Rise of the Hunters Chapter 1068

Rise of the Hunters Chapter 1068

And things weren't over yet! More frigid qi poured into him, pushing his Gold Core frigid qi past seventy percent to eighty percent!

It was evening, and he could see over a hundred people flying in his direction from off in the distance. There were a few dozen who were faster than the others that reached his immortal's cave first.

One of the needles pierced through the person's brain while the other was stopped by a second person with his arm. The first person died on the spot while the other felt thankful that he had managed to keep his life.

Her flattery was like music to Li Youdao's ears.

"Lightning Detox Grand Magic!"

"Hahaha, who said that she's alone? Am I not here now?" The sound of loud laughter resounded from the distance, as an old man mounted on a two meter tall Purple Liondeer appeared with speed as fast as lightning. The speed of that mount was not much slower compared to the Immortal Crane, or maybe, it was because that Immortal Crane didn't go all out when it was flying earlier.

The final obstacle was the turtle-wok. A massive bang filled the air, causing the world to shudder as Bai Xiaochun was flung backward like a kite with its string cut. His five yin organs and six yang organs were nearly destroyed, and his powers of regeneration were working in overdrive to keep up.

The piercing cry was a literal shrill that could burst one's eardrums. What came next was a shocking revelation to Qing Shui as he saw the four severely wounded heads rolling down from the spider's body. He felt cold shivers all over his body when he heard the awful cry of the spider that sounded quite similar to the wails of a banshee.


"Don't hit me, you--"

The firebird had consumed a total of about eighty or more Beast Bills. The price of these pills was extraorbitant when added together. Other than him, who else could throw out pills with such ease? Even the Medicine Sect couldn't be compared to him in terms of concocting pills. Not unless they could concoct pills with primordial flames as well...

A gravitational force sprang out from the vortex, causing rumbling sounds to fill the air. At the same time, the cracks on the door widened, sending even more frigid qi out.

At first, Bai Xiaochun didn't even notice what was happening. However, as more people came trying to cause trouble, he started to get irritated. That was especially true considering his own cultivation base and status.

Many parts of the island began to explode, sending rock and rubble flying about, which was almost instantly transformed into ash!

The clothing visible was not the clothing of Wildlanders. Bai Xiaochun could immediately tellĄ­ that these were Heavenspan cultivators!!

At the same time, Qing Shui turned the stabbing point of his Big Dipper Sword to somewhere else!


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