Rise of Strongest Dragon Emperor Chapter 392

Rise of Strongest Dragon Emperor Chapter 392

A man in his thirties asking in a flattering manner. His name was Wang Heng, the only Heavenly Core warrior here, aside from Jiang Chen. But soon, he would break through to the Divine Core realm. He was a smart man who could quickly adapt to any situation, and if it wasn't for that, with his cultivation level, there would be no way for him to survive for such a long period of time in Inferno Hell. When he learned about the relationship between Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, and when he saw Big Yellow's cultivation level, he immediately flattered Big Yellow.

"Sect Chief, Firethorn Savage has turned his hatred towards us, and he's even forbidding anyone from our sect entry to Misty Mountain. This will cause us to lose an excellent training ground for the lower rank disciples."

After the ambush from the Boundless Bandits, the caravan's strength had been greatly diminished, leaving them with very little manpower. Since many members of the Boundless Bandits had escaped, if they were to bring back a bigger unit to attack them, then the caravan would not be able to survive, let alone think about trying to reverse such an abysmal situation.

"Yea. There are so many people participating in this trade fair, I'm sure all kinds of rare and unique treasures will show up. Those who owns a real precious item will want their treasure to be sold for a good price. Putting it up at the auction is the best option. With that, the final cut earned by the Blissful Manor will be enormous."

Jian Chen wasn't short on money either since he took the purple coins from the Space Rings of the Heaven Saint Masters he killed along with any other valuable item. There was still the money from the treasuries of both the Pingyang Kingdom and the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom that he had not yet exhausted along with the monster cores. These alone were enough to make Jian Chen into a mobile treasury with the raw amount of value he had on him.

"Fine! Yan Zhan Yun, what happened today, the Heavenly Sword Sect will remember!"

Pausing to think, Jian Chen nodded his head in approval of her plan. After killing two of the Shi family experts, the Shi family would definitely not forgive him for this. Shi Xiangran's defensive barrier was far too strong for the Solunar Bow to break, and if Jian Chen's azure and violet Sword Qi weren't enough to shatter the barrier, then Jian Chen would have no other option. Shi Xiangran had been completely unrestrainable, hidden behind his barrier, he could use his Seal of Treasure Mountain to attack relentlessly. At that time, if the girl didn't use her Solunar Bow to hold back the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then it would have been truly hard for him to run away. Even if he did run away from it, he would still have to waste the entire day running away from Shi Xiangran.

In just the blink of an eye, the majestic Big Yellow transformed into a half meter long puppy. A pair of cute eyes were angrily staring at Jiang Chen and Han Yan, but his current appearance was absolutely adorable.

"Fine, I'll fight with you!"

"My dear son-in-law, this is my daughter, the grand princess: You Yue. This name was personally picked out for her by her mother." As they entered the room, the king introduced his daughter straight away, but when he mentioned You Yue's mother, his face showed a glint of sadness.Chapter 455: Rescinding the Engagement?

"Ah! So you're Jian Chen!" Straight away, Wang Yufeng's face adopted an extremely emotional expression. The name of Jian Chen was essentially the same as a clap of thunder. Not only was he the King of Mercenaries, he was also a Heaven Saint Master that had been able to kill five Heaven Saint Masters outside of Mercenary City all by himself. Such a shocking battle prowess like this was absolutely breathtaking and was far more than enough for any youngster to idolize him. Wang Yufeng had been no exception to this.

After that, three golden beams dashed out from the flames, and started flying around above the auction stage.

"Hmph! Fight in one year? Let's see if you have the ability to live past this year!"

After asking around for a bit, Jiang Chen finally understood what this was all about.The Mercenary Square was a place for mercenaries to seek jobs and trade items.

This was all a mother could ever ask for!

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