Quick Transmigration: The Villain Demands Compensation Chapter 908

Quick Transmigration: The Villain Demands Compensation Chapter 908

"Then would you be able to ascertain his position within this mountain range?" Another person besides the third brother asked, it was the third elder of the Jiede clan.

Lord Nether's face became cold. He hoped his mouth and spat out a green cloud. The green cloud flew toward the young man's head like a sharp blade, and it passed straight into the head of this young man.

"As long as you don't kill me, I can do whatever you want! I can be your woman! I can even be your human pet!"

This scene startled everyone, including Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder. It was really astonishing to see someone eat the demon soul of a First Grade Demon King like that. Humans and demons were two distinct species, there was a huge difference between their sources. If a human wanted to absorb a demon soul, he would have to carefully get rid of all impurities contained within, and then slowly absorb the pure energy stored inside. That's why everyone were so startled upon seeing Jiang Chen swallow the demon soul.

Three days later, two figures suddenly appeared on the mountain peak. They were Guo Shan and Big Yellow. At the same time, Jiang Chen had awoken from his secluded cultivation. In about three days, he had managed to achieve completely control over the True Dragon Flames and True Dragon Palm, and had managed to stabilize his combat strength.

The collision of these two weapons sent sparks flying all over the place. After losing an arm, the Old Emperor's combat strength was halved, so he was no longer a match for Jiang Chen who fought as fiercely as tigers and wolves, let alone Jiang Chen who was attacking with the Heavenly Saint Sword.

"They're rainbow-colored! These are the so-called rainbow clouds! Legends have it that when they appear, an auspicious event is about to happen!"

The last stone lion had become enraged. However, its energy was obviously weaker than it was before. Although being part of a twin demon beast specie brought lots of benefits, there were also a lot of disadvantages as well. Because their minds were linked, their combat strength could be combined during a battle. Similarly, if one of them died, the other one would be greatly affect, and would only be able to unleash half of its combat.

Outside of the Nangong Family, Jiang Chen, Han Yan, Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow were hovering in the sky. Nangong Wentian had informed his family that he would follow Jiang Chen to the Divine Continent. With their talent, they would definitely have a bright future in the Divine Continent.

Jiang Chen now understood. The reason why these four men came to Origin Mountain was not only to pursue Big Yellow, they were also looking for Chen Shuang and the other two.

Nanbei Chao's golden hair was violently fluttering. The loud shout that came from his mouth shook the skies, and dispersed the dark clouds hovering above him. Bright lights were projected from his fist, and it carried a sense of intelligence. In a most formidable way, he unleashed the attack.

"I think you've seen it, the war underneath us has come to an end. The Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect have been defeated. Because of you, countless men have died."

The Goat Demons who stood at the side were terrified. This Barbarian Earth Bull was the absolute king of this mountain range, and it had dominated this place for a long period of time. They thought this Barbarian Earth Bull would definitely be able to help them get revenge, but they never thought that this dog was actually so frightening, to the point where even the Barbarian Earth Bull was no match for it. Their seemingly clever decision turned out to be the worst decision. If the Barbarian Earth Bull was killed, the two of them would definitely be next. And this time, they would lose more than one arm.

When Bi Hai saw the rainbow clouds in the skies, his face could hardly contain his excitement. "He's done it! He's broken through!"

The Fiery Tiger flame made the temperature in the room 2 times higher than before.Along with that, it only took Jiang Chen an hour to produce the Tiger Restoration pill because of the Mighty Soul Derivation skill.

"Damned dog, can't you be more civilized? Don't keep mentioning shit when you talk."

"Ignorant, you really thought you could destroy my 108,000 Swords, you're really ignorant!"

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