One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1974

One Piece Battle Royale Chapter 1974

The more Jiang Chen thought about it, the more he felt that the Dragon Transformation skill was an extraordinary skill. This skill was an invincible skill inherited from an ancient era, no ordinary skill can compare with it.

"Hey, stupid dog, I think we got off on a bad start, but I want to borrow something from you."

"Imperial Advisor, the enemy has five people! Although they do not possess a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but their combined might is still no easy force to contend with. The three of us could easily kill them." Dongyi Junbai spoke seriously.

All the people of Lianyun Castle felt as if they were dreaming. A young man had just killed the third master who had been bullying them all this time!

Back when he was leaving the Blue Wind Kingdom, the relations between the Gesun Kingdom and its neighbors had already been extremely tense. Two years had passed and he didn't know what the current state was or if war had already broke out. Unfortunately the place he was in right now was too far away to hear news of the Gesun Kingdom. After all, the Gesun Kingdom was rather small, and the amount of kingdoms within the Tian Yuan Continent numbered over the hundreds. Even if one were to be extinguished, the rest of the continent would still carry on.

The disciple stared at the point between their eyes, and to his surprise, he found out all of them had holes in their foreheads. There was a thread of golden hair hanging outside the hole. His expression immediately changed.

Shangguan Yiqing suddenly shouted out. He had finally locked onto the real Jiang Chen. Without hesitating, he immediately attacked together with Xuan Yuzi.

"Look, that's the Little Devil King from the Black Sect!" someone shouted.

Because of these Dimensional Creatures, the Misty Rain Tower had suffered a devastating disaster, and many of the Yan family member had died.

"Chief, this boy is really mysterious. Even the men from the Heavenly Sword Sect can't kill him££ Do you think Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling were killed by Jiang Chen?"

Black Hawk said, shocked.

Many people gasped after witnessing what just happened. Everyone stared at the worn down kettle in Jiang Chen's hand as if they looking at the most dreadful item underneath the heavens. Two Combat Soul warriors were just burned to ashes by it, it was incredibly terrifying!

A young man burst into laughter, then he flew toward one of the paths, soon disappearing from everyone's eyes. Indeed, nothing bad had happened to him.

Chang Bai instructed the Eagle Beast to fly down towards the courtyards as well, landing them right next to a 100 meter tall tower. He brought Jian Chen directly into the tower. Outside, there were still quite a few flying magical beasts resting there,

These people quietly walked up to the back of the palace without a word or anyone noticing them.

Jian Chen had been courteously invited to sit in the carriage, and death be unto those who would ask Jian Chen to travel on foot. All of the horses that they had, had either been killed or had run away. Aside from the three Class 2 Magical Beasts pulling the carriage, there were no other horse to sit on.

He couldn't let go of the matter like that, Jiang Chen had to know who was the one behind it all.

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