DDDD Chapter 983

DDDD Chapter 983

Suddenly grabbing a thin book, the elder handed it to Jian Chen, "This book has descriptions of both Heaven Tier Battle Skills and Heaven Tier Cultivation Methods. Take a look and then take your pick."

Ziying nodded his head, "Yes, master. This world's Saint Force is far too weak, so I recommend that you do not restart your cultivation." He stopped talking for a moment before continuing to speak before Jian Chen could, "Master, with Qingsuo and I combined together, we could help you cultivate the Chaotic Force."

Great Manager said.

Compared to Guan Yi Yun's anxiety, Jiang Chen on the other side was calm and relaxed. After all, Jiang Chen's experiences were not something Guan Yi Yun could compare with.

Jiang Chen said, "Hide your energy, let's go check it out."

As time went on, Jian Chen had come across a multitude of villages like Huang Village. In these mountains, there were plenty of them.

As they left, the youth came walking out with a platter of roasted beef, "Mother, did they come to collect their fees again?"

"Dad, look at it this way. If you let them go today, then they might return tomorrow and harm you££ I was being merciful when I said I wouldn't kill them."

A Heaven Saint Master was only a tier away from a Saint Ruler in tier, but in terms of power, the difference was akin to the difference between heaven and earth. There was nothing that could make up that deficient, and even Heaven Tier Battle Skills wouldn't be enough to bridge the gap.

"Kaka, good, really good! Boy, you really did not disappoint me, woff-woff££"

Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both looked speechless. They never would have thought that Bai Yushuang thought that way about Jian Chen.

With a leap, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow became the first ones to enter the hole. After that, the rest of the people followed them and jumped into the hole, including Huo Yuner. Huo Yuner wasn't far away from Jiang Chen, but he didn't go up to him to talk. In just seven days after he had fought Jiang Chen, Huo Yuner's wounds had almost fully recovered.

The moment the dozen people appeared, they began to spread out in formation and blocked up the entire width of the alley. Clearly, they didn't want to let Jian Chen leave the alley, but they didn't stop there. As they blocked up the alley, each person began to slowly walk toward Jian Chen while giving him an intense stare, making them look like fiends.

With a serious expression that seemed to grow even more grim each second, Dugu Qiubai growled, "What a fast sword, it is no wonder that no one in the Jianghu is able to break past your sword. But, it is powerless against this old man." Dugu Qiubai paused for a moment before continuing to say, "If we continue on like this, the victor of this match will be hard to determine. We may as well use our strongest strike to find out the victor." With that, Dugu Qiubai suddenly exploded with power that seemed as if it was a single giant sword that pierced into the skies.

Immediately leaping backward, Jian Chen made use of his momentum to run further away. With the blistering heat, every single soldier had drank the venom filled water. It was only a matter of time before it took effect, so he would just have to wait.

"Uncle!" Suddenly, a weak sounding voice called out from behind. The man went rigid before whirling around to look at Jian Chen and called out joyfully, "Kid, you've finally awaken! After falling unconscious again, I was afraid you'd never wake up again."

Jiang Chen didn't want to let this happen, and in order to change this, he would need much more strength. In this cruel world, nothing was more important than powerful strength. Therefore, Jiang Chen was impatient to obtain great strength, he was hungry to improve his cultivation. Only with a mighty cultivation could he change everything.

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