Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 2495

Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 2495

Jiang Chen said seriously.

"Looks like if I want to kill this dog, I have to use that trick."

On the other side, Han Yan unleashed his devilish energy, then he waved his hand, causing a Dragon Devil to shoot toward a Late Combat Soul warrior.

After two days worth of traveling, Jian Chen and his group had finally arrived at the Blue Wind Kingdom Kingdom. After entering the interior of the kingdom's territory, Jian Chen didn't stop. They continued on toward Wake City.

"Haha, this is funny, this is the funniest joke I have ever heard! Jiang Chen, I can kill you with a single attack, and, when you are about to die, I'll tell you the truth and let you die in peace!"


All of these men were existences that could cause an entire territory to shake just by stomping their feet.

Someone said while gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Scared of what? Keep beating, beat till they are dead!"

"I still can't figure out what that cunning old fox Mu Rong Zhan is up to, but if there's someone in their young generation who has reached the Qi Hai level££Chen'er, do you think you could win?"

"Tell me, brother."

"Brother Yilong, look, we've bumped into that stone tablet again!"

When the sword stabbed into its heart, the Silver Striped Golden Snake shook heavily a final time before it came to a grinding halt. With a loud desolate hiss that shook the heavens, it fell to the ground lifelessly.

The leader let out a furious shout. In an instant, a bright blade appeared in his hand.

The men from the Lee family drew their weapons and circled the caravan. From the looks of it, it was obvious that they had no intention of allowing anyone to leave with their lives today.

Close behind, the flying Godkiller Ants still pursued.

Jiang Chen had left the Black Sect many days ago, and it was about time for him to meet with this Lord Blood Moon.

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