Red Butterfly - Spirits Chapter 159

Red Butterfly - Spirits Chapter 159

Jian Chen gave a casual smile as he said, "It was nothing major. A mysterious black robed man attacked me last night, but brother Qin Xiao shouldn't concern himself with the matter."

It was already night outside, but the Changyang clan was still lit with fire, and black armored soldiers could be seen patrolling around the clan compound with icy looks. Not only were the regular sentries of the Changyang clan standing guard, but there were also the Black Armors which were in charge of protecting the king.

Just at that moment, a cyan robed elder came walking in with a look of bitter anguish on his face.

Jiang Chen cursed. He then started using the Dimensional Shift at its full power, instantly doubling his speed. It would take him at least two weeks in order to return to the Eastern Continent, provided he wasn't delayed by anything along his journey. A journey like this where he did nothing but fly forward at maximum speed was really boring, so Jiang Chen simply retrieved the third broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Jiang Chen placed the Profound Six Solar Pill into Yan Chenyu's mouth. When the pill entered her body, in an instant, a massive amount of energy emerged from her body. In just a brief moment, a golden colored light barrier appeared outside her body. Yan Chenyu was still sleeping quietly within the barrier. The golden light barrier was like a cocoon that protected Yan Chenyu, waiting for her to break free and be reborn.

£¦Here's my chance!'

The power that came from a Saint Ruler when they used their Saint Weapon was not insignificant. Unwilling to take the sword head-on, Jian Chen decided to evade by dodging to the side.

"Both of you are just at the Mortal Core realm, and you have forced me, the Wolf King to step back££ This is ridiculous! But now you have really pissed me off, I'll let you die in miserable ways!"

"Save your breath, let Jiang Wei from inner circle come here and see me."

Although the Tian Yuan continent had Radiant Saint Masters who could heal a wide variety of injuries, their numbers were incredibly small. Because of this, the status of any single Radiant Saint Master was very high, especially for mercenaries, who would be hard pressed to be able to invite a Radiant Saint Master into their group. Only the biggest and strongest groups could successfully invite one; those who were alone or weren't strong enough would find it impossible to enjoy the benefits a Radiant Saint Master would bring unless they paid extensive amounts of money.

While the Heaven Stolen Fortune was quite terrifying, the amount of energy used was immense. Increasing one's strength would use an equivalent amount of energy. While a person's strength could suddenly skyrocket, the amount of energy lost would skyrocket as well.

"Ahe!" With a roar, Tie Ta jumped forward and used his enormous strength to slash at the butt of the Flaming Cloud Beast with his battleaxe. However he didn't do any better than Jian Chen. Although his battleaxe had cut through the skin of the magical beast, it had done no damage at all.

Big Yellow pointed his nose up towards the sky as he followed Jiang Chen while wiggling his tail.

"Alright, then everybody should rest up for today, tomorrow will be another day to go all out."

"Now we shall begin the auction of the second Class 5 Monster Core. The starting price will be fifty thousand purple coins. Each bid will be a minimum of a thousand purple coins. This will be the very last Class 5 Monster Core, so I implore each and every guest to cherish their time and make their decision ¨• this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to obtain a Class 5 Monster Core with ease." Yulian announced with a loud voice. She was filled with hope for this next auction, and could not wait to see just how much money the second monster core would sell for.

On the front, Daoist Black and Granny Feng were standing side by side. All Divine Core warriors stood behind them. With determination in their eyes, they stared at the massive force standing opposite of them.

"Then this city must be Lore City. The rumors are true then. The Qinhuang Kingdom and the Changyang clan have a connection between the two if the army is stationed here." Yun Lian muttered with admiration. The Qinhuang Kingdom was one of the Eight Great Powers on the continent, and with their support, the name of the Gesun Kingdom had been established as the dominant power over this area with no other equal.

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