The Absolute Phoenix King Chapter 1156

The Absolute Phoenix King Chapter 1156

"Dammit! Who did that? I was in the middle of cultivation, and nearly experienced energy deviation!!" Countless angry curses filled the air, and dozens of cultivators actually flew up into the air angrily to determine what was happening.

Suddenly, a silvery-white colored light circle appeared from Di Chen's body. Concurrently, that strong force from the Unnamed Duo Cultivation Technique once again returned to Qing Shui, causing Qing Shui to have the same silver-white colored light circle emitted from his body.

"Qing Shui!"

It didn't take long before a huge mob was pouring through the streets of Borough 89. Soon, they were on the very street where Bai Xiaochun's shop was located, a river of countless soul cultivators, only a small portion of which were people who had actually consumed the soul medicine. The rest had only been affected second-hand. Righteous indignation burned within the crowd as they rushed toward the shops owned by Sima Tao and Sun Yifan.

Song Lang's expression slightly changed. No one had ever dared to talk to him this way. Even within his family, he was pampered because he was an important future potential candidate that would take over the Starday Hall and Song Clan.

Most bizarre of all was that Sima Yunhua didn't recognize this voice, and couldn't help but wonderˇ­ who this person was that he was good friends with.

"He's insane!!"

From the looks of this youth, he was about 25-26 years of age. Without knowing why, Qing Shui was filled with the same revulsion just like when he stared at Situ Bu Fan.

As the celestials backed up, the minotaur monsters charged through the air toward them, and Bai Xiaochun chuckled coldly.

After the passage of a whole day, he was now able to sense the same fluctuations he had sensed with the original teleportation. However, he decided to be more cautious this time. Retracting his divine sense, he began to study the medallion a bit more.

The Grand Heavenmaster had lived for many years, and had a lot more life experience than Bai Xiaochun. Obviously, he didn't want Chen Manyao causing problems in the imperial haremˇ­. [1]

Ying Lei only stayed for a while and left shortly. They built a mutual understanding and could now be considered friends. While there were limitations to such a friendship, Qing Shui treated all his friends very well. Since they have decided to become friends, Qing Shui would accept the person sincerely unless the other party decides against it.

Qing Shui patted her back gently. He did not say a word and let her continue crying. It was good that she is able to cry. Once she finished crying, it would be okay.


"I think it's 3000 years!" Gongsun Jianwu said as she looked at Qing Shui, puzzled.

They weren't able to evade the Thunderbolt. At first, they didn't really feel anything. But then they gradually realized that not only their reflexes were getting slower but also their movements. Unfortunately by the time they had realized this, it was already too late.

Qing Shui recalled hearing about the Demon Gate from Lady Duanmu. It seemed to be in the Central Continent and he had once asked what was the cultivation level of the strongest person there. He seemed to hear that other than the Demon Gate, there was also the Buddha Sect, the Sky City, the Tang Manor, the Moon City, and the Duanmu City...

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