Gen Super Chapter 2838

Gen Super Chapter 2838

It was a powerful attack. The three men instantly lost the grip of their weapons. At the same time, the genius from the Invincible Sect who had previously been wounded let out a miserable shriek, as his twisted arm exploded into a clump mist. It was completely destroyed.

The people who were ready to leave again focused their visions on the center of the square, it looks like the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Black Sect are going to fight for a dog.

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Zhongtang with a faint smile on his face. He was a wise man, and he knew what was going on behind the scenes long before this. Fan Zhongtang's betrayal didn't happen today.

The old man mumbled to himself. Although he had lived for more than a hundred years, he couldn't even come close to understanding this.

With the earth flying everywhere, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword made contact with the enemy's sword with a loud clanging sound.Chapter 296: Ballistas

"Guan Yi Yun, get out of my way! Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect are not someone who can simply be killed by outsiders!"

Big Yellow had finished all the dishes on the table again, so he ordered another table.

Luo Jian let out a smile filled with a murderous intent. "The reason I came is very simple. I just wanted to see how someone like you defeated a recently advanced Saint, even if Ka Di Yun didn't use a Saint Weapon. Changyang Xiang Tian, are you really that amazing?" Luo Jian cracked the knuckles on both his hands before clenching them both. The loud snapping sound from his knuckles was clear to hear as a strong amount of energy started to emit from his body onto Jian Chen's own.


However, he wasn't like the average person. Despite this being something most people wouldn't believe, Jian Chen quickly calmed himself down.

Soon, Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu returned to the Martial Palace, and landed directly within Yu Zihan's courtyard.

Liu Hong said.

Jiang Chen said. This was the reason why he exasperated the Crown Prince. The most important person here was the Crown Prince, and as long as he had the Crown Prince under his control, he would be able to take the initiative; he would have the token to negotiate with his enemy.

Zhou Bei Zhen said.He still had no idea why Jiang Chen would declare war with the Mu Rong family in such a hurry.Considering both families were almost equal in strength, it would only cause losses for both sides.

"This one thanks the hero for not killing us££"

Guo Shan slammed his own chest and promised. His life was saved by Jiang Chen, so he had to ensure Jiang Chen that he would wouldn't have to worry while not here.

"Have everything here collected and taken away." Jian Chen commanded to the soldiers outside.

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