Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days Chapter 2448

Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days Chapter 2448

What was even more unimaginable was that the Black Tiger had clearly leapt toward him so fast that it looked as if it was gliding. For Jian Chen to accurately deliver a fatal blow to its throat, this was an act of skill no one else in the group could match.

"Ziying, please tell me just where the cave is located." Jian Chen could barely restrain the emotions flowing through to his face as he moved about impatiently.Chapter 465: Illusion Array (Four)

Duan Jianhong crazily roared, both his eyes had turned red.

The Imperial Emperor let out a thunderous roar. At the same time, the Profound Firmament sword made an explosive sound as he raised it up high. It had now completely locked on to Jiang Chen's aura. Like a sudden thunderclap, the Imperial Emperor swung the sword toward Jiang Chen, and in just the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Jiang Chen's face.

Yan Chen Yu came out from her room, and she immediately scolded, "Fan Kun, why are you here again? I thought Sect Elder Guo Shan asked you not to come here anymore?"

Continuing to laugh, Qin Ji replied, "Brother Jian Chen, you needn't worry. Although the Space Gate within the Qinghuang Kingdom isn't open for foreigners, there are always exceptions to everything. Just let me talk to my father, it shouldn't be a problem."

Even after knocking the Light Wind Sword out of the way, that man didn't stop there. He immediately attacked Jian Chen fiercely while the leader cried out, "Kasa, for you to not pay attention at a time like this, did you want to die you bastard?"

Leaving the study room, Jiang Chen started walking towards Jiang Ru Long's house.

"Master, you can just call me Old Black."

Whenever Jiang Chen circulated the Dragon Transformation skill, he would have a feeling of kinship with the Blood Talisman. This situation had given him even more confidence towards its power. After the Dragon Marks were injected into the Blood Talisman, Jiang Chen had gained full control over it. With a thought, the Blood Talisman turned into a trail of light as it chased after the Earth Devil.

The man grew serious at this sight. Immediately closing his eyes, he allowed his spirit to feel out the sword's true trajectory as the giant sword in his own hand began to pulsate with Saint Force.

About half a hundred thousand kilometers away, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom heard the news. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was one of the strongest kingdoms around and easily had double the population of the Gesun Kingdom. Within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, there were sixteen Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen's attacks covered a larger area than before. Each strike was either aimed at the Saint Weapons in the three commander's hands or at their throats. Without a doubt, the three commanders were afraid of the azure and violet Sword Qi, so they were quite restricted in their movements which limited their full potential.

"Not only is his strength incredibly formidable, his bravery is also unprecedented! He's incredibly daring, as if there is no one in this world whom he doesn't dare to offend! Killing geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, beating up princes££ he is going to turn the entire Eastern Continent upside down!"

"Let us in, we are a part of the Zhou Mercenaries with important business with the captain!" A Zhou Mercenary member called out frantically to the guard standing right next to the gate. When the guard saw the group of people rushing at him with such frantic looks on their faces, he knew that something was happening and didn't dare to obstruct them any longer, allowing them passage inside.

But too bad, time wasn't on its side. It was destined to pave the way for someone else.

As Jian Chen entered the inner tower, a long and narrow corridor greeted his eyes. It was daytime on the outside, and light shined down beautifully, leaving a sight like none other. On the walls of the corridor, a bright moon pearl was hung and gave off a light to illuminate the hallway.

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