Everlasting Immortal Firmament Chapter 1790

Everlasting Immortal Firmament Chapter 1790

Hearing this, the yellow robed girl glared as she shot another three arrows. "So your Shi family has been conspiring for our Huang family's Ruler Armament.

After the other four men agreed, one of them spoke, "En, Tian Luo has a good idea. Since we are in no rush, we may as well take our time. Let us see the homeland where our Imperial Protector grew up and see just what environment this was to bring about such a genius."

When he felt this Holy Spirit, the Dragon Marks within his Dantian started vibrating slightly.

Seeing the middle-aged man's current action, the gray-robed elder could only shake his head. This young master of his was ruthless to his enemies, but honest and kind to any other regular person. This type of attitude wasn't something he saw often enough.

Jian Chen's strike soon clashed with Hu Ba's sabre. No one thought that in the midst of the explosion, the steel crossbow bolt made sword wouldn't be able to go against Hu Ba's strike and was split in two as a result. The fire swords that came after it were dispersed as well before fading into the world without a trace.

Jiang Chen' s mental energy immediately turned into a stream of energy that entered straight into Yan Chen Yu' s body from his fingers.He immediately discovered that right now within her body, there were eight Yin meridians.Every single one of them was like a bridge within her body, but these eight Yin meridians were completely covered in thermal energy, making it so that ordinary people cannot discover them.

Jiang Chen recalled the Teleport Formation on the Island of Ice. It was a huge Teleport Formation, and it was more than enough to send them to another continent.

"Ancestor, the one who took the Class 6 cub is the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen. His strength was far too much for anyone of us to stop him." Elder Bai spoke.

"Correct, that's clearly the banner of the Qinhuang Kingdom without any doubt." Yun Zheng spoke seriously.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. It couldn't have been easy for the Nangong family to keep this secret for a hundred years.

The Gesun Kingdom had just experienced a war, so their military prowess was at an all time low. They couldn't afford to squander their strength at will.

"Let's go, we must kill Jiang Chen and his friends!"

After hearing Jacob's words of this item, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. The Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon part had only been in his possession for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, he had been unable to figure out how to assemble it and it could only serve as garbage as it was now. This was finally a chance for him to assemble the cannon. Jian Chen could feel excitement at this since this was a powerful weapon of destruction capable of killing an Earth Saint Master.

"Master Blissful, I'm sure you know what's going on here. Furthermore, it was the Shangguan Clan who struck first just now."

Hearing Kendall, Jian Chen began to laugh as he patted the white mane of his horse. "There's still 20 kilometers until we arrive at the mountain range. When we get there, I'll let the horse go."

With glowing eyes, he left this deserted place.

Meanwhile, Kai Er continued to speak, "After that, our forces were weakened against the might of the alliance. Now stuck at a deadlock, we were very surprised to hear that the alliance had begun to suffer from internal strife. Beginning to fight one another, it led to us witnessing the entire alliance crumble and wither away into ash."

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