Alarm Clock and Mirror Chapter 2727

Alarm Clock and Mirror Chapter 2727

"What a perfect plot! That Jiang Chen has the Ninth Emperor's protection, so there is no way we can touch him, but if we drag the Imperial Prince and the Imperial Emperor into this, it will be a completely different story!"

Qian Yun could only let out a howl of pain before dropping down from the skies.

This step alone blocked millions of Great Saint Masters, to the point where many of them that weren't willing to take the risk would eternally be stuck at their current realm until they died.

"Shh! Speak quietly, what if she hears you! If she gets angry then it'll be all over for us once she starts shooting££"

But, since this Wu Cong continuously pushed him, and didn't know when to back off, Jiang Chen wouldn't show any mercy when attacking.

"In fact, we don't have to worry about this, because someone will deal with the Old Great Emperor."

The men from the Yan family looked at Jiang Chen with mixed emotions. Joy, gratefulness, admiration, fright, respect££ They had witnessed the frightening side of this young man; he was just like a little demon lord. If he became their enemy, their deaths would be awful.

At the same time, every single one of the mercenaries had already pulled out their Saint Weapons as they snarled in anger. The mercenaries in the back began to run forward in hopes of trapping Jian Chen within a circle.

Not too experienced with such a mysterious sensation, Jian Chen loosened his hold on the Light Wind Sword. The sword that was completely enveloped with Sword Qi didn't drop to the ground, but instead hung queerly in midair. It slowly ascended, finally stopping around Jian Chen's nose level a meter away from him. The tip of the sword directly pointed at the Silver Striped Golden Snake.

Jiang Chen smiled.

"What are you talking about?"

The two had been Earth Saint Masters, but they were easily killed as well. At the same time, this had also shut down any notions that anyone had about following Jian Chen in.

Jian Chen locked onto the peak where the fireball was shot from and immediately headed over there. In a flash, Jian Chen had reached the area and began to climb the peak to the top.

Another Sect Elder said.

"Little brother, could you cheer me on?" Tianmu Ling laughed into Jian Chen's ears before walking into the Space Gate. Afterward, another middle aged man walked into the other Space Gate.

Jian Chen tightly clenched his fists and a great killing intent erupted from his body. It seemed to cause the surrounding space to become sticky.

As the men walked past the Space Gate, each one of them looked around the place with a curious glance. They were all curious of what type of place the Imperial Protector came from.

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