Hidden Scars By Blue Diary Author Chapter 2521

Hidden Scars By Blue Diary Author Chapter 2521

This sudden development caused the other commanders to be stunned. After experiencing hundreds of battles and coming across many things, they were able to quickly react and flew at Jian Chen furiously.

Wu Jiu said. He hid nothing and told everyone about the Martial Saint Dynasty's strongest person.

If Wu Yan had known it was Jiang Chen who beat up Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here. But, since he had offended Jiang Chen, there was no way he could suffer this beating for no reason. He was try his best to make Jiang Chen pay for what he had done. Or else, he wouldn't be able to get along as well in the Martial in the future.

Squeezing tighter and tighter, Ankhs' hand gave several cracking sounds as his anger reached a boiling point. The murderous killing intent flowed unrestrained in his eyes.

"You're right, we can't let him reach the 90th step, and we definitely cannot let him reach the top! If he does, then we'll lose all our face!"

"Brat, who gave you the audacity to kill the men from the Qingyi Sect?!"

"They are in the main hall upstairs. The way they behave shows that they really are from the Heavenly Blade Clan."

The trajectory for Jian Chen's sword suddenly changed. He lifted the blade, and took the initiative to meet the middle aged man's approaching blade.

"Jiang Chen."

The area of this grassland was expansive, so Jian Chen could walk for 2 days before he would finally reach the end of the area which turned into a desolate piece of land. After walking for another 4 hours, he finally made his way to an official road where he could see the left over marks of a carriage that had driven by.

Yan Chen Yu was standing on the mountain top where she could view the entire Black Mountain. The feeling of having the view of all the mountains underneath her feet made her feel happy and relaxed.

Xu Danian cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu. After that, he brought the men of the Profound River Palace and returned to where they came from. These men left with excited expressions, as if they had finally seen hopes of victory.

At the same time, dark clouds suddenly gathered over the Asura Palace. Lightning flashed within the sky, and thunder roared out. The entire scene looked like the arrival of doomsday.

"Fourth Grade Combat King; you have broken through two stages since you left, not bad. However, this is far from enough, as the burden on your shoulders is enormous. Master has told you before; in order for you to mature, you'll have to walk through a path filled with hardships. Master won't provide you any aid during this process. No, why have you come back? Do you want to stay in this deserted temple and live a boring life?"

Big Yellow asked while wagging his tail.

"Thank you for telling us."

"Deng!" "Deng!" "Deng!"

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