A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly Chapter 1678

A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly Chapter 1678

That something had to do with Di Chen!

After the two had their breakfast, Hai Dongqing told Qing Shui with a smile: "Let me bring you to Ice Statue City to have a look around. That place is beautiful."

Booms rang out as the entire bound area began to collapse. The ground was first, then the volcano, and then the stone gate. As the stone gate began to collapse, the archaean specter struggled frantically to reach it, until Bai Xiaochun grabbed him by the leg and dragged him back.

"It will be fine. I will definitely let you leave safely," Qing Shui looked at the woman's facial expression. She must be worried that it would be dangerous since she had been poisoned once.

15 minutes later, Qing Shui stopped. A shimmering Gold Needle that was thin as a cow's hair appeared in his right hand. If not for its color, one might not be able to notice it.

This was a feeling.

Eyes flashing with cold light, Bai Xiaochun performed an incantation gesture, sending his flying shuttle forth to sever the silk threads that bound Big Fatty Zhang.

"Uncle Jun, we shall take our leave first. We will come back some other time!" Qing Shui looked over to Di Qing, signaling to her that they were to take their leave. Then he stood up and politely excused himself.

Nobody understood Bai Xiaochun's flame conjuring techniques better than Bai Hao, and in this situation, he was completely correct. Bai Xiaochun had indeed improved. Perhaps it was the pressure of the occasion, or perhaps it was some measure of enlightenment he had received due to his study of seventeen-colored flame. Either way, he was definitely much better at working with sixteen-colored flame than he had been in the past.

The expressions of the members of the Hai Clan changed when they saw the overwhelming number of people that had surrounded them. Most people would turn grim when they were about to face death, even those who had proclaimed their fearlessness towards death - their faces would turn pale at the moment that they were face-to-face with death.

"No, you're really seeing things!" Suddenly, he pointed off in a certain direction. "Oh, hey. Arch-Emperor City is right over there! There's a guy there named Chen Haosong! I bet that's who you're looking forĄ­. Oh, there's also someone named Zhao Xionglin. He's really tough-looking. One glance, and you'll be convinced he's the perfect teddy bear. If you hurry, you'll be able to find him!"


The weather was getting warmer and the dawn arrived earlier. Qing Shui felt a soothing, gentle breeze as he walked towards the public square. The birds were chirping beautifully and the trees were covered with tiny little flowers.?

"It moved!"

A legacy is memories!


Qing Shui answered while smiling, expecting such a stipulation beforehand to not lay waste to the stone hall!

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