Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love Chapter 416

Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love Chapter 416

Strengthening the body was like the process of tempering. One's abilities would not decrease but would only increase at a very slow rate. However, the increase was a more qualitative one and could allow the body to take on more Xiantian Qi. This was another way to increase one's abilities. It was because strengthening the body could increase the storage capacity of ?Xiantian Qi in one's body.

"Ah, what a familiar scene!" he thought, trembling in excitement. "It's just like what happened in the Grand Heavenmaster's hall in Arch-Emperor City. That was also the first time I lost to Bai XiaochunĄ­.

"Sansha, are you sure you want to fight this youth?" The Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Clan looked at this elderly man. There was a conflicted look in his eyes. Whether the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan won or not, they had already lost today. If they were to really lose the fight, their clan would completely disappear.

One disciple who quickly came to be known as a dark horse in the competition was... Beihan Lie from the Spirit Stream Sect. Not much information about him had been made available to the other three sects, and therefore, people took him to be an ordinary Chosen. Who could ever have imagined that when he encountered Lei Shan from the Profound Stream Sect, a massive battle would ensue?

Once it was completely melted, he would be incapable of teleporting away, and would have to rely only on his fleshly body speed to escape, which wouldn't be sufficient....

Although Bai Xiaochun was actually terrified, he had to put on a good front for his apprentice, so by way of comfort, he said, "It's fine. In terms of the aftermath to this kind of thing, umĄ­ MasterĄ­ has a lot of experience in that too."

For many of the people present, it was their first time hearing of such things, especially Gongsun Wan'er and Zhou Zimo. When Big Fatty Zhang saw how curious they were, he launched into a whole account of what he and Bai Xiaochun had done together in those years. At a certain point, he brought up the Chicken-Thieving Fiend, which was when Hou Xiaomei let out a strangled shout.

The clan chief stood off to one side, trembling inwardly, but keeping a smile plastered on his face as he continuously served new dishes. Furthermore, the beautiful female clan members continued to give Big Fatty Zhang meaningful glances. Although they were somewhat confused about why they had been told to do this, they didn't hold back, and one of them even began to gently massage his neck. The others kept his drinking glass full, and even chatted with him in subdued tones.

Channelling a gigantic Elephant beast through one's body, the technique was released with a sudden stomp on the ground, followed by a thunderous elephant call. It could raise one's Qi force and enhance the blood flow rate, which would bring about a strength boost. At the same time, there was a moderate chance of success to lower the Qi force of your opponent.?

He took a deep breath, swished his sleeve, and looked with disdain... at the snakes surrounding him.

At the moment, he felt nothing short of elated. Back when no one knew who the little turtle was, he had never been able to find the right opportunity to make a big debut. Now that he had, he was experiencing exactly the feeling he had hoped for.


Qing Shui used all his might to perform a Shield Attack!

Thankfully for him, the vulture was incredibly quick. By the time the storm of magical techniques reached the spot that he had just occupied, he was several hundred meters away. Despite having made it to safety, his heart was still pounding with shock.

"Sir understands dances?" Tu Ling looked suspiciously at Qing Shui.

The fatty grinned and said, "When that cool beauty steps up, you can also step out. With Martial Brother's capabilities, wouldn't it be an easy feat for you to defeat her? But I heard that cool beauties all have a unique trait that is their biggest weakness."

And that was the root of the problem - he had no idea how much strength he was able to absorb into his body. Even though he was confident in his strength and the tenacity of his body - that he would be able to absorb a good portion of strength, he felt that if he could absorb at least 350 countries worth of strength, he would be invincible.

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