Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 2817

Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 2817

Qing Shui was startled before he let out a laugh. "Well then, let's go take a look together."

Lion King's Ridge, Di Clan, Eastern Palace Clan, one was in the Central Continent, one in the Northern Sacred Lu Continent, and one in the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent. The situation with the Di Clan was a little special, but the Lion King's Ridge and the Eastern Palace Clan had to be settled with blood.

?"He is the Demonic Beast Sect's Kuang Shi?" One of the youths who had earlier mocked him exclaimed in surprise.

So far, everything had gone according to the plan laid forth by Bai Lin, including the cold demeanor of the soldiers, and the way that Bai Xiaochun refused to talk about his reason for coming. The goal was to make the important people from the city more and more anxious, and prompt them to lavish him with more gifts.

The fifth young lady trembled, seemingly lost in thought. As for Bai Lei, although his hands were clenched into defiant fists, inside he was sighing. He knew that his own skill in spirit enhancement didn't match up to Bai Qi's, and that Bai Qi's answer was certain to become a legend in the clan.

Nine Palace Art: Channeling Qi of Xiantian through the specified method by the Nine Palace Art can temporarily increase one's overall defence by twofold and be sustained for an hour. It can be used once a day and cannot be used concurrently with other items of similar effects.

His mind was weakening. After all, he had just broken through into mid Foundation Establishment, and had no way to quickly recover at the moment. The time he spent in a daze increased, until eventually he realized that he had spent almost half the day in such a state. By this point, he decided that he'd probably put on enough of a show....

The more Bai Xiaochun heard, the grimmer his expression got. In the end, he felt deeply conflicted about the whole trial by fire.

Chen Haosong's expression grew more unsightly, and even as he seemed to be on the verge of losing control of his anger, someone cleared their throat inside of Heavenmaster Hall. Then, the door slowly opened, and the Grand Heavenmaster strolled out.

Canghai Mingyue's heart quivered when she heard his hoarse voice and saw the traces of blood in his eyes. Then, she quickly turned and hurried in Huoyun Liu-Li's direction!

Although currently in Hundred Miles City, with the aid of Yu Donghao and Wenren Wu-Shuang Qing Shui could said to be an unparalleled existence, he didn't want to create too many big turbulent waves unless he had no choice but to do so.

However, the spider was powerful to a shocking degree, and simply head-butted the ghost hand. The ghost hand, which had been fueled by Gongsun Wan'er's celestial cultivation base, simply shattered!

He had never been able to collect another full set of five deva souls. However, even only one of the souls he had could be considered a precious treasure in the Heavenspan River region.

As a result, even the sky above the swamp was overcast and murky.

Zhu Qing's tone was very serene. Although she didn't say it out loud, Qing Shui had a feeling that she was bothered by her own age. Perhaps it was because she was a little older than him. She was even older than Yiye Jiange and Di Chen.

Qing Shui felt that he had almost succeeded. Seeing her so happy, Qing Shui felt even more joy than when he was happy.

"A sentient banesoul! Heavens! How could there possibly be sentient banesouls here? Weren't they all exterminated? Dammit! That banesoul's got its eye on you. No wonder you look so weak. You've been cursed! You're dead!" Taking a deep breath, he backed up even more, simultaneously lifting his right hand to produce an ancient jade pendant that had an orange spot on it, which almost looked like a blood stain. As soon as Xu Xiaoshan pulled it out, he breathed a sigh of relief and then fell back further.

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