warm wedding Chapter 2635

warm wedding Chapter 2635

Suddenly, Wang Yufeng thought of something and looked to Jian Chen in panic, "Jian Chen, you can't throw me away, okay? I may just be a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master, but my potential isn't weak by any means either. I'm thirty-five years old this year, but I'm still considered a genius of the continent! Becoming a Heaven Saint Master is just a matter of time! Becoming a Saint Ruler wouldn't be out of the question either!"

The golden egg the size of a human's head was revolving in midair in front of Jiang Chen. Countless blood red Dragon Marks dashed out from Jiang Chen's body and covered the entire golden egg. The energy contained within the golden egg started flowing into Jiang Chen's body, and with help from the Dragon Transformation skill, the energies were quickly transformed into the purest energy, then it entered Jiang Chen's Qi Sea and circulated around his Heavenly Core, and started forming into new Dragon Marks.


"It seems that I must find a way to allow the Sword Spirits to heal as fast as I can. If I could only heal them enough, then my azure and violet Sword Qi would surely grow stronger." Jian Chen spoke as he tried to sit up painfully. Right now, the azure and violet Ssword Qi weren't a major problem to any Heaven Saint Master, so he would need to find a way to heal the sword spirit's strengths. This way, not only would the Sword Spirits be stronger, but the amount of assistance he could receive would be higher too.

Just like that, a powerful Class 5 Magical Beast had been killed so easily.

In the blink of an eye, many had passed days since Jian Chen had left the Gesun Kingdom. After traveling for so many days, he had finally arrived back at Walaurent City.

Jian Chen nodded his head and waved his hand, "You can go."

Wu Jiu leapt into the sky and flew toward the Martial Saint Dynasty. Without hesitating, Jiang Chen took a few steps and caught up to him. Both men flew side by side and left Mount Wufu in the blink of an eye.

Rapidly, the captain came running back out from the Qin Heaven Palace and spoke to Qing Shaofan, "Imperial Advisor, please enter!"

"What a complicated and mysterious stone this is to have such an effect. Ai, if I had known about this earlier, I would had bought it first."

"Fine then, that's enough discussion. The Carnage Mercenaries are extremely strange. Nothing more needs to be said about that. We should pay them a visit and see if there's a chance we learn anything about them." Jian Chen spoke.

Jiang Chen reminded. After that, with a sway of his body, he moved further back and folded his arms, portraying the image of a bystander.Chapter 486 - Earth Jail

"Brother Jian Chen, this type of distribution is already unfair to you as it is. You've contributed so much to the magical beast wave efforts. Even if you were to collect half of the total Class 4 Monster Cores, no one would complain because aside from the Class 4 Magical Beasts killed by the Magical Crystal Cannons, the rest of them had been entirely killed by brother Jian Chen. Because of your actions in dealing with them, many of our brothers were saved. And for the Class 5 Monster Cores, this was what the senior envoys had both wanted." Yun Li explained.

However Jian Chen had somehow managed to get behind Caraga while holding his sword in an elegant like position without moving.

"Return my combat weapon!"

Big Yellow just killed a Late Divine Core Evil Devil with a single strike. He was incredibly excited, and he kept laughing out arrogantly toward the sky. As a Divine Beast, his strength and incredible talent was not something those ordinary beasts could compare with. Even though he was only a Mid Divine Core beast, it was a piece of cake for him to kill a Late Divine Core Evil Devil.

From Jiang Chen's back, the scornful remarks were getting more and more intense.

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