Unspoken Commitments Chapter 53

Unspoken Commitments Chapter 53

"Changyang Xiangtian is a genius from the heavens with unlimited potential. His future prospects truly cannot be measured, may be the only source of hope that Gesun Kingdom has ever had in the last few hundred years. For this reason, Changyang Xiangtian must be protected at all costs. Although we cannot guarantee his future achievements will go smoothly,we cannot allow him to get involved in an accident within our Gesun Kingdom." The emperor spoke with a hard face.

The eight crystal beasts had locked down on Jiang Chen and his group. It wasn't hard to hear excitement in their roars just now, it was as if they had just found the most delicious food.

After the youth had left the room, the man let out a breath of air. "A Class 5 Monster Core is certainly too attractive of an object. What a shame that this youth named Jian Chen is too strong and only the sect leader can handle him. Otherwise, my chances of becoming an Earth Saint Master would go up drastically if I obtained that Class 5 Monster Core."

Jian Chen gave a cursory look around as if preparing to say something. He then started off with an introduction of Jiede Tai and the others, but he only gave a brief introduction of their backgrounds. He did not mention how strong they were.

"Jiang Chen! Oh Heavens, he is the man who killed countless geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and even defeated Prince Wu Cong!"

The other two disciples cried out in shock. They stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open, their faces filled with astonishment. To their surprise, the extremely ordinary Zhang Yang had just attacked someone, and with a single slap, he had sent a Mid Divine Core warrior flying. If they hadn't witnessed this themselves, they wouldn't have believed it to be true.

This was really frightening, the improvement of his abilities and strength had come to a state that defied all rules and orders.

Jiang Chen's lips curved with a cruel smile, he didn't even take a look at the dead body lying on the ground. He ignored the thousands of shocked visions as he turned around and jumped down from the fighting stage. To him, killing someone was that simple, let alone someone from the Heavenly Sword Sect. There was no turning his relationship with the Heavenly Sword Sect around, so killing another one of them is really no big deal.

Originally ecstatic with the chance of being able to win, Situ Qing's joy plummeted as soon as he saw these five men appear out of nowhere. Even the three Saint Rulers from the Hongfu clan and Yan family grew stern as well. The arrival of these five changed the battlefield drastically.

Greeting them all with a kind smile, Qin Ji responded amiably without any sense of arrogance.

After a while, Jian Chen left the place. He had already planned to take the two back to Lore City where the Changyang Manor was. With his identity, he had no doubt that no one would dare do anything to them.

Floating in midair, the elder made no move to attack and instead continued to observe Jian Chen. Jian Chen made no move either, he knew that the elder was only testing for his strength and was not actually fighting to kill him in a do or die match.

Jiang Chen was surprised.

When Jian Chen heard her words, his face instantly changed expressions. He desperately wanted this Heaven Tier Battle Skill, and since they were incredibly hard to obtain, just how could he give it away so easily?

Taking an opportunity to retreat, he flew away from the enclosure the Spirit Apes had trapped him in. Then, pushing his empty hands, a dozen of the trees below exploded into wooden shrapnel. Transforming into a flood of wood, they flew into the air and in an instant, they flew toward the Spirit Apes relentlessly.

Jian Chen's face changed the very moment he saw the blurry form of the dragon come out from the sword. When the dragon came into view, Jian Chen had felt a strong sense of pressure, making him feel like he was carrying a thousand pound rock on his back. Just breathing was already a heavy task, let alone dodging.

Jian Chen smiled in return, "No worries. I've only just arrived myself. Little Fatty, congratulations on becoming an Earth Saint Master. You are now one of the stronger people of the continent."

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