Emperorí»s Domination ED Chapter 207

Emperorí»s Domination ED Chapter 207

Fan Kun squinted his eyes, the Ancient Divine Devil energy unleashed by Han Yan had frightened him a bit. The pressure from the Ancient Divine Devil was no joke.

She had black hair that fell down to her shoulders and a black veil that covered her face, barely allowing her magnificent face to be seen.

"Damn it, that Dark Eagle is really troublesome. It will find us sooner or later."

"Jian Chen, if you come across such a person or group in the Magical Beast Mountain Range in the future, please be careful. The Magical Beast Mountain Range is a common place for people to be killed over their items; there are even some people who are mercenaries, but their actions place them on the same level as a bandit." Kendall warned Jian Chen with a serious and grave face.


"I know, father. When my business with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is done, I will return." Jian Chen replied.

"Perhaps we're still going to lose even with his return. The Nangong family is facing a real threat this time, Nangong Wenyen has even broken through to the Combat Soul realm. Unless young master has also broken through, he won't be able to fight Nangong Wenyen."

"It's no wonder that this was an ancient skill that the past races had deemed to be a supreme technique that surpassed most in its complexity." Jian Chen thought to himself.

Lee Chang Ming let out a cold humph before he leapt forwards with his claw like hands. A strong aura surrounded him as he targeted Jiang Chen with his claw.

Zhao Chongyang let out a loud laugh filled with miser. Suddenly, he completely stopped laughing, and cracking sounds could be heard from his body. After that, streams of blood shot out from his body. The Burning Sky Pavilion's Sect Chief, one of the most powerful men in the Qi Province had just killed himself.

Li Tianyang and the Great Elder worked hand in hand, both sending out a thread of their divine sense into the Freezing Hell Jail and locking down on Jiang Chen's aura.

Farewells were given to the two before Jian Chen flew out of Lore City. He was back in the air headed toward the desolate lands where the Flame Mercenaries were. Once there, Jian Chen called for an impromptu meeting with the men.

Right now, more than twenty people were gathered in the palace, most of them young men. There were a few old men with powerful cultivation bases. They were obviously the Asura Palace's elders, while the rest were the Tycoons.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours had passed. At this moment, Jiang Chen had completely extracted every single herb. The audience could clearly see all different kinds of herb essences floating within the ocean of flames, circulating around like countless tiny crystals. They looked pure without any impurities.

But she had shaken her head in response, "This is what I plan to do with my life. I will use all of my energy to accomplish my goal, and even if there lies nothing at the end of my path, I will not regret it."

For three consecutive days, it almost seemed like the Blood Devils had disappeared. Although some of them had appeared in other cities within Yellowstone, under the Yu family's control, these Blood Devils couldn't cause much damage.


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