Master of the Stars Chapter 2058

Master of the Stars Chapter 2058

Yan Chen Yu giggled, then she explained how Big Yellow had used Jiang Chen to make bets with others. Jiang Chen was startled upon hearing the entire story.

"What? All of the dishes?"

But, the middle aged warrior standing next to Jiang Chen was greatly terrified. He tripped on his feet and nearly fell down from the sky! Without hesitating, he immediately turned around and fled far away from Jiang Chen, joining the nearby crowd, sweat pouring down all over his face.

After several years of not seeing each other, the third aunt's face did not change much. However, Changyang Ke's face seemed to have dropped slightly as his eyes looked to Jian Chen. His appearance was quite majestic with his pale skin, and although his age was far enough away from Jian Chen, his own appearance could match him.

"Too fast, this is unbelievable! The Mu Rong family was one of the biggest tycoons in the city, and now they were eliminated in just one night££ Is this for real?"


Only Tian Yishan's mind shook; only he himself knew how big of a shock this was! He could clearly feel that Jiang Chen had become much stronger compared to three days ago when he fought Yang Shuo. After just three days, anyone who faced this peerless monster would feel a massive pressure coming from him.

These two men were strong enough to force an Earth Saint Master like Yun Zheng to flee, but in an instant, they had been killed in a single strike by Jian Chen. That made Yun Zheng open his eyes wide in disbelief and shock at what had just happened. This type of strength, was this really something a twenty-year-old youth should be able to possess?

"Chief, do you remember that in 3 days there will be a grand auction in the Misty Rain Tower?"

The robust man threw the pig away like he was throwing some trash away. Then, he turned to Jiang Chen. It looked like he was going to try and con him for a compensation.

"Oh my, there's a fight happening££"

The crowds were all looking at the casket that shouldn't be there, and suddenly they all became quiet.

Patriarch Jiede was completely convinced that the reason why Jian Chen had escaped punishment had nothing to do with having a relationship with the power holders of Mercenary City. The elder was puzzled by the method Jian Chen used to escape punishment.


"Miss Wu, after traveling so far from the Southern Continent, are you just going to stand there and watch us fight?"

When Jian Chen had finally recollected himself, he could feel the lovely but tightly-clenched arms of Huang Luan still wrapped around his body. His thoughts had instantly descended into chaos ¨• with Huang Luan suddenly hugging him like this, the mentally unprepared Jian Chen was at a loss for what to do or what would happen next.

"The great Nubis, sire, this one will be a comrade in arms in the upcoming times with you. I hope that you and him will be able to get along and avoid any conflict." Jian Chen spoke. He felt rather unhappy at the contemptuous words Nubis said when he spoke to Jiede Tai. Although Jiede Tai was his lackey now, he was still a Saint Ruler that brokered far too much power and dignity to be ridiculed.

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