Fall In Love With a Soldier Chapter 1969

Fall In Love With a Soldier Chapter 1969

In that period of time, Bi Dao had thought everything through. He wanted to quickly increase his strength and other than training hard and tempering himself through life-or-death situations, only the baptism of blood could help him. His nephew was the best example. If he remained blindly within the imperial palace, he did not even know how much time it would take for him to become a Heaven Saint Master.

Liu Hong whispered to Qing Styx.

"Where did this young freak come from? How could he be so strong?"

Suddenly, You Yue seemed to remember something. Her expression was full of surprise, and looked at Bi Hai with shock. She asked, "Perhaps this senior is the lost-lost ancestor of the Changyang clan?"

Zhou Bei Zhen's voice was shaking as he spoke;as an alchemist he knew better than anyone else how rare a soul training skill is.The soul and Soul Power were the most important things for an alchemist, and the reason why they can't concoct high level pills was mainly because they don't have enough Soul Power.If they managed to obtain a Soul Training Skill, it would definitely provide great assistance.

Even Xuan Yuzi who stood not far away had suffered a backlash. He was knocked back, and could only regain control over his body after flying about 40 meters back. However, surprisingly, Shangguan Yiqing who was at the center of the formation didn't seem to be affected at all. He still wore a calm expression on his face.

At this moment within the interior of the palace, the king sat by himself with a decadent look on his dragon throne. His eyes were vacant as he stared around the palace without any spirit to them. He had already received a report about the result of the war. Originally, he had thought he could depend on the power of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger to escape without mishap. With the Sect of Dragon and Tiger being one of the strongest sects on the Tian Yuan Continent with a power that wasn't too beneath the Qinhuang Kingdom, he thought that even the Qinhuang Kingdom would fear confrontation with them.


Inside a delicate courtyard within the inner circle area of the Black Sect, a young man dressed in white clothes stood solemnly. This courtyard occupied an entire mountain peak, and it was one of the best locations within the inner circle. Aside from Guan Yi Yun, only a few other disciples could have a place similar to this one.

Looking at Ka Di Yun grab the sword with both hands, Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together in concern. He had read up on Saint Weapons back in the Changyang Mansion. He could easily see that this was Ka Di Yun's Saint Weapon, and that this was also the first Saint Weapon that Jian Chen had ever seen since he first arrived in this new world. He had long since understood that a Saint Weapon was the condensed version of one's Saint Force, but seeing this with his own eyes, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel amazed. To think that the Saint Force could be condensed in such a way, it felt almost like a fantasy. This made Jian Chen feel extremely excited.

"Get lost! Stop trying to play tricks on I, your father! I found this myself!"

Jiang Chen guessed.

"Look, young master Jiang Chen is back! This is great! With young master Jiang Chen's return, everything is possible! He will definitely wipe out all of those bastards!"

Jiang Chen squatted down and sat opposite of Yan Chen Yu.Both their eyes met, and a blush graced Yan Chen Yu's pretty face.

The other man scolded. Recalling what they had experienced these days, he couldn't contain his pent up anger.

As far as Tie Ta was concerned, Jian Chen was not at all surprised that he had made it. However, Jian Chen did not think that Ka Di Liang would unexpectedly make it into the top 4.

Shangguan Yilong waved his hand, signaling his men not to be impulsive. He took a step forward, arriving in front of the trio, and asked, "Where is Jiang Chen?"

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