Hacked system Chapter 609

Hacked system Chapter 609

Big Yellow was incredibly upset, currently feeling somewhat inferior to Jiang Chen.

"My lord, the one named Jian Chen is truly too much. If we do not do anything about this, then I fear that our Xia clan's might will be impacted by this in the future." A middle aged man spoke out.

A fierce killing intent flowed out from Jian Chen's eyes as his Light Wind Sword explode with Sword Qi. A fierce light shined from the tip of the sword, and if one looked closely enough, there was a hint of azure and violet shining in it.Chapter 246: Class 5 Magical Beast ¨• One Sword To Strike the Head!

"Oh? I thought I had given control of the Martial Saint Dynasty to you. With your ability, could there be something that you can't settle?"

Nanbei Chao said.

There had been three hundred men from the Xia clan. Including the patriarch, everyone was killed without a single one escaping.


[TL: A dog's mouth emits no ivory; no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel.]Chapter 375 ΓΏ Skymend Formation

"Damn it, another selection!"

Shangguan Ying's expression changed, and he couldn't help but tremble. What made him shock wasn't Jiang Chen's words, but the cold sensation coming from his back. Without any hesitation, he instantly turned around, and what he saw was a huge fist coming toward his face.

"Are the Flood Dragon Bandits really powerful?" Jian Chen asked.

The young man was Jian Chen of course. Upon entering the Holy Empire, he did not continue his hurried journey. He decided to first enter the city and learn about the local customs and news. After all, Jian Chen was extremely unfamiliar with the Holy Empire. He needed to grasp some more accurate information step by step.

Big Yellow's head was rocking back and forth, he was showing off his pride in front of these people with his half meter long body. He was incredibly adorable right now. His current greatest weapon was his weak looks; he could pretend to be weak, then later devour his opponent. If anyone really considered Big Yellow as an adorable puppy, a devastating ending would be guaranteed.

"Being able to rule the entire Eastern Continent, the Martial Saint Dynasty has an extremely strong force. Ever since the dynasty was established and until it was inherited by the current Imperial Emperor, three Combat Kings have appeared, including the Imperial Emperor. The Old Emperor and the Old Great Emperor are both Combat King warriors, but they've lived in seclusion for a very long time, and they don't interfere with the Martial Saint Dynasty's matters. The Old Emperor is a First Grade Combat King warrior similar to the Imperial Emperor, but he is slightly stronger than the Imperial Emperor. Since the Imperial Emperor knows that you have the strength to fight a Combat King warrior, he might ask the Old Emperor for help, then we'll have to face two Combat King warriors the upcoming battle."

Jiang Chen explained detailedly.He felt like he had to let this group of idiots know just how serious their mistake was.

"Since no one has any objections, the final decision is made. Brother Jiu, Wu Lang, you two should bring those who originally belonged to the Martial Saint Dynasty over there and reform everything. I hope that the future Martial Dynasty won't follow the same path as the Martial Saint Dynasty."

"I would look forward to that. The destruction of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger isn't very important, but what's truly important is that we would have the good fortune of being able to witness a battle between Saint Rulers. I have lived for many years, but I have never seen a battle between Saint Rulers before." Qin Wujian smiled joyously.

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