Empire of the Ring Chapter 2213

Empire of the Ring Chapter 2213

"I don't wantˇ­ˇ­" Qing You responded submissively.

A scream escaped his lips, and he spun to leave, only to find that there was no exit in sightˇ­.

Telling a lady that she had the beauty which could cause the falls of countries and cities or that her beauty could bring sufferings to countries and their people, were also compliments for extreme beauty!

Pain filled him as his divine soul cracked and splintered. But he simply endured the pain, a vicious, maddened expression on his face as he stuck to his plan!

"Old brother is too kind. Mr. Ji, please come in!" Qing Shui was a bit shocked when he heard they were from the General Manor. He didn't think Ji Yunlang would go through the trouble to send someone to bring a gift to his sister's wedding.

One day when he finished a run of concocting, and had just settled down to do some breathing exercises, he suddenly looked out of his immortal's cave, an expression of surprise on his face.

"I wonder if that deva patriarch will do something...?" he thought, his eyes flickering. But now wasn't the time to ponder the situation. Looking back at Bai Qi, his killing intent soared, and he took a second step.

"Hehe, so what if they come to stop us? With the two of us, who on the Greencloud Continent could stop us? This time, we must go inside there to find the rare ingredients required to break through to Grade Two Martial Emperor."

Increase of speed by 10%, strength by 30, agility by 30, endurance by 10!

Moreover, she still had a powerful treasure. Otherwise, the rate of her progress would not be as fast.

Feng Wuxi felt that marrying Feng Yanfei to the Qing Clan was the correct decision, seeing how passionate Qing Shui was and how much he valued kinship. What a pity that there were no other girls in the Feng Clan that were able to be matched with Qing Shui. Xishui that lassˇ­ˇ­ had a personality that was too cold!

Furthermore, they were battling in the air. Since both of them were Earth Dragon Beasts, it was still considered fair. The level of these two Earth Dragon Beasts were about at three stars and was considered the weaker beasts amongst Martial Saint level beasts.

As he blurred into motion, his right hand clenched into a fist, and he punched out. A black hole sprang into being, sucking in all of the power of his cultivation base and fleshly body. At the same time, a shadowy emperor appeared behind him.

Therefore, Qing Shui decided that he must definitely get his hands on this Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable, even if he had to give up on the Zuoshi Clan's treasure chamber. Time always seemed to pass slowly when one was waiting. Qing Shui couldn't guess if the Liu Clan's members were dead or still alive.

The eight elderly men bowed to the Old Ancestor of the Godly Sword Clan. The respect in their eyes came from the bottom of their hearts. The Godly Sword Clan was able to attain their current position thanks to this old man before them. With the old man in the Godly Sword Clan, their position of being the overlord in the capital city would not waver.

To Qing Shui, this would only be a few days time.

"Excellent! Bai Xiaochun, you have performed a great service for the sect today. Henceforth, you are a member of the legacy echelon, and are also the junior patriarch!

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