Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Chapter 1955

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Chapter 1955

"Big Yellow, what happened?"

One of the two elders could no longer take it. He was a man with a prestigious status; a mighty Combat Soul warrior, an Elder who managed the outer circle! If he really kneeled down before an outer circle disciple, he would lose all his face, and there would be no way for him to stay in the Asura Palace any longer.

"Brother Nan is correct, let's enter the city and check it out."

Under the pressure of Jiang Chen's gaze, the manager and his men's expressions changed dramatically, and they started trembling. They didn't have a single doubt about what Jiang Chen said. If they got in his way, what was waiting for them was nothing but death. He was a man who dared to assault young master Yin Ren.

The stall owner sighed and spoke, "Honored customer, I will be straightforward with you and be clear. I want to sell this stone for 500 Purple Coins, do you still want it?" As he spoke, the stall owner's eyes stared at Jian Chen closely.

"Ha!" Ka Di Yun snarled in anger, as his hand started to glow golden with his Saint Force. The huge concentration of Saint Force condensed into his hand as he faced Jian Chen, aiming it towards Jian Chen's chest. Seeing Jian Chen attack with a seemingly light fist, Ka Di Yun prepared to take it head on in order to get close to Jian Chen for his own attack.

Although Jiang Chen had killed many Combat Soul warriors, that was all because of the desert's restriction. Under normal circumstances, there was no way a Divine Core warrior could beat a Combat Soul warrior.

Judging from how the Imperial Emperor and Wu Jiu were fighting, it would perhaps take them another three days and three nights in order for one of them to come out victorious.

"It really is that stupid dog! It made us wear out our iron shoes while hunting it!"

"Just keep climbing if you're so great."

Just as this shadow receded away, another shadow quickly streaked through the air before chasing after the first one. This was Jian Chen chasing after Dugu Feng.

Yan Meng shouted out in disgust. This matter had nothing to do with Wang Ting and the other three men. The four of them were innocent and shouldn't be involved in this. Yan Meng had fought and gone through life and death situations together with them, and if they die in front of him, he will also suffer.

"Enough nonsense, the man at the back is almost here. Your father can't run anymore, carry me on your back!"

When Yan Yang saw the three of them, a happy expression emerged on his face.

"I will cripple your arrogance! I, your father, will beat you till your mother can't recognize you!"

"Very well, then you will the third one to die." Old man Situ's expression became overcast as he grabbed Yu Fengyan by the neck with his wrinkled hand.

Great Master Ran Feng cried out in shock upon hearing the name of the pill, unable to remain calm. He stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open; his eminent monk image completely gone. All that remained on his face was a startled expression.

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