Trouble with Five Chapter 1765

Trouble with Five Chapter 1765

"Kill him! If you don't, we will!"

Jian Chen noted the change in You Yue's demeanor with some concern. He immediately broke off the conversation, and called for someone to prepare Huang Luan and room. He then dismissed everyone.

At the same time, within the depths of the Black Sect's inner circle area, in Fan Zhong Tang's residence.

Soon after, Jian Chen and Tie Ta didn't see the paralyzed looks of the 5 students on the floor as they walked away.

Newborn calves weren't afraid of tigers; all youngsters liked adventuring! Therefore, this young man became the first one to walk one of the paths. He directly stepped onto the middle path with vigorous steps.

The yellow clothed girl stared furiously at Tianmu Ling as if she wanted nothing more than to cut her up into a thousand pieces. To face off against a person that would speak obscenities at a woman, it really annoyed her.

At the same time, the sword of the wind attribute commander had entered Jian Chen's chest before exiting through his back.

Seeing that the scarred man stood no chance against Jian Chen, the remaining few Saint Master's faces all paled in fright from the domineering power Jian Chen had revealed.

"Ye-yes££ This servant heard this from the king's mouth. It shouldn't££ it shouldn't be wrong." The eunuch explained.

Jiang Chen felt tired at this moment, but it wasn't because of constantly using his Soul Power.With the might of the Soul Derivation Skill, he would never have to worry about running out of Soul Power.

Jiang Chen's heart started pounding, and he suddenly realized he had made a huge mistake. However, he still wanted to try his luck. Thus, he asked, "What££ What kind of consequences?"

"Sigh££ One of the tigers disappeared just like that££ From now on, the Yan family will be the sole ruler of our Red city. They no longer have any opponents."

Death he was not afraid of. It was just that he didn't wish to die like this. Besides, in this world, he still had a mother he loved dearly and his two siblings that cared deeply for him, Changyang Hu and Changyang Mingyue.

Many men began to look frightened as they began to struggle in midair. "I-I gi-give up! I don't wish to participate anymore££" Unfortunately, they were already slowly rising into the air because of the energy that enveloped their body, they could only helplessly rise up into the air toward the hole.

"It's different this time, because the Profound River Palace is involved."

Everybody was gossiping, this was the birth of a miracle and the debut of a dark horse. It was guaranteed to leave a deep mark in the history of the Qi Province competition.

Situ Qing's face grew rigid. "I didn't think that Jian Chen would have such a mountainous support behind him. He has not only the grand elder of Mercenary City as a patron, but an ancient beast of extremely strong strength. Ai, killing him will be even harder now."

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