quickly.

With that, he began to pull the paper talismans off and put them back into his bag of holding. Most of them had only burned through half of their charge, and thus, could still be used later.

After all, what Bai Xiaochun had done really did violate the rules of the contest!


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