In Another World I Become A High Human! Chapter 698

In Another World I Become A High Human! Chapter 698

"It was mentioned by the emperors, so I'm sure it really happened! I never expected that weak and gentle looking Yan Chenyu to actually be such a fierce girl!"

"Then thank you senior for your assistance. With this, the ones helping the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will think twice now. Presumably, the Hongfu clan will find their bonds with the Yan family broken, leaving the Sect of Dragon and Tiger alone with the Honfu clan. That should be a small enough power for us to deal with." Huang Tianba spoke.Chapter 659: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (One)

"Please forgive us, captain Jian Chen££"

"My name is Huo Wei. I'm sorry for offending young master Jiang. I hope that young master Jiang doesn't take it to heart."

"Chang Bai, what you're saying is that Xiang'er is not only able to use Saint Force, but that he is actually a genius at it as well." Changyang Ba's voice began to tremble with emotion. For a 7 year old to reach the fourth layer of Saint Force, this could only be accomplished by geniuses of the Tian Yuan continent. On average, by the time someone reached the fourth layer of Saint Force, they would be ** years old.

Jiang Chen then withdrew all of his Qi, Soul Power, and fire, only leaving the freshly formed pill that laid in his palm.

Jiang Chen's words almost made both men trip on their own feet. This was ridiculous, what was the difference between destroying their own Divine Cores and committing suicide? After their Divine Cores were destroyed, they would become cripples! A cripple without any cultivation base would die within an hour in this Inferno Hell.

A short fat man said in an eerie manner.

Daring not to be negligent, Chang Wuji addressed each one of them with several words of greeting. Then, Chang Wuji began to invite every single one of them into a nearby inn with excitement.

The Firethorn Savage kept roaring. His body seemed impervious to sword and spear. He unleashed a layer of golden light which covered his body, then he rammed towards Qing Styx.

Jian Chen continued to mutter happily to himself in his room before calming down after some time. Patting down his clothes, he stood up to walk out of the room.

Xiao Wei replied with a smile. After that, she turned around and began walking toward the inner area of the manor.

Qin Ji was stunned. Looking at Jian Chen with suspicion, he spoke, "Jian Chen, just how many Class 5 Monster Cores do you have you little devil?"

"This is ridiculous! I will never wear mourning clothes for them!"

Old man Mateng's expression became extremely serious, no longer as calm as before. He exclaimed, "This old woman is just too strong, even if we work together, we're not her opponent. Retreat!" Old man Mateng could not wipe away the blood from his mouth in time and immediately backed off.

"Woah, Jian Chen, you've so many Space Belts! There's even blood on some of them, did you steal those?" Senior An looked at Jian Chen with a look of shock and his mouth wide open.

Hearing all of this, an angry expression emerged on Jiang Chen's face. He asked, "Who is Guo Lei?"

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