Space Immortal Chapter 1896

Space Immortal Chapter 1896


A hint of viciousness flashed in Guan Jiu's eyes as he suddenly headed for Di Xuan. That gaze and aura he exuded made it clear what his intentions were.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. My body recovers very fast. It'll be completely healed by tonight at the latest. I'm going to practise my fist for a while," Qing Shui finished his sentence with a smile and walked away to somewhere a little further.

Helmet, provide 20% increase in defense, only limited to protected areas; 100 increase in strength, 100 increase in endurance, 100 increase in agility, 10 increase in energy! Enhanced the effects of the Frenzied Bull's Strength by 20%, and would only take effect when equipped with at least three armors or weapons with similar attributes!

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Letting them down, causing them sadness, and yet he was the one that was hurt the most of all.

They even began to magically seal the entire area, including the soul cultivators, regardless of the level of their cultivation base, their background, or their status.

"Alright then, instead of not letting you eat anything, I'll order you to finish all of those that I prepared as a kind of punishment. Do not ever say that it tastes bad." Hai Dongqing said with a smile. The way she spoke with her peaceful and elegant look felt unusually attractive. This was a kind of charm which belonged to a mature and graceful woman.

"She has another body!!"

Bai Hao stood to the side, equally excited. Although he felt that the new name was a bit flamboyant, he was just as eager to get new customers as Bai Xiaochun was.

"Don't tell me there's another level down below?!" However, as he looked down, all he saw was a thick, seemingly endless stream of black mist pulsing out from below.

As haste makes waste, little lass never thought about which realm she wanted to cultivate to and she had never fretted over breakthroughs. Perhaps it was this kind of attitude that made it easier to breakthrough.

RIght now, Qing Shui's strength had attained a terrifying 8,000,000 jin of enormous strength. The sudden increase of strength had made Qing Shui extremely excited. He was even a little unsure of how to react from the shock of this great, pleasant surprise.

The seed had once been a flower, which he had encountered a few days ago.

It was none other than Princess Xu Shan from Spirit Advent City. Within moments, she was hovering in front of the enormous vortex that was the exit of the Necromancer Kettle. By stepping through that vortex, one could leave the kettle!

At this moment, Qing Shui felt his blood boil as he thought of Sword Tower. He then turned to Cang Wuya and continued asking, " Grandpa Cang, are there any rules or limitations for this Six Sects tournament?"?

As for Du Lingfei's golden sphere of light, it was getting very weak, and was even starting to tremble on the verge of collapse.

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