RE: Alternate World Online Chapter 1276

RE: Alternate World Online Chapter 1276

As the two of them picked up speed, Gu Tianjun sent a blast of sword qi slashing out, powerful enough to rip apart worlds.

When Bai Xiaochun appeared, he was on top of the sea of bones, only about two days away from the eastern delta region of the Heavenspan River.

"Finally, we can see."

Because he had been interrupted in the middle of his ninth Tideflow, his cultivation base was still in the process of stabilizing. He was definitely less powerful than Bai Xiaochun, and furthermore, he had suffered a backlash injury because of the blood sphere.

"So that's how the Chen Clan is able to sell life forceĦ­."

While it seemed like they were just exchanging blows, they were in fact seriously competiting. Whoever could win the Skysword Sect would probably soon gain the reign over the Cang lang Country.

"Only five chancesĦ­." he thought. He looked at the souls, and then reviewed his new formula. Finally, his eyes shone with determination, and he made his first attempt at the conjuring.

"That's true. We don't know when those two old men will come back. Even if they did, it would be 3rd Brother fighting against them alone," Dong Yan shook his head helplessly as he said this.

With the spices from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal at hand, the food wouldn't taste horrible no matter how he cooked it. Both Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li took on the role of his assistants. Unable to control himself, Qing Shui succumbed to his thoughts, cherishing that last moment when he was alone with Canghai Mingyue in the kitchen. Except currently, the memory felt so far away.

Although the warden didn't even qualify to be the type of person who was directly connected to the Arch-Emperor, he had heard the stories of what had happened many years ago, when the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion instigated a seven-month reign of terror. Back then, not everyone who had been dragged into the calamity had actually been guilty.

Qing Shui's hands were already playing with her well-rounded figure, and he withdrew his hands unwillingly. If this were to continue, he would probably lose his calm right now. He looked at this woman who appeared to be both charming and seductive at this moment.

The elderly man on the right seemed to be doing better than the elderly man on the left, albeit being in an extremely difficult position right now. His left arm was covered in blood, but his combat effectiveness was not affected whatsoever.

To cultivators, the Heavenspan River was profoundly deep, but to the Blood Ancestor, that was not the case!

Even as everyone watched, shaken, filled with mixed emotions, the aura of Heaven-Dao in Bai Xiaochun's dantian region grew stronger and stronger. His nine spiritual seas were rapidly turning golden, although the process would clearly take a few days to complete. Once that happened, and they were completely gold, that would mean... that Bai Xiaochun had truly reached...

He held both of Di Chen's hands in his , he then circulated that unnamed Duo Cultivation Technique just like the other day!

"Do you want to smoke them out?" Yu He furrowed her brows.

The Fire Bird landed on the summit of Cloud Mist Peak!

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