In Another World with JUST MONIKA Chapter 1760

In Another World with JUST MONIKA Chapter 1760

"There are a total of six celestials in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, who rotate leadership of the second and third immortal domains. Currently overseeing the third immortal domain is Celestial Ghostmother."

"You don't have to like me, Song Que. In fact, just think of me as a mountain that you will overturn one day in the future! Bai Xiaochunˇ­ will be waiting for you! Butˇ­ before you acquire the proper qualifications, you will behave!" With that, he waved his sleeve dramatically. His voice resonated in profoundly domineering fashion, and in fact, he even secretly threw in a bit of energy from the Undying Emperor's Fist. That, coupled with the actual words he had spoken, made him seem like a powerful king or emperor, the type who everyone would respect.


Qing Shui, who always thought good things were meant to be slowly appreciated, held back his impulse and started from the first level!

"Undying Blood Pill...." he murmured thoughtfully. He had heard of this pill before. It had been created years ago by a patriarch who had gained enlightenment of the Holy Pill Wall Fragment. It had come to be one of the most useful spirit medicines in the entire Blood Stream Sect.

Qing Shui fell into a short moment of stupor as he looked towards Canghai Mingyue. He felt that at this moment, she had forced herself to walk out of the misery, as her thoughts had become sharp. When she sensed Qing Shui's gaze, she felt a bit panicky, and she looked around at their surroundings.

All of a sudden, Bai Xiaochun felt unprecedentedly serious. Looking at the clouds in the valley, he suddenly felt a profound sensation of danger. At the same time, memories that once belonged to the Worldly Daoist stirred in his mind.

The distance between Yan Jiang Country and Cang Lang Country wasn't that far, but they could reach their destination in no time due to the increased speed of their flying mounts. Luan Luan's ˇ®Little Bai' had grown stronger as well, gaining a speed multiple times faster than before.

"The Celestial is picking a new apprentice?" Bai Xiaochun said, a look of shock appearing on his face.

Canghai Mingyue appeared a bit dejected, even though it was just a little. She did not know why she had felt this way herself. It might be how a person would feel when a man saw some unknown guy marrying a beauty he did not know.

Among the ancient desolate beasts in the Southern Sea, legend has it that a terrifying sea dragon exists in those waters. It is needless to further discuss the dangers lurking in the gigantic mountains deep in Giant Beasts Mountains. There were desolate beasts, beast tides, poisonous insects and poisonous grassesˇ­...

Bai Xiaochun simply snorted coldly and started walking away. He would let the Vile-Prince dance his way into death, as his soul dispersed.

"How come all of these Wildlands chosen seem completely brutalˇ­?" Bai Xiaochun thought, his own eyelid twitching. "This Xu Shan reached the great circle using deva beast souls, and has an incredibly powerful fleshly body!" Considering the fact that even Zhou Hong seemed to fear Xu Shan, Bai Xiaochun didn't dare to look at her for more than a moment.

Taking out ten pieces of White Tiger Stones, Qing Shui first tempered them with the primordial flames. The greyish white White Tiger Stones turned into a milky white color, looking especially nice, exuding a gentle white glow.

"Your master is old three-eyes?" Bai Xiaochun said, his jaw dropping.

"So, the interrogation revealed the rebellion plan.... Wood-type souls were used the least... just as I had expected.... The three great clans are using the matter of the Hell-Emperor's successor as an excuse to build up souls. They're definitely holding nothing back.

"And here's Miao Lin'er. She's pretty incredible, and is actually much more suitable for you than Mrs. Chen. I brought her here especially for you, Your Highness." With that, he cast a very knowing wink at the Giant Ghost King.

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