The man completely focused his attention on the dagger which was completely formed from Radiant Saint Force and sighed softly, "There's still another year and a half till the next time the saint artifact activates. Though, my Radiant Arte is still stuck at the third level. My improvement in these fifty years is quite unsatisfying. I wonder if I still can place in the top ten during the competition in half a year's time."

The four mercenaries weren't weak and were actually far stronger than the mercenaries on patrol. Each one of them summoned their Saint Weapons and smashed against the streaks of light with them. When the two collided, the black lights directly dissipated. The mercenaries' paces didn't falter in the slightest as they continued to charge towards the bandit archers. All four of them knew that if they didn't resolve the issues with the archers, then their mercenary group would continue to take on heavy losses.


Being stared at by Jian Chen, Changyang Ke's emotions immediately became rather awkward and also felt rather nervous. At the current moment, the youth who seemed just as old as him was not just simply his younger brother, but a Saint Ruler who stood on the apex, a person who possessed the power of destruction with the wave of a hand.

"Ahe!" With a roar, Tie Ta jumped forward and used his enormous strength to slash at the butt of the Flaming Cloud Beast with his battleaxe. However he didn't do any better than Jian Chen. Although his battleaxe had cut through the skin of the magical beast, it had done no damage at all.

Yan Hong Tai was a Late Mortal Core warrior. As long as Lee Shan Yue didn't go there himself, Yan Hong Tai would be able to protect the Jiang family's safety by himself. Right now, Lee Shan Yue had his focus Jiang Chen, and knowing that Jiang Chen was in the Misty Rain Tower, he wouldn't be leaving Red city.Chapter 60 ΓΏ The Sudden Disturbance

Tian Yishan strengthened his spirit and dashed forwards. There were seven of them in the group, and all of them were Divine Core warriors. Also, Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun were both super strong men from the younger generation, and it wasn't really difficult for them to deal with ordinary Nine Life Crystal Beasts. All it took was killing them nine times.

Although the soldiers had blocked many strong mercenaries, none were in a hurry. This was because outside of Gesun Kingdom's boundary, the fort had over ten thousand soldiers and didn't lack in experts at all. So if a battle broke out, it would be obvious who would be the loser.

Midnight had come, and the gigantic waves were slowly beginning to settle down. A thick layer of ice was formed on top of the ocean outside the Blissful Island, and the temperature was still dropping. Some warriors with weaker bodies were forced to resist the cold with their Yuan Energy. If they didn't, they would feel the chill go straight into their marrows. The cold ocean breeze blew in their faces, and it was so freezing that it felt like someone was using a knife to cut their faces.

"Enemy attack!"

This was Jiang Chen. After being reincarnated, he still wanted to walk the path of conquering while sitting up high in a leading position, ruling over everyone else. Only the heavens could be compared with him.

When Big Yellow saw the group, he immediately burst into laughter.

Lee Shan Yue let out a cold hump. He sent out a powerful wave of Yuan power from his body, sending Zhou Bei Zhen and the rest flying backwards. The fat and skinny old man were both at a lower skill level. As a result, both of them vomited blood. The difference between then and Lee Shan Yue was too huge.

Big Yellow pointed at one of the nearest men.

The top four geniuses of the Qi Province; Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect was killed by Jiang Chen, Guan Yiyun from the Black Sect had gone to Inferno Hell, Bai Huadie from the Valley of Happiness had broken through to the Divine Core realm. Nanbei Chao was the one with the most amazing progress. With only a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base, he already had the ability to change the entire structure of the Qi Province. Only Nanbei Chao could achieve such mighty progress.

Kris' body began to tremble violently as another two or three spurts of blood came flying out. His face became deathly pale as three new chips appeared on his sword, bringing his body to an even more injured state.

A white-robed man with an unordinary air to him walked out from the crowd with a smile, "Kaizer, this one is rather skeptical and hopes that you will provide an explanation about why you hold such a deep hatred for this person. Even if it is what happened with the auction, your hatred for such a person shouldn't be as deep as this."


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