One Piece: The Alpha Wolf Chapter 924

One Piece: The Alpha Wolf Chapter 924

"Alright! With brother Jiang's help, I'm sure we'll be able to defeat that Yang Shuo and rescue junior disciple Guan and the rest of the men."

Yullian carefully caressed the Space Belt with the two Class 5 Magical Beasts with her jade like fingers. Despite there being blood within it, she did not feel unwell or even loathe it even with her feminine personality.

"It's unfortunate that we don't have enough Magic Stones yet, we still need five more. It looks like we still have to slaughter five more magical beasts to pass." said a young noble. Originally, the nobles hadn't been willing to stay together with the commoners, but after encountering the savage magical beast, they were immediately scared out of their wits. Faced with life or death, who would care about people's statuses? Protecting oneself was the greater priority. Thus, the few nobles had gradually decided to join the commoner students. After all, everyone knew there was strength in numbers. In addition, perhaps because the commoners had been raised in harsher environments, they did not show any signs of retreating when faced with savage magical beasts. This changed the arrogant nobles' views of the commoners. Eventually, they had all slowly become friends.

On the other side of the woods, a fight was just beginning. Seven men from the Yan family were led by Yan Yang. Opposite of them were eight men from the Lee family, led by Lee Chang Ming.

On the other side, a furious roar was heard from Lord Zhanlang. He quickly ditched Daoist Profound River and rushed toward Jiang Chen. Meanwhile, Daoist Profound River had long been prepared for this moment, and he would give Lord Zhanlang any chance to escape. He jumped out and blocked Lord Zhanlang, saying, "Lord Zhanlang, your opponent is me!"

Big Yellow tried arguing.

With his black hair aggressively fluttering in the wind, Jiang Chen merciless swung the Heavenly Saint Sword, slicing the Imperial Emperor's head off and sending blood all over the place. The emperor of a great dynasty had fallen. After today's war, the entire Eastern Continent would be in huge turmoil.

Yang Meng said.

Quan Youcai chattered away patiently by Jian Chen, completely ignoring his cold gaze. His shamelessness made Jian Chen doubt whether he was a revered Class 6 Radiant Saint Master several times.

Contrary to him, the Second Manager who had a scar on his face looked rather ferocious. No matter in terms of appearance of character, it was far more difficult to accept him than the Great Manager.

Jiang Wei said with a loud voice. Then, he flew onto the fighting stage. With a faint smile on his face, he stood opposite of Jiang Chen.

As the sturdy looking man stood where he had been talking to Jian Chen and looked at him run farther away from them before slowly saying, "That kid is quite mysterious."

"Mu Rong Hao, hold on first, there's no point in fighting when there's nothing at stake££Let's have a bet."

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes helplessly. He immediately regretted bringing Big Yellow along. If he allowed this damned to freely roam in this mountain, Guo Shan would end up crying his lungs out.

"Senior, rest assured. This time, I, Jian Chen will do whatever it takes to invite that man over. When the time comes, I hope that you will rescind the betrothment of Huang Luan." Jian Chen spoke earnestly.

Soon, Jian Chen arrived at the dining hall. After receiving his food, he found an empty seat and began to eat. Although the food was simple, completely incomparable to what he had in the Changyang household, Jian Chen still ate it with relish.

"Since the Imperial Emperor has decided this, the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect has nothing more to say. As long as Jiang Chen can complete this mission, the scores between us will be cancelled once and for all."

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