Divorce: Crown Prince¡¯s Darling Wife Chapter 1320

Divorce: Crown Prince¡¯s Darling Wife Chapter 1320

Seeing the poisonous fog float closer, Jian Chen didn't hesitate before immediately holding his breath. His legs glided across the floor as he ran further away from the poison.

Jian Chen couldn't help but have a happy smile on his face.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He treated this fortune as his very own without any feelings of guilt. He was more than happy to kill someone and rip all their fortune. Besides, leaving this great amount of fortune behind was forbidden by the natural laws.

"Did you guys think that daddy came here to chit chat?"

However, Yang Shuo was even more shocked than anybody.

"Only now do you feel regret. However, it is too late!"

"The Thousand Year Old Earth Fruit is even rarer, I heard it is really difficult to grow one, and it requires strict landscape conditions! It keeps absorbing earth energy, and it has the earth energy's essence! This is a huge reward!"

During the night, Jian Chen and Tie Ta sat under a tree cultivating. The torch by their side had long since burned out, and in a tree branch 5 or 6 meters above them, was Liang Xiaole. She nervously looked around whenever she heard the howl of a magical beast in the night, she wasn't able to sleep at all.

Jiang Chen was incredibly fast, and no matter how strong these Ice Demons were, none of them could withstand a single punch from him. With his current strength, Jiang Chen was able to kill a Combat Soul genius like Shangguan Yilei, let alone these Divine Core Ice Demons.

"Primary Saint." Jian Chen said.

When the Earth Devil arrived, it immediately threw its sight at this group. A bloodthirsty look could be seen in all four eyes. While looking at the group, it spat out its tongue and locked both its protruding fangs. It was only looking at this group as delicious preys.

Big Yellow said.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn't someone who could be compared with those geniuses who had a lightning physique. He had just faced Heavenly Tribulation, absorbing a vast amount of lightning energy. Not only that, he had also consumed a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, and it was this pill that was working in his body right now. So, even though Jiang Chen had lost his consciousness and was now in a dying state, the pure lightning energy was still circulating within his body.

Staring at the gigantic Island of Ice floating in the icy ocean, these people couldn't help but start panting.

"He really has three bronze plates, what a lucky guys! But, how could he have found so many?"

"It's Jiang Chen and his friends! He's still alive! Looks like a great show is about to appear!"

"Correct, we are from the Gesun Kingdom." Chang Wuji spoke. Although their kingdom was on the verge of destruction, he did not wish to offend anyone.

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