DxD System In DxD Chapter 1939

DxD System In DxD Chapter 1939

After cultivating for a while, Qing Shui started refining medicines. After that, he took in one Meridians Clearing Pellet every day to boost his strength. When he was tired, he would lay down on the ground in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to rest.

Qing Shui was actually establishing his dominance with this. It was a message to others that no one was allowed to harm anyone related to him.

Even the blanket on the fiery red bed was fiery red colored, too. Qing Shui didn't particularly hate nor like red. He had only discovered the fact that red could actually look this beautiful too after meeting Shi Qingzhuang.

However, the next thing he did was send his divine sense down toward the village, and he heard the sounds of drums and gongs and rejoicing. He even heard the villagers talking about how glad they were that ¡®the weasel' was gone. An unsightly expression appeared on his face, and he felt a headache coming on. He looked back at the charming and pure Bai Xiaochun, who seemed like he wouldn't hurt a fly, and suddenly realized that this kid was a villain to the core.

"Good good, Hai Clan seems to be resolved in their decision. You've got guts." Even though the elder of the Luo Clan was at his boiling point, he began to laugh.

Qing Clan's three generations of disciples were looking at Qing Shui from aside with hope in their eyes. So Qing Hu, Qing Shan, Qing Shi, Qing Hui, and Qing Zi were all here too¡­..

"Can I go with you?"

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Qing Yi did not stop Qing Shui either. She had allowed him to stay there for a few days before returning. Qing Shui naturally agreed with a smile too.

The entire trial by fire shook violently, including the desert, the swamp, the plain and the jungle!

The Poisonous Killer Sting was a great countering ability due to its potency. However, the attack was still limited by the Bee's ability, even after several breakthroughs. Pitting the Poisonous Killer Sting against a Peak Martial Saint wouldn't be very effective. Qing Shui had originally just wanted to test the effectiveness of and the resistance levels imparted by the Moon Wolf pills, so having the Jade Emperor Queen Bee's abilities be raised was an extra side benefit.

Unfortunately, the battlefield was huge, and he was a great distance from the spell formation shield. There was no way he could make it to the shield in any short period of time, and furthermore, hundreds of savage giants were swarming forth to surround him.

Twenty one...

The lady smiled as she looked at Qing Shui and replied, "It's alright. There's no need to be so courteous. Travelling here together, I can consider you half a friend. Treat this as me helping you this time."

"Humans were really unpredictably weird!"

Chapter 178 Fight! Promoted to Elder! The End of Affinity Between the Master and the Disciple.

The Hai Residence was still the same, with just the addition of a few guards in front of the entrance. Their powers had grown exponentially as well. Qing Shui wasn't in a hurry to go inside, so he decided to roam the neighborhood and have a look around.

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