harmful smile Chapter 438

harmful smile Chapter 438

Qing Styx let out a cold snort. Firethorn Savage's demon soul could help him achieve his dream, there was no way he could just give it up so easily. However, this Daoist Black just didn't want to give way, and if they really wanted to strike, they were going to suffer losses for sure.

All seven man from the Yan family shouted out with their enraged spirit. The desperation on their faces turned into craziness. More than a dozen Qi Hai warriors were fighting each other. Their Yuan energies were clashing everywhere, destroying the surroundings and turning it into a scene of chaos.

After saying that, the genius of the Invincible Sect charged toward Tyrant. He was going at full speed, and was attacking aggressively. He waved both hands and unleashed numerous runes, which weaved into a large silver-colored shield, then bashed the shield toward Tyrant.

"Good!" The elder nodded his head, "Is everyone here."


"A written challenge?I will have a look."

The golden light arrived at the outer circle's training grounds, and it swept across all pillars and shattered all of them together with the ropes, freeing those who were tied up. The golden light did not only shatter all pillars, it also unsealed the seals on the people's Qi Seas that had been previously sealed by Jiang Chen.

Wu Ningzhu's beauty was different from Yan Chenyu. Yan Chenyu was like an icy lotus, holy and ethereal, pure as the purest crystal, whereas Wu Ningzhu was a girl full of wild beauty. Any casual movement made by her seemed so charming; she was like a rose that bloomed independently, unleashing varieties of colors at will. This was truly a lady worth dying for.

After shaking his dizzy head, Jiang Chen could feel his mind clearing up again.

Such incredible reflexes and speed, how many people were even close to his level?

The man who looked like their leader of this group shouted out loudly. Four men dashed towards Jiang Chen at the same time.

"If you want to tell me, I wouldn't need to ask. But if you don't want to tell me, there is no point in me asking, isn't that so? Furthermore, you've already helped me plenty with killing the Earth Devil, and I want to walk my own path by myself."

"Captain, I've found something!" The guard cried out instantly.

Tan Lang said. His heart was filled with gratitude whenever he thought of Big Yellow.

Nangong Wentian was struck with mixed emotions. This was the first time he had walked among dimensions and experienced the mysterious dimensional environment.

These actions had aroused the public wrath. As a result, during the last day in the Devil Realm, many people stopped hunting for devils, and instead began searching for the three bandits.

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