Phoenix Phire Chapter 709

Phoenix Phire Chapter 709

Not far behind, Yu Zihan couldn't hold down his excitement any longer. He had been at the Martial Palace for so long, but this was the first time he had seen the legendary Palace Chief! And when he found out the Palace Chief himself was helping Jiang Chen, he and the group instantly felt relieved.

Nonetheless, its power was still great.The Six Solar Fingers was a High Earth level Combat Skill, and it was just the foundation.Using just one of the Six Solar Fingers was not something that someone in the Qi Jing or even the Qi Hai level could do.

Jian Chen had drained his cup in a single gulp. It went without saying that Khafir had brought out an exquisite wine, but compared to the Hundred Grass Wine that the Ape King had bestowed to him, it was still quite lacking.


Of course, Jiang Zhenhai was not bothered a bit by this. Having a Combat King warrior address him as brother was unprecedented honor, and it was all because of his son. If not for Jiang Chen, he would just be a man from some remote place, and this Combat King warrior would never take him seriously.

Jiang Chen smiled as he put away the devil soul. He knew that this thing was useless to both Tan Lang and Tyrant. Therefore, they gave him all the devil souls they found in the devil realm. This was a big fortune; he could absorb the higher grade devil souls, while selling the rest of them for Heavenly Yuan Pills. Both were needed by Jiang Chen.

The only one who felt bored was actually Big Yellow. He had a dull face when he saw that his two companions got endless benefits while he was getting none. This left him with an upset feeling in his stomach.

Hearing what Jiang Ru Long said, Jiang Zhen Hai felt helpless and sorry for what happened to Jiang Ru Long.Jiang Chen had gone too far on this matter.

Chapter 367 √Ņ The Imperial Emperor's Summon

"Big Yellow!"

"The Golden Tiger King's cub carries an unforgettable story with our Flame Mercenaries." Jian Chen sighed as he thought back to the past and what had transpired back then.

Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together even more, in his heart, he knew that this wasn't how it was supposed to be.


During the same time, Jian Chen had stayed within the Kai clan without taking a step out of it. Commander Duo Li would come by once a day to report the news regarding the search, and the three men from the Tianhua Sect would come by often to find Jian Chen and talk to him. Following several days of talking, Jian Chen and the three men couldn't help but become closer friends.

Jian Chen found an empty room and hung his piece of communication jade onto the door, before entering it to continue his comprehension of converting Radiant Saint Force.

A single middle aged man stared at the fleeing figure of Jian Chen before muttering, "This Wu Yun is incredibly fast. If the situation continues on like this, then our chances of catching up to him in a short moment will be nearly impossible." After that, he turned his head to look at the man next to him, "Third eldest, among our group, I'm afraid only you are able to catch up to Wu Yun. We can't allow him to run away, so it would be best if you went to obstruct him."

"To die or not to die is not an easy topic, but you're not going to live past today. Weren't you going to kill me and avenge your brothers? Do you know how this will end?"

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