Reborn in SAO as Kazuto Kirigaya Chapter 704

Reborn in SAO as Kazuto Kirigaya Chapter 704

Qing Shui was surprised to hear this familiar voice!

"The Living Mountain Incantation!!"

Furthermore, on the several hundreds of people that the other party had brought, each of them was equipped with a strange looking sabre with three shallow troughs that were meant for releasing blood. The sabre's blade was slightly thick with a spiral shape on the inner side.

Qing Shui's appearance didn't attract too much attention. Many people just found him unfamiliar but there were too many unfamiliar faces in Skysword Sect. Since there were so many people, it was impossible for an individual to recognize everyone. It was just like how this in Qing Shui's previous world. When people went to school, while they might be able to recognize their classmates, they might not know as many people from the other classes.

Bai Xiaochun really felt that the world had treated him well. Looking back down at Jia Lie amidst the bloodbeasts, he considered throwing an Aphrodisiac Pill down....

Her response caused Bai Xiaochun's expression to flicker, and then darken a bit. As for the Saint-Emperor, he sagged in place, his face ashen. Before, all of his hope had been placed on the Eternal Mother, but now that she was awake, that hope was turning into despair.

Were it not for the fact that this campaign was backed by ten tribes of savages, as well as soul cultivators and necromancers, then the souls would most likely have already dissipated.

"So, the fellow finally speaks some truth!" Actually, the Giant Ghost King hoped that Heavenly Marquis Liu would convince the Saint-Emperor to change his mind. If Bai Xiaochun were able to avoid being confined in Saint-Emperor City, it would be much more beneficial to their cause.

"He's too hardworkingĦ­ He never forgets to cultivate!"

A large green Mountain Piercing Axe hurled towards Qing Shui with a brilliant demolishing force!?

However there weren't any significant increase in strength this time around; only a very miniscule amount which was equivalent to three days worth of intense cultivation.

It was... five hundred years of longevity, something above earthstring energy, and the ultimate peak of all Foundation Establishment!

And everytime Qing Yi saw Qing Shui's beautiful eyes, her memories would dredged up involuntarily, she could not help but become distracted, albeit recovering quickly.

The number of people who supported Di Xuan were lesser when compared to the number of people supporting his other brothers. Although Di Clan was not a clan with a high population, the other factions had at least twice the number of people Di Xuan had. Therefore, there were only about 200 people in Di Clan's main house, with people across a number of generations. It was likely that this event had united the entire Di Clan.

However, whenever he thought about the woman in the crystal coffin, he would become helpless. In the face of absolute power, he was impotent - retaliation was futile.

The Palace Mistress of the Misty Halls in the Heavenly Palace was one of them, the owners of Earthly Paradise - Huoyun Liu-Li and Canghai Mingyue could be considered another. Even his goddess master, Yiye Jiange and Zhu Qing from the Skysword Sect was one as well.

In response to the voices, Bai Xiaochun shuddered. Then he looked around, and saw everything in the area slowly becoming piles of Live-Forever Never-Die Pills.

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