Amore Vengativo Chapter 2320

Amore Vengativo Chapter 2320

In fact, this was the first one in hundreds of years.

Peach of Immortality has ripened and was picked by Qing Shui. "Divine Feet Clearing" has also attained the pinnacle of large success stage, though the opportunity for breakthrough was yet to be discovered.?

In the kitchen, Canghai Mingyue gazed dumbly at the basket full of vegetables as well as all the kitchen equipment. She embarrassedly turned her gaze towards Qing Shui as she had no idea where to begin.

"These tags could actually be exchanged for anything, and the value of these items are only enough to exchange for the Longevity Fruit. However, even now, I haven't been able to exchange anything for one Longevity Fruit. After all, one can only come across these items by chance although they can only extend one's lifespan by five years. I originally planned to change these tags after I find two Longevity Fruits, but it's been three years since I put the tag on." The kind eyes of this old man was a little lonely.

As he rushed at Qing Shui, Ba Donghe sliced his left hand's forefinger on the blade. A drop of blood dripped on the blade, the blood-red battle blade immediately turned into a brighter blood-red.

Qing Shui followed Luan Luan's gaze and discovered that on the walls of the cliff in the mountain range a few distance away, there was spot that was dark and where light did not shine in. At the very top, there hung a huge, pretty red fruit that looked like a coconut and had the size of a child's head.

"Damn you, Bai Xiaochun. You shameless cheater! You and everybody you have working for you are all completely and utterly shameless!" Gritting his teeth helplessly, he chose to let Bai Xiaochun simply pass the level. Performing a quick incantation gesture, he caused the light of teleportation to spring up. Not daring to wait for even a moment longer, he sent Bai Xiaochun and the old ghost out of the level immediately.

He took out two of each Energy enhancing Fruit, Stamina Enhancing Fruit, Endurance Enhancing Fruit and Agility Enhancing Fruit.

Qing Shui took out the "Divine Marionette Pellet" decisively. He charged towards the beast and forced the blue-Qing pellet into the Diamond Demonic Boar's mouth. ?Even then, the beast tried to bite him, but he had manage to dodge it. No matter how confident he was, Qing Shui wanted to avoid getting bitten by such sharp teeth.

"That little turtle.... Hey, I remember! Back on Fragrant Cloud Peak, the first place spot on all of the stone steles at the 10,000 Medicines Pavilion is occupied by a little turtle!!"

Pa! Pa!

"Like I said, since I've promised you, I will definitely do it. What do you require of me?" Qing Shui smiled lightly as he regarded Qing Lang.

Immediately, he noticed that the woman's delicate body trembled abruptly. Her charming face beamed with a red flush. The amorous feelings at the time granted Qing Shui an understanding of what it meant for a woman to be the most beautiful during the moment of "satisfaction" while making love.

Bai Xiaochun looked up at her and simultaneously suppressed his rising anger.

"Hey, Master God-Diviner, that soul belonged to me! How dare you steal it. Are you looking to die?!?! Nobody can save you now!" A young man was giving chase, his expression so cold that he almost seemed to be made of ice. His eyes radiated rage, and he didn't hesitate to burn his spiritual power to chase after his quarry.

When Sun Yan picked up the Violet Jade Sword, he was no better than Dong Yan. Although he didn't say anything, that joy was still clearly reflected on his face. He said, feeling embarrassed, "I've received so much from 3rd Brother... I owe you too much as well...."

As his voice rang out, the clouds above seethed, and the enormous dragon that had been so curious about Bai Xiaochun in the past suddenly lowered its head. Then it roared, a roar that suppressed the call of the nine dragons down below as, at the same time, the Grand Heavenmaster mysteriously appeared on the black throne!

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