Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 2871

Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 2871

A shocking energy burst into the third portion of the city, pouring into the gravekeeper and then passing through him into Bai Xiaochun.

Even as the voice rumbled out like thunder, Bai Xiaochun looked around and saw beams of light flying from both the south and north banks toward Mount Daoseed.

Meanwhile, Bai Qi was looking coldly at Bai Xiaochun, doing nothing to conceal the disdain and contempt in his eyes.

This was the second time she heard this. Initially, she did not believe it. But after seeing the rate at which Qing Shui was progressing, she unknowingly believed his words.

The elegant-looking old man was also stunned by Qing Shui's words. However, he regained his composure quickly. "Young man, don't just rely on blind courage. Think through things before you take action."

"This is good!"

Yu He gasped, as she froze, even forgetting to push away Qing Shui who was blatantly eating her tofu.

Previously, Qing Shui has tried taking a look with his Fiery Golden Eyes, but he didn't manage to gather any information. He didn't want to blindly open it, hence he decided to seek Yuan Su's help.

"I have always considered you a friend. Are you and your clan still well?" Lady Duanmu lifted her head up to look at Qing Shui.

Then, he utilized his Throat Crushing Grasp, Mountain Shaking Bash, Live Forever Lamp, and other divine abilities and magical techniques that didn't draw too deeply on his cultivation base.

Fighting Mistress Red-Dust was none other than three-eyed Chen Hetian. Their battle caused numerous booms and rumbling sounds to echo out in all directions. Meanwhile, endless masses of savage giants could be seen on the ground below, as well as soul cultivators and necromancers!

Unfortunately, no matter how fast they reacted, it wasn't fast enough. Expressions of unimaginable terror and despair filled their faces as they were overwhelmed by the deadly soundwave!


Qing Shui swept her off her feet and kicked open the door to the bedroom!

Still a bit weak in his opinion, otherwise the force of this stomp would be extremely deadly.

After Yiye Jiange said that, she lowered her head. Earlier, she had thought that they would not be able to escape. Thus she revealed the feelings in her heart. Now when she thought about it, she felt flustered. Now that they were out of trouble, she suddenly felt embarrassed.

A tall powerful man walked out, he was clad in flowing blue robes, he had brown hair streaming around his head, he looked as ferocious as a lion.

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