Empyrean World Online Chapter 508

Empyrean World Online Chapter 508

Inside the room, father and son sat face to face with each other.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, then an equally powerful aura was unleashed from his body as well. Two auras were soaring through the heavens, trying their best to surpass each other.

"But according to what I know, in order to concoct the Profound Nine Solar Pill, there is one ingredient that can't be replaced, and that is the Nine Solar Holy Water. It is a truly priceless treasure of this universe. Let alone the Qi Province, it's even a super rare treasure for those super powers in the Eastern Continent. I have spent all my life studying pill concoction, and I have planted all kinds of herbs in this mountain, you can find most of the herbs required to concoct the Profound Nine-Solar Pill on this mountain, but I just don't have the Nine Solar Holy Water."

Seeing the display Captain Lan was showing, Jian Chen's eyes flickered slightly. Looking at the caravans, he could tell that there were indeed people in the caravans, but because of the distance, he wasn't able to gauge their exact strength.

"They're only several men! We can take them on, charge!"

Zhuge Yun spread out his folding face and slapped it towards Big Yellow's head. Although the folding fan in his hand looked usual, it was actually a rare high-ranked combat weapon.

"Of course!"

"Mrrr££ mrrrrr££" The cub began to growl in discontent as it flew into the air. It was as if it wanted to be held by Jian Chen instead. Both of its eyes looked pitifully toward Jian Chen as tears began to well up in them.

As soon as the Pangolin Emperor appeared, everyone began to shout out loud as they charge at the Pangolin Emperor.

Big Yellow had the utmost confidence in Jiang Chen.

With a wave of his hand, a Purple Card appeared. Looking at the two men, he said, "Might I be allowed to enter now?'

"The Celestial Decay is a law of the world that transcends time itself. It is able to eliminate or discipline those at the Saint Ruler level or higher. There are five different stages to the Celestial Decay. The hair becomes as dry as hay, the body withers away, the blood within the body evaporates, the inner organs begin to burn, and finally the soul itself dies out. By this point, the body and soul are truly extinguished. Within the Tian Yuan Continent, no matter how strong of an ability one has, if they commit a great sin, they will not be able to escape the punishment of the Celestial Decay. Thus, the Celestial Decay is a rule that regulates even Saint Rulers to prevent them from committing any sins."

Jiang Chen patted Guo Shan's shoulder. Since Fan Zhongtang was dead, and the Qi Province had been unified, as well as the Martial Palace's protection, Jiang Chen actually didn't have many worries regarding Yan Chenyu's safety.

"This is the Green Hellish Python's poison source! Haha! The Dragon Transformation skill is truly amazing. It really absorbed and digested the deadly poison! Let me see if I can use this ability."

Spitting out a large amount of blood, he looked at Jian Chen with a dark glare, "It is no wonder you are the King of Mercenaries of the last Gathering of the Mercenaries. To have such strength, I've underestimated you if you could force me to such a disastrous state. Even when you die, you should be proud of this fact." With that, the ancestor clenched tightly to the sword that was still in Jian Chen's chest. Just as he planned to cut Jian Chen in two, an ear splitting sound could be heard from behind him, filling his face with shock.

Knowing that Jian Chen would not talk anymore about the strange azure and violet Sword Qi, he decided not to talk anymore about the subject and nodded his head sadly, "You've won indeed." With that, the Radiant Saint Armor on Zhar's body began to disappear from sight.

It was currently extremely difficult to discern anything among the grass. Even if there really was an unknown danger lurking around, it would unfortunately not be something that one could use the naked eye to see. Thus, Tie Ta could not discover anything despite sweeping his gaze around all four corners for a long period of time.

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