Lightning Dragon God Douluo: - A Douluo Dalu Fanfic Chapter 16

Lightning Dragon God Douluo: - A Douluo Dalu Fanfic Chapter 16

Grasping the thin sword that was around the same size as the Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen immediately felt like he had returned to the days of travelling only with a sword. With a sword in hand, there is only me.

Recognizing Jian Chen, Katata smile and cupped his hands in greeting, "Yes, I haven't changed at all, but on the other hand, Jian Chen, you've changed quite a bit. I barely recognized you just now." As he spoke, Katata's eyes swept over the men behind Jian Chen. Although he couldn't tell the actual level of strength of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Senior An, or Yun Zheng, they all looked to be as powerful as himself. When Katata saw those four, his eyes wavered with confusion.

Jiang Chen asked with a smile. He kept looking at the bright dot representing the Divine Continent, unable to move his eyes away from it.

There was a saying that each stage was like a brand new world, therefore, even if it was just a difference of one stage, the difference was huge, and this went especially for those at the Heavenly Core realm. Jiang Chen would need to breakthrough to the Late Mortal Core realm, and only then would he have the strength to defeat a Mid Heavenly Core warrior or demon lord.

Jiang Chen smiled at Wu Jiu. He had told Wu Jiu the correct way to cultivate the Dao of War. As for whether or not Wu Jiu would take his words to heart, that wasn't something he could control.

Ming Dong had no intention of sparing Zhangsun Yunfeng and instantly reappeared right in front of him with his Saint Force exploding out from his body as he lashed out with his sword. At the same time, a powerful sword appeared and pressed against Zhangsun Yunfeng's body, causing him to feel as if he was stuck in a quagmire and could not move.

The great sword was definitely fast as well. As it traveled towards Jian Chen's back, it carried about a strong gust of wind that immediately cut into Jian Chen's waist without obstruction.

"You Yue? Could you be the grand princess to the Gesun Kingdom?" Huang Luan asked her in shock.

Jiang Chen punched out with a massive forced. His fist collided with the shadowy Flood Dragon, causing it to shatter together with a cracking sound. It was instantly destroyed by Jiang Chen.

The history book he read had recorded all the important events for the Saint Origin universe, including brief geographical information as well.That was what Jiang Chen needed right now.

Taking the purple card into her trembling hands, Ochire spoke, "Should my lord ever come to my pavilion for any future thousand year old heavenly resources, this servant here will be sure to give a favorable price."

Ka Di Liang held an expression filled with self-confidence, and he sneered, "Changyang Xiang Tian, you personally declared that you would allow me to attack 10 times. You'd better not go back on your words."

Soon, the restaurant's customers had all left. In such a large restaurant, the only ones remaining were some servants standing there in a daze, at a loss of what to do. The restaurant owner also stood to one side with an expression of concern as he stared unblinkingly at the vacant restaurant. His face revealed the pain that he was unable to voice out; quite a bit of income had disappeared.

The two Sword Spirits gave each other a look before looking at Jian Chen hesitantly. For a quick moment of silence, Ziying finally said, "Master, using a special method, you would be able to continue cultivating with Saint Force, however, the Saint Force of this world is far too weak."

"Take on my Void Executioner one more time!" The grand elder shouted as he used his battle skill once more on Jian Chen.

"Hmph! Jiang Chen, don't be so arrogant, you're nothing more than some rogue cultivator! You dare join the Qi Province competition and fight the four big sects, this is nothing but a foolish decision! Fighting me is the same as courting death!"

"Dimensional crack?"

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