Kingdom of the Weak Chapter 259

Kingdom of the Weak Chapter 259

"Fine, carry these three bastards as well. Later, ask them if they agree or not."

"What Big Yellow said is correct. The most dangerous place is usually the safest place. The Crown Prince has been castrated, and none of us can away from this. Our best option right now is to hide ourselves and wait for Little Chen to return, after that we can discuss how we're going to rescue Lord Jiu."

Right at this moment, Tyrant and Tan Lang had also come out from the hall and arrived in front of Great Master Ran Feng and Jiang Chen. The two men didn't say anything, because Tyrant knew his master well. Unless his master wanted to tell him something, he wouldn't get anything from asking him.

Jiang Chen brought Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow with him and continued their journey. Yan Chen Yu's big pretty eyes kept staring at Jiang Chen. She felt a sweet sensation in her heart.

Ever since he had been born, aside from his own master, this was the first time Tyrant had been so concerned about the life and safety of another man.

Wu Jiu was really excited.

The four Zhou Mercenaries walked to a table near Jian Chen and sat down. After ordering a meal, the four began to talk quietly among themselves.

"Who do you think you are, how dare you talk to my young master like that!?"

Hearing Captain Bai Fei Yun's words, the expressions of a few of the mercenaries that hadn't known the situation clearly changed. Aside from the five that had returned, nobody else knew about what had happened earlier. Originally, these mercenaries had naturally assumed that the experts from the Boundless Bandits had been killed by their own elite captains. However, it seemed that the circumstances were completely different.

"The outside world is a colorful place, the sceneries there are much prettier than in here. I can bring you out of here, to the outside world."

Just like how he had killed the Old Great Emperor, Jiang Chen stomped his foot onto Lord Zhanlang's head. In an instant, its gigantic wolf head exploded into a huge clump of blood mist. A golden demon soul blasted out from the broken skull, and was grabbed tightly by Jiang Chen. Using the True Thunderous Flame, he destroyed Lord Zhanlang's remaining consciousness in the demon soul, and placed it into his storage ring.

Guan Yi Yun let out a cold snort. He couldn't defeat Nan Bei Chao, but he wasn't afraid of Liang Xiao at all.

"Why? Don't tell me that only you, Ye Xiao is allowed to come here?"

"Welcome to the Black Sect, senior disciple Jiang Chen! I hope that senior disciple Jiang Chen can guide us in the future!"

Big Yellow urged Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen gave a small smile and said, "Xiao Dao, are you planning to go out?"

"Fuck! That damn Soul Devouring Barbaric Beast; it's killing daddy!"

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