Hentai God System Chapter 1375

Hentai God System Chapter 1375

Although this event did not go on for long, Jian Chen stopped moving, as his face was turning paler by the second. Slowly gasping for breath, both of Jian Chen's legs couldn't help but shiver and quake as he paused.

When sensing Jiang Chen's tremendous soul force, those who doubted him before this immediately had a change in their expression. But, this could only prove that Jiang Chen was indeed an alchemist, it was still hard to tell if he really could concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill.Chapter 298 - Uproar

Jian Chen lay back onto the ground of his tent as countless thoughts went through his head. Only after some time did he begin to calm himself and listen to his surroundings. After confirming it was safe, he began to sit cross-legged and absorb the World Essence in the air to cultivate.

"Alright, let's assign our tasks now. We can send two Late Combat Soul warriors to each place, and they will bring a group of Golden Guards and warriors from the Martial Saint Dynasty. We have to imprison all people related to him and let no one escape. If they fight back, we'll kill them on the spot. With this, no matter where Jiang Chen shows himself, he'll only face certain death.

After putting on his clothes, Jian Chen looked up to assess the golden vine-like thing only to find out that it was a golden snake. Its entire body was golden in color, but there were a few silver lines going from the top of its head to its tail. It was also long in length; just the exposed area alone was almost 6 meters long. The moment Jian Chen noticed the silver streak on its body, he was stunned. It seemed like he had remembered something, as his face suddenly changed dramatically. He couldn't help but exclaim loudly, "Silver Striped Golden Snake!"

"Mister, you're truly a man of miracles. This poor monk will never forget the kindness of saving my life today."

"What?! He can fly?! How could this be possible?!"

Despite this, Jian Chen was still incomparably joyful. Even a broken Saint Tier Battle Skill was priceless since the profoundness hidden within the patterns still contained a great mystery. Back when Jian Chen had been in the holy lands of Mercenary City, he had been able to absorb some of the fragments of the mysteries of the world. From that, he was able to feel a resonance with the slab in front of him. It was from this resonance that he had been able to tell that this was a broken fragment of a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Jiang Chen shook his head. The Nine Solar Holy Water was his main purpose for coming here, and he was much more impatient regarding that than Han Yan was.

"Let's just wait until the training ends. If that young man still hasn't come out, then there is no point for us to keep waiting."

Jiang Chen inwardly let out a sigh. The devil and demon beasts in Inferno Hell were really unique, there were even some that Jiang Chen couldn't recognize.

At the words of the Imperial Advisor, everyone was immediately stunned as if they had heard something unbelievable. Both the Hidden Dragon and Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters both instantly blanched as their faces grew dark. They never would have thought that the Gesun Kingdom and the gigantic power that was the Qinhuang Kingdom would have a friendship between them to the point where the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom would even send five Imperial Advisors to help assist them. This was an earth-breaking piece of information that would stun anyone.

Big Yellow nodded his head and let out a sigh filled with mixed emotions. They were only at the most remote border of the Divine Continent right now, and if they arrived at the heart of the Divine Continent, the natural Yuan energy would be at least one hundred times denser than in the Eastern Continent.

"It's a crystal that only exists in dimensional turbulence, and it's formed after absorbing the purest dimensional force together with dimensional sand. It contains an enormous amount of energy, and just with this Dimensional Purplesand Crystal alone, I will be able to form another 100 Dragon Marks."

Once Jian Chen began to run, the Wind attributed man immediately began to chase after him so that Jian Chen wouldn't have a good chance to escape. With this, it was easy for Jian Chen to get encircled once more.

Slapping Ming Dong on his shoulders, Jian Chen gave him an encouraging look without saying anything.

Qin Ji walked up to Jian Chen with a smile, "Brother Jian Chen, when you have time, you should come by our Qinhuang Kingdom. Our Qinhuang Kingdom is a few dozen kilometers north of Mercenary City. When you come by our kingdom, come over to the imperial palace and mention my name. This jade ornament will be your proof. As long as you can take this out, no one will doubt you." Qin Ji took out a small jade ornament the size of his fist from his Space Belt. On the ornament was a complicated design with the word, "Qin" written on it.

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