Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 59

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 59

Seeing how magnanimous and apologetic the headmaster had been and remembering how the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion hadn't done a thing to him in the past, Jian Chen had no reason to be petty to them, "I, Jian Chen, may have a grudge against many, but I am not a narrow-minded man. If the headmaster is sincere in his apologies, then I will not stop you."

Yan Zhan Yun asked.

Jiang Chen adjusted himself to his best cultivation condition. With the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen began absorbing the demon souls. The demon souls and devil souls that were piled up like a small hill within his storage ring started diminishing at an incredible speed.

At this moment, Rosco had realized that Jian Chen was standing in front of them. With a faraway shout, he greeted him, "Hey, youngster! Have your wounds healed properly enough for you to walk?"

Within the Kai family compound, Jian Chen and Ming Dong had already retired to their rooms to rest. They handed over the rest of the matters to Kai Er and the others to deal with.

Hearing this, the four commanders chasing Jian Chen suddenly stopped. Naturally, the moment they saw their men in such a miserable state, a look of shock overcame them.

The Imperial Emperor said.

Big Yellow said.

The disciple bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen. After that, he took out a sharp dagger. Without saying anything, he simply stabbed it into the guy's chest.

"Is that so? Then I'd like to thank brother Qin Ji." Jian Chen looked relieved and exhilarated to hear that he would be able to use the Space Gate to return to the Gesun Kingdom.

When they saw what state the four people were in, every disciple was astonished and their faces filled with disbelief.

With that said, the elder swung his arm, and the heavy body of the man was suddenly flung to the far side as if he was no heavier than a chick. Slamming into a wall, the amount of force put into the throw caused the wall to shake.

Nangong Wentian was surprised. He never expected to meet a family member right after returning to the Southern Continent.

"My lords, please show me proof of studentship here. Otherwise, I cannot let you in, these are the regulations of this academy." The guard could tell from the luxurious clothes and the aura of the two that they were very important people, so he spoke in a more respectful voice.

"Let me follow you!"

Luo Song felt as if his internal organs had nearly shattered to pieces, causing him to repeatedly throw up mouthfuls of blood. His abdomen was painfully vibrating, causing him to feel as if he was dying.

Being blocked by these two men were already within Situ Qing's considerations. His reaction to them were equally swift, and his right hand gave up the Saint Weapon in favor to strike at Jian Chen's chest with his fist.

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