How I got possessed by a barrel of porn Chapter 1039

How I got possessed by a barrel of porn Chapter 1039

Seeing Jian Chen take the initiative to charge, Shi Xiangran revealed a happy smile on his face. With the defensive power of his barrier that even a Ruler Armament couldn't break, meant that Jian Chen wouldn't be able to either. Jian Chen's attack wasn't something that Shi Xiangran even cared about, so the pieces of paper within Jian Chen's hand were something that he felt were as good as his. Grabbing onto the Seal of Treasure Mountain tightly, Shi Xiangran waited until he grew closer and immediately treated it like a stone as he used it to smash into Jian Chen's head.

The elder nodded his head with a faint smile and excitement. "The heavens have not forgotten about me. I never would have guessed that at the final moment, I would suddenly grasp the concepts of the mysteries of the world and make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master."Chapter 441: The Return of Chang Bai

"**!" The yellow clothed girl suddenly spat something out in anger.

Old Man Ling Shan said with a laugh. "But, the reappearance of the Island of Ice will definitely give rise to a great commotion in the entire Eastern Continent. I believe, not long after this, many superpowers from the Eastern Continent will send their men here, including the Martial Saint Dynasty and Martial Palace."

While the Origin Energy formed sword had missed Qian Yun's head and allowed him to escape with his life intact, his entire left arm had been severed by the blade. Spitting out blood, Qian Yun began to drop to the ground looking extremely frail.

"Master Blissful, what Old Man Ling Shan said is correct. This is what we've found out."

The man's words caused every single mercenary from the Flame Mercenaries to blanch, but they quickly schooled their emotions.

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. Using the True Dragon Flames, he tore open a path right in the middle of the Black Crows. With a flap of his blood wings, he turned into a trail of light and disappeared from the scene. Big Yellow dared not hesitate, and he quickly followed behind.

While killing some demons, Nangong Yunfan told them.


A few minutes later, Jiang Chen and the Ice Demon King arrived in front of a huge mountain that shot up into the sky. The peak of this mountain looked like a razor sharp longsword, and it was emitting dazzling light. The light was different from the reflection that came from the glaciers, as if there was a sharp longsword lying in front of it.

"Young master Jiang is back!"

On the bed was a completely white, fluffy, small tiger sleeping comfortably. In the past two days, it had managed to consume twenty-something thousand-year-old heavenly resources, and was in the midst of absorbing their energy.

Jiang Chen turned around to Big Yellow and spoke.Chapter 300 ΓΏ Abnormality in the Ocean

After walking around the entire village, Jian Chen finally found an excuse to detach from the fatty and headed for the outskirts of the village by himself.

This was a land of dead, no grass or trees could grow, no animals or birds could stay. The shivering Yin Spirits were the only symbol of this place.

"You guys have obtained quite a lot of herbs, don't be too greedy."

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