Daily Life Of A Witch Chapter 150

Daily Life Of A Witch Chapter 150

An intense glare appeared in Jian Chen's eye at that moment as his figure suddenly disappeared into thin air. His body became hard to detect as an ear piercing shriek could be heard. The Light Wind Sword multiplied into a series of mirror images as it filled the air before stabbing outward in every single direction.

"That Tianxiong clan is too damn arrogant. I was happily eating here before they suddenly commanded all of us to leave. Whatever random crap you guys do has nothing to do with us. We're just eating our own meals, it's not like we'd hinder you."

"I'm fine now, but I feel no energy in my body." Sans spoke feebly.

"Brother Jiang Chen is indeed a genius that can't be found throughout thousands of years of history. When we met him in the Southern Continent, he was far from being this strong, but just in this short period of time, he has become able to suppress a Combat King warrior! I don't think that anyone underneath the heavens can compare with his talent!"

At the same time, the battle between fire and water had ended as well. The steam from the struggle had grown fainter and fainter, but no sizzling sounds could be heard anymore. Finally, the three Heaven Saint Masters could see that the water dragon had disappeared without even a drop of water to be seen while the flame sword had decreased by half its size.

"Come out!"

"I wish for an army division. A division of the elites." Jian Chen spoke.



After taking out his map to look at for a while, he immediately began to fly into the general direction of where the sun was. After half a day, Jian Chen finally arrived at the Qinhuang Kingdom's imperial palace and descended down.

"Brother, all these tunnels lead to the different provinces in the Eastern Continent, you guys go first."

With her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes attack, Wu Ningzhu and the three guardians were in a deadlock. On the other side, although Shan Ying could only defend himself without fighting back, he was after all a Late Combat Soul warrior, a respectable Elder of the Profound River Palace, and he did have some hidden skills and tricks. Therefore, it was also impossible for Yunzhong He to kill him in a short amount of time.

"Mother, your child has done well, I've found the patriarch of our Bi family, the patriarch lost to us well over thirty years ago!" Jian Chen spoke exuberantly.

Seeing the look of disbelief on Xiao Dao's face, Jian Chen nodded his head and said, "That's correct, I killed it." From the very beginning, Jian Chen hadn't planned on hiding his strength with lies, so he was very straightforward and honest with Xiao Dao.

His cry brought a great commotion to the crowds. An Earth Restoration Pill had just shot out from the Island of ice! This was like money falling down from the sky!"

"This matter has become worse, this is going to become huge! Everyone, do not get close to Jiang Chen! He is extremely furious right now, those who dares provoked him will get killed instantly!"


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