I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 1630

I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 1630

"Jiang Chen, I have been waiting for you!"

Therefore, Yang Yun was the first who died because of this.

An incomparable genius!

"He has the Class 6 cub, don't let him escape!" Unfortunately, there had been a sharp eyed person who had immediately guessed what the bundle of clothe was.

On the road, not a single caravan could be seen anymore, only a large amount of heavily armored mercenary groups heading toward the same destination. Among them, many of the mercenaries walked with an excited look to their faces; this time, the Mercenary Union in Wake City had issued a report that if they were able to provide the left ear of a magical beast, then they would be able to claim the money reward for killing a magical beast of its rank. The more ears they collected, the more rewards they could collect. While the magical beast wave was extremely dangerous, where one could lose their life if not careful, the allure of a monetary reward was tempting to those not afraid of death.

Bang! Bang!

With Shangguan Ying's sight, he could clearly see the Skymend Formation in the sky, which brought him extreme shock.

Han Yan said.

"Don't worry, uncle. This must be the after effects of the medicine I used, I'll be fine." Jian Chen waved off Rosco's concern.

"Hehe, don't get mad, junior disciple Yan. I wonder, has junior disciple Yan considered my proposal during these last few days?"

Everyone had already returned to where the caravans were. One by one they expressed their feelings as everyone looked at Jian Chen with a expressions of shock while a few others had expressions of worship.

"Tai!" On the other side, Zhar had already burst into motion as his Radiant Saint Force exploded away from him. With his Ruler Armament high in the air with a divine like radiance, his entire person seemed equally divine in spirit, making him seem like a war god.

Knowing that the Thousand Poison Valley was no longer safe, Jian Chen could no longer stay here. Using the cover of night to leave the valley, he began to travel through the forest with the Illusionary Flash.

Yan Chen Yu said.

The Imperial Emperor wasn't surprised. He knew his son very well, and what kind of hobbies and weaknesses his son had. He was the one who knew the most. In the eyes of the Imperial Emperor, being lustful wasn't something bad. All men underneath the heavens were fond of women. Furthermore, the Crown Prince would become the next Imperial Emperor in the future. It was perfectly normal for him to have many wives.

Lin Anying didn't take Jiang Chen seriously. But he didn't know, in Jiang Chen's mind, he was nothing.

The next day, in the depths of the night, Jiang Chen arrived in the Qi Province. Shortly after, he found Big Yellow and regrouped with the group.

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