The Wheel of Samsara Chapter 13

The Wheel of Samsara Chapter 13

"We could can only use our minds to deal with this Firethorn Savage, we can't go at it with force. With our current combat strengths, even if we fight it together, we will easily be defeated by it and get ourselves killed. I don't have any good ideas right now, we can only take it one step at a time. Let's get to the Qian Province first."

The army would take a break in an expansive clearing to eat their rations. They occupied over ten kilometers in circumference, and the Gesun Kingdom had even sent a hundred small squadrons to head into the nearest cities within twenty kilometers in order to purchase some food to replenish the energy of the Gesun Kingdom's soldiers.

Yan Yang said with an embarrassed look. A low rank combat weapon was worth too much. Although he still had a low rank combat weapon with him, it was only given to him temporarily by the Yan family. He still had to give it back to the family when he returns. But the blade Jiang Chen gave him was a gift to him. He would be telling lies if he said he didn't like it.

"Can a Crown Prince intrude private property? You're at the Martial Palace now, if you have anything to tell us, tell us now! If not, get the hell outta here!"

Qin Xiao himself restrained himself when he saw this man, but his attitude itself did not. Feeling justified in his actions, he spoke, "Uncle Tian Zhou, just what are you saying? Jian Chen and Ming Dong are my sworn brothers, how could they be considered outsiders? Besides, I heard how this matter was started. Tian Ling was trying to start trouble for no reason and offended my brothers first. This is entirely his fault, just what right does he have to blame someone else?"

"It's just a Divine Core warrior's defense mechanism, it can't stop me. Both of you, stand back."

Jiang Chen helplessly glared at Big Yellow. Asking him to waste all his energy to disguise himself as a dog? Jiang Chen wasn't that crazy.

"Low rank combat weapon."

Today, two white robed elders along with two middle aged men with dark expression walked into the inn where Jian Chen was. Arriving at the third floor where Jian Chen's room was, one of them placed his leg on the door before ruthlessly kicking it open.

With that, Jian Chen and Ming Dong began to look all over the greenlands in hopes to find the feeling that Ming Dong could feel before entering this area.

Wu Ningzhu cried out in shock. She now finally understood. That cold gleam she felt just now was the sword cutting off her veil. It didn't hurt her skin while cutting the veil. One needed to be incredibly skilled with the sword in order to accomplish something like that.

"I didn't think that I would be able to control Light Saint Force like a Radiant Saint Master could!" Jian Chen cheered internally. He was quite ecstatic to discover this, as it was a pleasant surprise to him. Equipped with this special power, his life would gain an additional source of protection. No matter how serious of an injury he would get in the future, he would be able to quickly heal it at any given place or time.

"You scoundrel, to think that you would peek at me taking a bath, I will definitely kill you!"

Jiang Chen responded. He was too impatient to return, as he had waited for this for too long. Now, not only did he possess the Nine Solar Holy Water, he had also obtained the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm, a huge amount of Demon Souls from the Ice Demons, and the Black Ice Talisman. All of this was prepared for Yan Chenyu.

Quickly, Jian Chen made the journey to the First Class City and when he arrived he leaped over the wall to hide among the buildings sheltered behind it.

"I've never seen the Gathering of the Mercenaries myself, but I have heard that it is quite perilous. Rumors have it that the chances of a man surviving is about ten percent. Even an Earth Saint Master is not guaranteed to survive there. Lord Jian Chen must take care of himself." The second sister spoke gently.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, with the Mighty Soul Derivation skill and the Fiery Tiger Fire, he wouldn't even need to use a furnace.The Mighty Soul Derivation skill wouldn't only train one's soul, it was also a method to concoct pills.

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