God Of Soul System Chapter 800

God Of Soul System Chapter 800

"If it wasn't because I knew about your condition, I would definitely not believe that this is your first time drawing a talisman. This is really good, such a good innate skill. You can definitely practice this Heavenly Talisman up to the ninth grade." Ling Zhanhan was incomparably happy.

Bai Xiaochun's pupils constricted. Having no time to ponder the situation, he stepped forward, whereupon everything around him slowed down. Next, he shot forward to stand between Master God-Diviner and the huge palm.

Qing Shui recalled the feeling he had gotten when he had launched the fist. He previously felt as if the blood in his body had instantly churned and boiled. The gigantic power that suddenly rose up made him feel as if in that instant, his entire body had an energy that was unable to be completely used.

Master God-Diviner was relatively famous on Middle Peak, so people trusted his explanation. Therefore, the cultivators who had been most adversely affected during the events of the past two nights went out to look for the culprit.

"I dare not accept your praises. You can just refer to me as Qing Shui, or little brother. I too, feel that it was fate that we met here today." Qing Shui rubbed the back of his head as he exclaimed.

It was at this time that Li Qinghou's voice rang out from the balcony above. "The grand competition between the south and north banks is about to begin!

Because of that, the Vile-Emperor was not able to snatch her. It was also how she had enough time to send a message to Bai Xiaochun. When the Vile-Emperor realized what she had done, his expression flickered with rage.

As the meteor and the lightning slammed into each other, a huge boom echoed out!

"Haha, my ability to refine medicinal pills have increased again!" Qing Shui picked up the pills as he laughed.

"Mmm, I am. What ails you?" Although Qing Shui set up a clinic, it was not for the sake of money. Therefore, if they were not people who were sincere in seeking his consultation, he would not give a hoot.

This nod made Qing Shui extremely happy, to the point where he would cry happy tears. He felt so lowly of himself. To be this happy just because someone accepted his gift¡­¡­...

"No need for choices, I will make one for them." Just then, an old-sounding voice rang out. An elderly man slowly walked in into the courtyard.

This pill was the most powerful medicinal pill that he had ever attempted to refine since he began to perform alchemy. Qing Shui had never felt so nervous about refining a pill before. He couldn't afford to waste the Immortal Fox's blood, he needed more power in order to protect his important people.

"Definitely a good choice, that one." The old man sighed, his eyes flickering with reminiscence. It seemed that even he, who had become time itself, still had memories that caused him to sigh.

"Duan`er, take this Beauty Pellet. This can maintain your youth for another 30 years." Qing Shui took out a Beauty Pellet and handed it to Yun Duan.

"Uncle Li!"

"12,000 taels!"

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