The City of Terror Chapter 734

The City of Terror Chapter 734

Zhuge Yun said with a grin on his face.

Big Yellow asked.

Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying both started moving toward Jiang Chen. However, before they could say anything, Jiang Chen turned into a white beam and disappeared into the far distance. He left in a graceful manner.

Jiang Cheng was only a Mortal Core warrior, and his body was fully covered in blood. But, he wasn't dead yet. Right at this moment, every single member of the Jiang family had gathered together. Looking at the Dimensional Creatures marching toward them, their faces were filled with despair.

Against this elderly Great Saint Master, Jian Chen had felt a huge amount of pressure. Quickly, he had calmed himself down and stared at the elder with a barely calm expression. "Dear elder, could it be that you were also enticed by the ten thousand purple coins for my capture?"

At that moment, a drumming sound could be heard from the front as a group of red-robed men came striding through the city with a huge clamor. The scene looked like a wedding concession with the festive celebration, but the contents of their words caused everyone on the streets to feel stunned.

The Light Wind Sword shot through the air like a silver streak of light throughout the area as it stabbed through the throats of all the mercenaries who were trying to escape. In a matter of seconds the remaining 10 mercenaries had all fallen to the ground dead.Chapter 151: This One is Honored

"What, back again?"

But Jiang Chen who was sitting opposite of them had an excited expression. His mind was experiencing a huge fluctuation now. He never feared his enemy becoming strong, because in his mind, the more powerful his enemy was, the bigger challenge he would have to face. The discovery of the Martial Saint Dynasty and Martial Palace had sent a turmoil through his mind. In an instant, he had discovered a new target; the Martial Saint Dynasty and the Martial Palace.

The female disciple said in surprise.

Luo Jian cracked his knuckles and stared at the rarely seen look of solemnity on Jian Chen's face. In that short confrontation, Luo Jian realized that he could not view Jian Chen as a regular person. Although his strength wasn't that of a Saint, his fighting capabilities were.

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A grin emerged on Jiang Chen's face. He wouldn't give this crystal Beast any chances to escape; there was no way he would mess up with a sure thing.

Everyone present were in shock, as this was such a terrifying scene. No one expected this Zhang Yang to rise up in such a quick manner. Of course, no one were thinking that this wasn't the real Zhang Yang. The real Zhang Yang was no asleep within a storage ring located in Jiang Chen's Qi Sea.

Jiang Chen cared nothing about the warning. He controlled the temperature of the flames and kept burning Yang Shuo. Jiang Chen wanted Yang Shuo to experience the pain and torture that Guan Yiyun suffered, he didn't want to let Yang Shuo die so easily.

"Who do you think the Xia clan offended for them to have three hundred members slaughtered?"

A Mid Mortal Core Demon's Soul was still very useful for Jiang Chen. The Dragon Transformation skill could absorb it immediately. This Demon's Soul could at least help Jiang Chen form another two Dragon Marks.

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