Love at First Kiss Chapter 1131

Love at First Kiss Chapter 1131

"Where is the men from the Heavenly Blade Clan?"

After returning to the Kai clan, Jian Chen immediately walked back to the tiny courtyard.

"What a bullshit Sect Elder, how dare you show off in front of your father, and order your father?!"

"Miss, that accident back then was a misunderstanding. Even if we continue fighting, the outcome is not clear. Why don't we stop fighting?" Despite it happening a long time ago, Jian Chen still felt that he was in the wrong. The person was a woman after all, and he had accidentally saw her most private spots. This to him, made him very apologetic.

"He is Wang Zhan, also an outer circle disciple. His cultivation is the same as mine, a Mid Divine Core warrior."

The disciples of the Heavenly Sect were provoked by the monk's words and yelled out loudly. Meanwhile, a Sixth Grade Combat King disappeared and reappeared in front of Tyrant, looking like he was about to attack.

"You may go now!" The Saint Ruler's voice boomed half a moment later.

"Firethorn Savage, you still don't want to retreat? If you keep causing trouble, I'll have to teach you a lesson!"

After resting for a while, Jian Chen hopped to the ground nimbly and walked towards the competition area. Although a crowd was already forming, Jian Chen didn't try to force his way through. Instead, he calmly stood on the outside. Regarding the freshman martial arts competition, Jian Chen had no interest in it at all; even watching it didn't seem appealing to him. The only reason he would be participating today was because of the Class 3 Monster Core.

"Of course, it will be a grand event! With Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi's calling, there will be many geniuses showing up to attend this gathering; it is going to be a magnificent event! But, I think that Jiang Chen won't show up, and the event will end without much happening. Therefore, you made the right decision by joining this gathering, not only will there not be any danger, you can also flatter both the Shangguan Clan and the Myriad Sword Sect! It will surely bring you a lot of advantages in the future!"

Someone from the Invincible Sect said while gritting his teeth in anger.

Xuan Ye asked.

Sitting by Jian Chen's side, Ming Dong asked, "Jian Chen, I've known you for quite some time, but I don't know where your family is, did you wish for me to bring some news to them?"

Slowly the crack widened, and an empty space opened up.

"Useless, you useless pieces of trash! Are each and every single one of you blind? You are all truly trash! With so many people watching just one man, he still managed to slip away from under your nose! Hurry up and look for him! If you can't find him, then don't even bother coming back!" The fourth elder of the Shi family howled.

"Hehe, you want to show off your strength, but you're really far away from your father here!"

When Jiang Chen who had killed his opponent six times saw Big Yellow eat the crystal core, he couldn't help but comment.

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