A trial at writing Chapter 1387

A trial at writing Chapter 1387

Jiang Chen bowed deeply toward Jiang Zhenhai, "Dad, take care."

The soldiers that had evacuated from the western stronghold were now holed up in a First Class City and relied upon the superior walls it boasted in order to defend themselves from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom.

"Yes sir."

The two guards looked at each other with some hesitation before they relented. Although they both could see that the Purple Card in Ming Dong's hands wasn't his, but the rules of the building only stipulated that one must be in possession of a Purple Card in order to be allowed entry. It had never said that a Purple Card must belong to the person, so Ming Dong hadn't broken any rules at all.

As Jian Chen continued walking, a sound suddenly rang out from behind accompanied by the sounds of heavy footsteps.

As if shocked at the sudden shout, he reflexively brought out his Saint Weapon in preparation to fight. But as soon as he heard the familiar sound, a smile lit up his face as he absorbed his weapon, "Jian Chen, so it's you! This is great, with us two combined, we'll definitely be able to forge ahead."

Xuan Ye agreed without hesitation.

The three Blood Devils wore cruel smiles on their faces. Their blood red eyes were glowing with a strange aura. They slowly moved towards their preys, and while doing that, they were licking their pair of fangs, trying to make their preys more frightened. When they saw their prey become even more scared, the cruel smiles on their faces became even thicker. It looked like they weren't in a hurry to kill their prey, and they wanted to make their preys feel extreme horror before drinking their blood, because that would make their blood even tastier.

A vat of scalding hot oil was suddenly poured down from the walls and splashed down onto the magical beasts below. Immediately, the fur of those who got splashed by the oil caught fire before turning the magical beast into a moving bonfire.

"That's enough, this incident is not entirely your fault, the main culprit is that young man."

"Everyone in this place will be killed today. Since you've harmed my friend, you will have to bear the consequences.

Jian Chen was angry as well. Although he was extremely afraid of the strength of a Saint Ruler, he was not such a man that would bow and scrape his head when bullied. Using the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits, he began to stab at the barrier without any hesitation.

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with what Tyrant said. With their current overall strength, if a Devil Emperor was attracted to them, they would be killed without question, and running away would be impossible.

Han Yan rolled his eyes. He felt as if the world he knew had just been turned upside down.

When the two guards heard what the second lady was saying, their faces grew startled. Turning to look at Jian Chen in a whole new light, they began to feel the utmost regret in their hearts.

Jian Chen swept his eyes over each individual Zhou Mercenary. With his power, he could already determine how strong each mercenary roughly was. In his eyes, aside from the two Saint Masters, everyone else was a Great Saint. Those two Saint Masters, however, were still higher than Captain Kendall, and was probably at least Middle Saint Master level.

"Out of the way, get out of the way you annoying££" Suddenly, a voice that Jian Chen was all too familiar with could be heard. Jian Chen turned his head to look only to see Qin Xiao pushing through several people in a hurry through the dust.

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