A Pervert from Another World Chapter 1794

A Pervert from Another World Chapter 1794

Instantly, Bai Xiaochun's right hand, backed by the power of the Throat Crushing Grasp, stabbed into Song Que's abdomen, piercing deep into the flesh and blood, all the way into the spiritual seas in his dantian.


As it connected to the power in his four limbs, something like a restrictive spell began to spread out to surround him!

Xiaoxiao had risen to the level of a celestial, but had not gained the approval of the Eternal Mother. However, she had Bai Xiaochun's approval, and as he transformed into a host of dandelion seeds that spread through the void, the karma between them caused her cultivation base to advance by leaps and bounds. In the short twenty years that passed, she reached the mid Celestial Realm!

"Mmm, good. I know that there are people who have a strength of 4,800 stars amongst them. Brother, you must be careful."

Qing Shui wasn't a virtuous saint. There was no way he would be happy seeing the women he loved in the arms of another person. What ˇ®if you love her, you will let her go'? This was merely something said by losers who wanted a stage for them to exit from. If one could hold on to the woman they loved, there was no way anyone would be willing to give her up.

Di Qing knocked on the opened door softly.

Their sinister gazes were coupled with a terrifying aura that left Bai Xiaochun certain that if they decided he wasn't a member of the Bai Clan, and tried to enter uninvited, that he would be struck with lightning-like destructive power.

It didn't take long for half an incense stick's worth of time to pass. During that time, Bai Xiaochun's thoughts began to race faster and faster as he became convinced that there were people here who wanted to kill him.

"I need to master the Undying Tendons before I go into that ancestral land. If I can make contact with the third shackle, then my poor little life will be much safer." Another decision he made was that he needed to perform an elevenfold spirit enhancement on his Eternal Parasol.

Qing Shui did not know that Wenren Wu-Shuang was going all out when sparring against him. She even resorted to using one of the more valuable types of Xiantian techniques - Body Movement Technique.

He took a few steps to the left and stopped before the root of the Vermillion Fruit which was equally curly, old and strong. The Vermillion Fruit was a vine plant. It was only three meters tall and bent in mid air without relying on any other trees or plants. It appeared to be a particularly curvy small tree; weird but strong.

What a strange man, what a strong man!

Apparently, the Blood Ancestor felt that the legacy of the Undying Live Forever Technique was even more important than his own life!

It's no wonder Yan Ling`er asked him to show mercy; it was easy for a man who protected his sister to gain the sympathy of little girls like Yan Ling`er.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense noticed everything that was happening. At the same time, he silently put the coal-like substances inside his spatial realm as he appeared in front of the old man with Huoyun Liu-Li again.

"If we don't get rid of that brat, our Sword Tower will definitely be destroyed." The Old Ancestor sighed and muttered.?

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