Calling you Chapter 34

Calling you Chapter 34

"Quick! Quickly retreat!" The expressions of the three great elders became extremely serious. They immediately ordered the great group of people from the Tianqin clan to retreat, to prevent them from being affected by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

The girl asked.

Right at this moment, within the group's line of sight, they saw a huge wave erupt from the ocean and stand dozens of meters tall. On top of this enormous wave, a young man unleashed a huge, illusionary looking hand and grabbed tightly onto the head of an ocean demon. The ocean demon was struggling restlessly while letting out furious roars, but all its struggles came to a fail. No matter how hard it tried, it just couldn't escape from that young man's grasp.

"Perhaps Mo Tianyun left these three patches before in the past." Jian Chen thought.Chapter 601: Ten Thousand Year Old Heavenly Resource

A youth in a great red robe had his hands tied up behind him by several large men and carried into the courtyard. Afterwards, he was brutally thrown onto the ground. The men said politely to Jian Chen, "Senior, this is the bandit boss's son. It's him who came up with the idea of abducting the young lady."

Jian Chen blanched in surprise. His feet slid forward in an attempt to use his entire strength to push the Origin energy forward, but he was powerless despite his attempts. The Origin energy was simply unable to go even a small inch forward.


Nangong Yunfan asked. Nangong Wentian had found this skill himself, it was not a skill that came from the Nangong family.

The Crown Prince furiously raised his saber and forcefully swung it toward Big Yellow.

After saying that, Wu Cong strode away. All of them had gone through the nine paths and the Gates of Life and Death before getting here, of course they would go explore further and obtain some good treasures.

"Water attribute Saint Force!"

Only Bi Lian had been nervous about Jian Chen since she did not know his full strength. She knew that her older cousin was a Heaven Saint Master as well, but the fact that he was going up against two other Heaven Saint Masters worried her greatly about Jian Chen's life.

"Still not enough."

Chen Shuang reminded her.

Many warriors could barely restrain themselves when they saw this girl. The deadly seductive attraction that came from this demon beast was far greater than that of ordinary humans.

"No way!"

Yan Zhan Yun clasped his fist as he paid respect to Jiang Chen. His gratefulness and respect towards Jiang Chen couldn't be measured. It wasn't only him. Right now, everyone from the Yan family had the same feeling. They looked at Jiang Chen with a respectful expression; this sacred young man had once again saved everyone's life.

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